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How To Make a Bow Out of Ribbon: 35 Awesome DIY Bow Ideas

If you love wrapping gifts, then you probably love making your own bows too… right? Well if so, you’ll love today’s post.

Bow out of ribbon

Today we’re sharing tons of great ways to make your own gift bows out of paper, fabric, leather and everything in between.

How to Make a Bow (Ideas)

If you have some spare ribbon and are ready to try your hand for a DIY bow, keep reading to check out 35 of our very favorite tutorials that will show you exactly how to make a bow.

1. Christmas Ornament

Diy christmas bow ornament esy craft

With Christmas always on our mind, we can’t help but love this DIY Christmas bow ornament. Not only can you make a very pretty bow, but you can put it up your tree, for everyone to see. Learn how to make your own from our tutorial

2. Red Bow

Red bow

If you’re not afraid to use a little needle and thread to secure your bow, Pebbles has a tutorial on how to make a really cute bow for anything you need. 

3. Hair Bows

Hair bows 27

From Girl Inspired, we found a cute tutorial on how to make some super cute hair bows. You can obviously also put them on a bit of elastic and place them on a gift for someone you love. 

4. Perfect Bow

Bow techniques

Tying a bow can be done in quite a few ways, but you need a bit of practice to get it just right. Evermine has a few instructions to help you out. 

5. How to Tie a Bow with Ribbon

How to Tie a Bow with Ribbon

We have a really cute bow technique from Clean & Scentsible. They made this really cute sparkly bow that is great for various presents, or even for bouquets and wreaths. 

6. How to Make a Paper Bow

How to Make a Paper Bow

From Gathering Beauty we learn how to make some really cute DIY paper bows. If you have any scrap paper, you can get on to make some of these, especially as they’re super adorable. 

7. Make a Bow with Ribbon

Make a Bow with Ribbon

The folks at Living Locurto have a really cute tutorial to help us make what they claim to be a bow that works with wreaths, but we think it works with so many other things too. We love that it features multiple types of ribbon so the result is so colorful. 

8. How to Make a Tulle Bow

How to Make a Tulle Bow

If you have a bit of tulle laying around, then making a tulle bow is going to work just fine for you. It’s so lovely and easy to make, and Satsuma Designs has all the info on what you need to do. 

9. Fabric Ribbon Bows

Fabric bow

Treasurie made a few fabric bows and is teaching us how to make them too. Whether you want to use something more sturdy for your gifts, or you want to attach a hair clip and put it in  your hair, you can take whatever path you want. 

10. How to Tie a Bow with Ribbon 

How to Tie a Bow with Ribbon

If you want to have a bit of color in your life, then you can use whatever ribbon scraps you have at home. Lay them down together and tie them up to make a wonderful bow! Check out the tutorial from Re-Fabbed

11. DIY Fancy Gift Bow

Fancy bow steps

Let’s begin with the classic gift bow, just like the ones that have always adorned my gifts during the holiday season. These are really quite simple to make yourself, believe it or not. Make your way over to Charlet’s Website to see a photo tutorial that will show you how to do it.

12. Loopy Bow Tutorial

How to tie a loopy bow

If you want to go fancy with your gift bow, give this pretty version a try. Start with a fun patterned ribbon, then start creating large loops and tie them at the center point. Head on over to Save On Crafts to find out exactly how to make your own loopy gift bow.

13. Satin Ribbon Dahlia

Satin ribbon dahlia

For a very special gift, consider creating one of these beautiful satin bows reminiscent of a dahlia flower. Buy a spool of satin ribbon in your favorite color, and head over to The Ribbon Retreat to check out the tutorial for how to create the flower – then top with a matching pin.

14. How to Make a Burlap Bow

How to Make a Burlap Bow

For a fun twist on a regular bow, try this double burlap variation. The key is to create two large loops, one bigger than the other, then attach additional pieces to create the tails. Make your way over to Mommy Suite to check out the full photo tutorial for the burlap double bow.

15. How to Tie a Bow with Ribbon

How to Tie a Bow with Ribbon

This uniquely shaped bow has six sides, forming a shape similar to a pinwheel (hence the name). You’ll need a fun style grosgrain ribbon and a needle and thread to get started. Make your way over to Make Bows And More to find out how to recreate this yourself.

16. Paper Bow Tie Bows

Paper bow tie bows

These lovely bows are the perfect topper for a gift wrapped in something as simple as brown kraft paper. They are made out of decorative paper, and they are incredibly easy to make. Head on over to The Elli Blog to find out how to recreate these colorful patterned bow tie-style bows.

17. Dr. Seuss Inspired Bow

Dr seuss inspired loopy bow

This colorful bow is made with a variety of different color ribbons, folded into lots and lots of loops which are then secured at the center using a needle and thread. The shape and colored are reminiscent of those fantastical Dr. Seuss books! Check out the full photo tutorial over at Occasionally Crafty.

18. Curly Paper Bow

Curled wrapping paper bow

If you enjoy matching your bow to your gift wrap, then this might be the perfect bow variation for you. This one is made out of a rectangular piece of gift wrap, which is cut into strips and then curled with scissors. Head on over to Two Yellow Birds Decor to check out the tutorial.

