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15 Yummy Vegan Desserts for The Holidays

It’s finally holiday crunch time and, even though that sounds stressful, we couldn’t be happier! Call us crazy, but we’re the kind of DIY enthusiasts (and, actually, people in general) who prefer to do things at the last minute. Something about the pressure just sets us into high gear and really gets us rolling on the productivity! That’s why you’ll often find us baking extra treats at the last minute before Christmas. This year, we found out quite late in the game that a few of our guests over the holidays have food restrictions when it comes to animal products. That’s why we were on the lookout for last minute vegan holiday recipes! We’ve definitely got the entrée and side dishes covered, but we were surprised how many amazing vegan desserts there are out there and we had a lot of trouble choosing.

Just in case you’re in the market for a few last minute vegan desserts too, check out these 15 irresistible recipes that will make everyone in the room come back for more, regardless of diet!

1. Vegan peanut butter blossom cookies

Vegan peanut butter blossom cookies

Are your favourite cookies peanut butter cookies, hands down, but the recipe you usually use involves something that your vegan guests can’t eat? Then here’s an absolutely delicious alternative that actually even kind of one-ups your original recipe- it’s got chocolate in the mix! Fragrant Vanilla Cake guides you through the process of making a cookie that tastes incredibly sweet and rich without being overwhelming… and without using anything that would break a vegan diet.

2. Vegan peppermint brownie bars

Vegan peppermint brownie bars

If you’re going to go to the trouble of making a homemade dessert around the holidays, would you prefer that it really taste like a Christmas treat? Then we think we’ve definitely found the recipe for you! The best part (besides the wonderful mixture of chocolate and peppermint, of course) is that the ingredients are entirely vegan. Get the full list on Healthy Voyager.

3. Vegan PB&J graham cracker thumb prints

Vegan pb&j graham cracker thumb prints

No matter what kind of ingredients they’re made with, we’ve always loved thumbprint cookies. There’s just something so cool about the idea of having a spot in the middle to fill with whatever we love best. We’ve made them with chocolate and icing of different kinds before but, if you ask us, the best kind are the ones with jam! They’re especially great for vegan cookies because most quality jams are vegan, no matter what fruit they’re made with. Check out how Minimalist Baker made thumbprint cookies with jam and graham crackers!

4. Gluten free vegan yule log

Gluten free vegan yule log

Are you still thinking about how much you’d love to make a holiday specific dessert but you’ve actually already made a brownie dish and you’d rather try something else? Then take a look at this vegan yule log instead! The Spade and Spoon shows you how to make both the log itself and the icing with vegan only ingredients in a way that tastes just as good as the original recipes you’ve had before, if not better.

5. Raw Matcha dark chocolate pomegranate cups

Raw matcha dark chocolate pomegranate cups

Perhaps you’re also vegan and you know that many of your guests are trying to be a lot more health conscious this year than they have during past holiday seasons? Then maybe a raw recipe is a little more up your alley! Baking something that’s raw actually means that, believe it or not, you don’t really have to bake it at all. One of our very favourite raw holiday recipes is this one from Fragrant Vanilla Cake for matcha dark chocolate pomegranate cups.

6. Berry almond tart

Berry almond tart

Have you been feeling a little bit skeptical of the whole vegan desserts idea all along because you’re not sure your favourite tarts can be made in a way that will taste quite right? Well, we’d urge you to try this awesome vegan recipe from Vegaprocity to find out just how good vegan tarts really can be! They show you how to make a big berry almond tart that’s perfect for sharing.

7. Vegan gluten free gingerbread men

Vegan gluten free gingerbread men

Perhaps your hunt for super Christmas-y vegan dessert recipes isn’t quite over for you yet because you’re still looking for your favourite thing? Well, if your favourite thing is gingerbread cookies, you’re in total luck with this recipe from Minimalist Baker.  If you’ve never had vegan gingerbread before, we think you’ll actually be quite surprised by how much this tastes like the kind you’re used to.

8. Vegan blueberry cheesecake

Vegan blueberry cheesecake

The idea of a blueberry cheesecake might sound inherently in-vegan, since cheese is made with milk and milk is an animal product, but you’d actually be surprised! Besides the fact that there are all kinds of vegan cheeses out there (they’re usually made with nuts), vegan cheesecake is actually pretty common… and completely delicious. Check out how This Rawesome Vegan Life made this blueberry version if you want to find out just how delicious.

9. Raw sticking toffee date pudding

Raw sticking toffee date pudding

If you thought we were done with the classic holiday recipes in vegan version then think again! Sticky toffee pudding is an incredibly rich and mouth watering traditional Christmas dessert that’s irresistible no matter what kinds of ingredients you make it with, but for the sake of your vegan guests, we’d absolutely suggest trying out this vegan recipe from Fragrant Vanilla.

10. Vegan, gluten free, butter free banana pecan shortbread

Vegan, glutten free, butter free banana pecan shortbread

Have you actually still be thinking about Christmas cookies the whole time you’ve been scrolling through this list, even though we’ve shown you delicious vegan treats of other kinds too? Then here’s another option for your cookie buffet! Minimalist Baker teaches you how to make not just shortbread, but vegan, gluten free, butter free pecan shortbread!

11. Raspberry Christmas trifle

Raspberry christmas trifle

Trifle is something we’ve always loved. You can make so many different kinds and no matter what, they’re always delicious! Vegan trifles are no exception to that rule. Just in case you’re looking for a trifle recipe that tastes just like a Christmas dessert should, here’s a raspberry based and raspberry topped recipe from Carob Cherub. It’s the perfect combination of creamy and fruity!

12. Easy vegan apple crisp

Easy vegan apple crisp

Apple crisp might not be a specifically holiday recipe, but there’s always been something about apple baked goods that actually kind of reminded us of the holidays anyways. Perhaps that’s because we love to drink apple cider! Regardless of the reason, a good apple crisp is definitely a Christmas treat for us. It can be for your vegan friends and family too! FInd out how it’s made on The Grateful Grazer.

13. Vegan pecan pie bars

Vegan pecan pie bars

Are you always down for a good dessert bar or essentially anything to do with pecans? Well, we can’t say we blame you! Vegan desserts are some of our very favourites as well, whether they’re vegan or not. That’s why we’ve actually made this recipe for vegan pecan pie bars so many times. It’s so good that no one will care whether it’s vegan or not… nor will they be able to tell. Find out how they’re made on Cotter Crunch.

14. Vegan peppermint drinking chocolate

Vegan peppermint drinking chocolate

Maybe you feel like you’re unique in this, but have your favourite sweet Christmas treats always actually been drinks rather than baked goods? In that case, we have a feeling you’re really going to love this peppermint hot chocolate recipe from Minimalist Baker. Besides the fact that it’s peppermint, it’s also completely vegan, meaning everyone at the party can enjoy the creamy goodness!

15. Raw cranberry raspberry white chocolate cake

Raw cranbrery raspberry white chocolate cake

Were you very intrigued by the idea of making a raw holiday dessert but you’d really like to share it with as many friends and family as possible so you’d rather make something a little bigger? Then try making a whole cake! This recipe from Fragrant Vanilla Cake doesn’t make just any cake; their tutorial shows you how to create a cranberry raspberry white chocolate perfection without any ingredients that anyone will have to enjoy.

Do you know another DIY and kitchen enthusiast who has been on the lookout for great vegan dessert recipes this holiday season? Share this post with them so they can make something delicious and vegan-friendly last minute too!

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