DIY Button Picture Frame – A Joyful Gift for Valentine’s Day

We’ve been thinking of a cute project in which we can use the million and one spare buttons we have laying around, so let’s create a button picture frame! Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

By Jon Doe

The whole project is pretty easy to do and it won’t even take you that long to do.

Supplies Photo frame Buttons Yellow acrylic Paint Paintbrush Scissors Glue gun Lace ribbon

Let's make DIY Button Picture Frame

Step 1 

Paint the picture frame: We’re going to start our project by painting our photo frame. We chose to go with a frame that is made out of cardboard, so it’s pretty easy to paint over.

Step 2

Create your design: Next, you want to start getting your buttons and placing them over two of the sides of the picture frame. Add a few larger pieces on the corner, and then fill in the space with smaller ones.

Step 3

Glue the buttons:  Now that you know where your buttons are going to go, get the glue gun and start picking up the buttons one by one. Put some hot glue to the back of the button and place it back on the picture frame.

Step 4

Add the ribbon: It’s time we move to the next step adding the lace ribbon. Get the ribbon and place it over the side of the frame, measuring out how much of it you need.

Step 5

Add finishing touches: You’re nearly done! Get your scissors and trim out any excess lace ribbon on the sides. You want the design to look neat.

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