19. Paper Bow Ideas

Looped paper bows

Martha Stewart never disappoints when it comes to paper crafts, and this tutorial is no exception. In this tutorial, she shows us how to create a variety of different unique paper bows that can be added to gifts. Make your way over to MarthaStewart.com to check out all of the details.

20. Hair Bow

Hair bows

With just a bit of ribbon you can make a really pretty hair bow for a cute girl. Moms and Crafters has a few instructions for us to follow and we can’t wait to get started. 

21. How To Make a Bow with Wired Ribbon

How To Make a Bow with Wired Ribbon

This handy blog post shares tips and tricks for creating the perfect glamorous bow for your gifts. Starting with a metallic wired ribbon, loop it over and over again to create this gorgeous gift topper. Make  your way over to Francois et Moi to check out the full tutorial for these show stoppers!

22. Colorful Accordion Bows

Colorful accordian bows

These bold gift topper bows are made using lots of different colorful decorative paper which is layered and then folded to create these fun accordion style bows. I love that they kind of look like crazy bow ties! Head on over to Gold Standard Workshop to find out how to make your own accordion bows.

23. Tissue Paper Bows

Tissue paper bow

Tissue paper bows are another great alternative to the typical gift bow. And these are great for recycling that half crumpled tissue paper that came with all of your holiday gifts. Grab some bakers twine as well, and then head over to 100 Directions to check out the full tutorial for this clever idea.

24. Duck Tape DIY Bow

Duck tape bows

Believe it or not, this bow is actually made out of gold Duck Tape! Buy some Duck brand glitter tape and some contrasting paper, and you’ll be ready to create these awesome gift toppers. Make your way over to Persia Lou’s blog to find out exactly how to recreate this look yourself.

25. DIY Leather Bow

Black leather bow diy

Learn how to make a bow out of leather with this simple yet clever tutorial. Begin with a large piece of leather (or faux leather if you prefer) and then head over to the Stylish blog to check out the easy instructions. And be sure to use Google Translate if you don’t speak German.

26. Curly Cue Burlap Bow

Burlap bow

This beautiful burlap bow looks complex, but it’s actually much easier to make than it seems. You’ll need some wide burlap ribbon and a needle and thread. Make your way over to Adventures Of A Creative Girl to check out the full tutorial for this lovely rustic chic curly cue bow.

27. Measuring Tape Bow

Measuring tape bow

This bow is incredibly genius… it is made entirely from things you can buy at the hardware store. You’ll need a measuring tape, some screws and a few washers too. What a great gift topper for a gift for dad or grandpa! Head on over to Tikkido to find out all the details of this fun project.

28. Leather Gift Bow Tutorial

Leather gift wrap bow

Here’s another great way to use leather to make a bow for your gift. Again, feel free to use vegan leather if you like to avoid animal products. Just grab some leather strips and a hot glue gun to get started. Make your way over to Crafthunter to check out the full photo tutorial.

29. Modern Paper Flower Bow

Diy mini paper flower toppers

This lovely bow is a modern take on a flower, made with long strips of colored paper and mini paper brads. And they’re incredibly easy and quick to make, so you can create a whole slew of them in one sitting. Make your way over to Mauritza Lisa’s blog to check out the full set of instructions.

30. Leather DIY Bows

Leather bows

Here’s another great way to make a bow out of leather. You’ll need a Platinum die cutting machine if you want to follow the instructions exactly, but you could also use a Silhouette machine, a Cricut, or even just a plain old pair of scissors. Head on over to Tinsel and Wheat to check out the directions.

31. Crochet Bows

Crochet bow pattern

If you want to mix things up a bit, give these crochet bows a try! Just grab some yarn that you have leftover from past projects, and start making these fun whimsical gift bows using this simple pattern from the Everything Etsy blog. All you’ll need are very basic crochet skills for this one.

32. Large Bow (Decorative)

Large decorative bow diy

This large bow is made out of very wide, smooth gift wrapping ribbon, which is then looped around and around and then clipped a bit in the center to create a spot to tie it off. Make your way over to In Love With Art to check out the helpful photo tutorial for this beautiful bow.

33. Sprinkle Bows

Sprinkle paper bows

For a truly unique take on the gift bow, try these super colorful sprinkle bows! They are made out of paper, and then a few candy sprinkles are put in small bags and attached to the centers of the bows. Make your way over to the Design Eat Repeat blog to find out all the important details.

34. Crepe Paper Bows

Crepe paper bows

Who knew that you could even use plain old crepe paper to make fun bows for your gifts? These bows are shaped like little bow ties, and they are formed by creating round loops, pinching the center, and then wrapping a contrasting color around the middle. Get the whole how-to at The Casual Craftlete.

35. Printable Gift Wrap Bow

Printable wrapping paper bow

And last but certainly not least, this gorgeous bow is made out of decorative paper. And here’s the best part – you can print it out for free. Head over to My Poppet to download the different paper patterns and then you can make your own bow. Pair it with contrasting gift wrap for some serious pizzazz!

Final Thoughts on How to Make a Bow?

Do you feel inspired and are you going to try to make a bow out of ribbon yourself? Which of the above DIY bows would look best on a gift you’re prepping? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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