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How To Make A Bow: 25 Awesome DIYs

If you love wrapping gifts, then you probably love making your own bows too… right? Well if so, you’ll love today’s post. Today we’re sharing tons of great ways to make your own gift bows out of paper, fabric, leather and everything in between. So keep reading to check out 25 of our very favorite tutorials that will show you exactly how to make a bow.

1. DIY Fancy Gift Bow

Fancy bow steps

Let’s begin with the classic gift bow, just like the ones that have always adorned my gifts during the holiday season. These are really quite simple to make yourself, believe it or not. Make your way over to Charlet’s Website to see a photo tutorial that will show you how to do it.

2. Loopy Bow Tutorial

How to tie a loopy bow

If you want to go fancy with your gift bow, give this pretty version a try. Start with a fun patterned ribbon, then start creating large loops and tie them at the center point. Head on over to Save On Crafts to find out exactly how to make your own loopy gift bow.

3. Satin Ribbon Dahlia

Satin ribbon dahlia

For a very special gift, consider creating one of these beautiful satin bows reminiscent of a dahlia flower. Buy a spool of satin ribbon in your favorite color, and head over to The Ribbon Retreat to check out the tutorial for how to create the flower – then top with a matching pin.

4. Double Burlap Bow

Burlap bow tutorial

For a fun twist on a regular bow, try this double burlap variation. The key is to create two large loops, one bigger than the other, then attach additional pieces to create the tails. Make your way over to Mommy Suite to check out the full photo tutorial for the burlap double bow.

5. Pinwheel Bow

Pinwheel bow tutorial