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15 DIY Lip Scrubs to Keep Your Lips Smooth This Fall

The tendency for our lips to get dry and chapped in the fall is the bane of our existence. Nothing is worse on a chilly fall morning than waking up with sore cracked lips that bother you all day. Using a good lip chap or balm regularly throughout the day can help you with this, but sometimes it’s just best to exfoliate! Getting rid of that dry layer in a gentle, natural way will help your lips actually absorb the hydrating balm you’re putting on afterwards. There are plenty of great store bought lip scrubs that you can buy and they might even be all natural with a great smell or taste, just like the ones you can make at home, but why search for the kind you like all over town when you can just make that particular combination yourself in basically no time at all?

Check out these 15 delicious, all natural DIY lip scrub flavours that will help you keep your lips smooth and crack free all season (and on into the winter too)!

1. Tangerine brown sugar lip scrub

Tangerine brown sugar lip scrub

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of sweetness and pure, refreshing scent, then this tangerine brown sugar DIY scrub is the one for you. The brown sugar will ensure that your lips get the perfect level or gentle exfoliation while the tangerine essence makes it smell great and gives the sugar a better consistency for scrubbing with than just loose granules. Check it out on A Cozy Kitchen.

2. Honey almond lip scrub

Honey almond lip scrub

As long as you’re not allergic to nuts and nut based products, almonds are an ideal ingredient for making homemade beauty products. They’ll give your lip scrub a rich, unique smell that’s perfect for all. The honey, on the other hand, acts as an awesomely smooth mixing agent for all of the ingredients and will also benefit your lips with its antibacterial properties if they actually do crack. See more about this mixture on The Beauty Milk.

3. Coconut sugar lip scrub

Coconut sugar lip scrub

Are you obsessed with coconut all the time, any time? We don’t blame you! Besides just plain coconut, our latest obsession is coconut oil, which makes the perfect mixing ingredient for all kinds of DIY beauty products. Lip scrubs are no exception! Nutrition Stripped shows you how to combine the two in good ratios to help keep your lips hydrated and healthy in dry weather.

4. Edible ginger snap lip scrub

Edible ginger snap lip scrub

Any lip scrub of any flavour will help you out in the fall, but maybe you really want one that actually reminds you of fall too? Then we’re confident that you’ll absolutely love the way this ginger snap scrub smells! PoppyTalk uses grated ginger, maple syrup, and cinnamon to get that delicious holiday cookie scent. The best part of this particular recipe, though, is that it’s completely edible!

5. Salt lip scrub

Salt lip scrub

It might sound strange to rub salt on your lips, particularly given sayings like “rubbing salt into the womb”, but if you care for your lips with a salt scrub regularly, they won’t crack and your lips won’t feature any wounds to hurt! Many people prefer salt scrubs to sugar scrubs because the granules are usually smaller and finer, making them very gentle. Check out how Rouge Imaginaire made this scrub!

6. Exfoliating kisser scrub

Exfoliating kisser scrub

Not every lip scrub is actually made with other ingredients that will help your lips stay hydrated. Some of them are simply exfoliates and they help with hydration by making sure your lips are primed for when you put a soothing balm on them afterwards. This “kisser” recipe by Soap Queen, however, is a little bit different!

7. Edible fruit and sugar lip scrub

Edible fruit and sugar lip scrub

When you use a lip scrub that smells extra delicious, do you always find it hard to resist licking the sugary concoction off your lips before you’ve rinsed it off? Well, luckily with most DIY lip scrubs, they’re made of all natural ingredients and you actually can eat them. Not all of them are intended for it, so you might end up tasting mostly natural oils and sugar, but How Does She understands your urge to lick the sweetness off your lips so well that they’ve actually designed lip scrubs that are completely edible and tastes as delicious as they smell! We actually made these ones and we can’t get enough of their great, sweet fruit flavours.

8. Aspirin lip scrub

Aspirin lip scrub

Did you know that you can actually make a lip scrub out of crushed aspirin, just in case you can’t stand the thought of salty scrubs or big, sticky sugar granules stuck to your lips? Well, we didn’t either until we saw this scrub recipe from Beautylish! You’ll have an easier time mixing this one if you use the inexpensive aspirin that doesn’t have a shiny coating on it.

9. Vanilla peppermint lip scrub

Vanilla peppermint lip scrub

Do the smells of peppermint and vanilla mixed together remind you of the exciting time leading up to the holidays as much as it reminds us? We find that it calls back childhood memories when the buzzing shopping mall smelled like Christmas treats and department stores stocked with shelves of perfumes. Even if the season isn’t evoked for you when you smell this one, though, we know you’ll find it completely delicious anyways! Check it out in more detail on By Dawn Nicole.

10. Homemade lime and honey lip scrub

Homemade lime and honey lip scrub

Are you more of a citrus lover than a rich smell fan, but you still like it best when your lip scrubs smell and taste a little bit sweet? Then the combination of lime and honey is the perfect one for you! Those ingredients also make the scrub wonderfully antibacterial. See how to combine them perfectly on Petite Elefant.

11. Pumpkin pie edible lip scrub

Pumpkin pie edible lip scrub

Okay, you can probably tell by now that we’re pretty big fans of the natural recipes that taste just as good as they smell, and we’re not ashamed! While it’s perhaps not advised that you spend your autumn days eating pure flavoured sugar at every spare moment, there’s nothing wrong with making a lip scrub that lets you enjoy one of your favourite fall flavours as a quick treat in the morning and at night. This one from Hello Glow tastes so much like pumpkin pie that we narrowly avoided drooling when we actually tried it for ourselves.

12. Berry exfoliating lip scrub

Berry exfoliating lip scrub

Do you love fall flavours, but you’re actually more of a summertime person whose been looking for ways to keep a little bit of summer freshness in your life through the colder months? Try this delicious berry flavoured lip exfoliate! It’ll remind you of all the yummy chilled smoothies and daiquiris you enjoyed near the pool. Get the recipe from Feathers and Freckles.

13. Coffee lip scrub

Coffee lip scrub

Do you love nothing more than the smell of fresh coffee in the morning? We’re pretty big coffee fans too and we particularly enjoy the fact that even after you’ve brewed your cup, the dried grounds still smell like your favourite rich roast. Coffee grounds are useful for all kinds of things so saving them is always worth it, but one of the best ways to really benefit from saving them is to make yourself an awesome exfoliating lip scrub! See how Little Miss Mama made this one.

14. Mint chocolate coffee lip scrub

Mint chocolate coffee lip scrub

We’ve talked about mint scrubs and we’ve talked about coffee scrubs, but are you ready for how great your scrub will smell when you- wait for it- combine the two? As if that’s not awesome enough, Chick Advisor added chocolate too! We’d have a hard time not licking all this scrub off our lips before we’d even rubbed it around to exfoliate, if we’re being honest.

15. Lemon lip scrub

Lemon lip scrub

Here’s another one for the citrus lovers! If you saw the line recipe and you thought about how great that would be but how you’d probably prefer the recipe with lemons instead, then this version from Pink Pistachio is definitely your answer. Between the fresh lemons, the sweet honey, and the hydrating coconut oil, all of which are actually also antibacterial, this one might be the most intense and beneficial scrub experience, just in case your lips get particularly dry and cracked in the winter and you need something with a little more “umph”.

Do you have another favourite lip scrub recipe that you make for yourself every fall but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about how you make it in the comments section!