DIY Paper Star Ornament For Christmas Tree

I’ve always been a pretty avid paper crafter, so this year I decided to try my hand at weaving techniques in order to make a pretty paper star to hang on my artificial tree.

By Jon Doe

I also made sure to document the process so other people who want to give these a try can follow along.

Materials Needed Scissors Hot glue A pencil Silver paper A ruler

Let's make DIY Paper Star Ornament For Christmas

Step 1

Line the zero mark of your ruler up with the very left edge of your page, closer to the top. At every centimetre all the way along, make even pencil marks.

Step 2

Turn your ruler vertically and line it up with each pair of centimetre marks, drawing a straight line from the top edge to the bottom edge of the page to join the marks.

Step 3

Cut out each strip from your page, keeping your scissors straight along each of your drawn lines until you have many strips that are each the full height of the page and one centimetre wide.

Step 4

Divide your silver strips into two groups of ten. Set one bundle of ten aside for later and then divide your other group of ten into two groups of five. You’ll arrange one of these groups of five vertically and the other horizontally.

Step 5

Now you’ll start weaving your strips and gluing them in to place in order to make a basketweave patterned square. Place glue in the spot where your first horizontal strip crosses over your first vertical strip and stick it in place to anchor that strip

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