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Delicious Side Dish Recipes for Holidays Dinner

The older we get, the more we realize that our friends and differently families celebrate the holidays in different ways and at different times, depending on their work and travel schedules. Sometimes people have to wait a couple days to celebrate with all of their family members so that everyone can be together for a nice dinner. We had Christmas on time this year but, because a few key people we love couldn’t be there, we’re actually having another dinner to celebrate with everyone in a few days too! That’s why, this late in the season, we’re still on the lookout for delicious side dishes that everyone will love! Because we’re having two dishes, however, we thought maybe we’d look for a few recipes we’d never tried before.

Just in case you’re still on the hunt for new recipes too, check out these 15 mouth watering side dishes that will make dinner a huge success no matter when you have it!

1. Brussel sprouts and lemon risotto

Brussel sprouts and lemon risotto

Have you long been looking for a way to get your kids (and even some of the adults in your family) to eat Brussel sprouts? In that case, we think you might be pretty intrigued by this combination side dish idea from Chowhound! They show you how to make a deliciously fragrant lemon risotto that features shredded and lightly spiced Brussel sprouts mixed in so their taste is subtle and delicious.

2. Zucchini gratin

Zucchini gratin

No matter what kind we’re served, we’ve always been huge fans of gratin. There’s just something so satisfying about the lightly crunchy top layer and all the creamy, delicious layers underneath. We think they’re another great way to get your guests eating vegetables they wouldn’t necessarily put on their plate otherwise. Find out how this zucchini version is made on D-lish Food.

3. Honey maple roasted carrots with pomegranate

Honey maple roasted carrots with pomegranate

Maybe your family has requested the same veggies they always do, every single year, but you’ve grown bored of preparing and eating them the way you always do, so you’re looking to get a little bit experimental in a way that people will still want to eat? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at these incredibly scrumptious carrots by The Café Sucre Farine, which are prepared with pomegranate, honey, and maple!

4. Cranberry fluff

Cranberry fluff

Not every family includes a sweet side dish with their entrée and we certainly know lots of people that save recipes like this one until the dessert course, but we’ve always served some kind of “fluff” at Christmas dinner (and most other family gatherings, to be honest), so finding another version of a family classic was exciting! We tried this cranberry fluff from Real Housemoms with our family meal last year and it was a huge success.

5. Swirling duchess potatoes

Swirling duchess potatoes

Are you still thinking about how fun the idea of serving the same classic side dish elements but with new twists put on them sounds but this time it’s potatoes that you’re tired of mashing the same way every year? In that case, perhaps these swirled and baked duchess potatoes would be a little more up your alley this year! Find out how they’re made and formed into such a cute shape on Chowhound.

6. Creamy white cheddar baked corn

Creamy white cheddar baked corn

The moment anyone utters the words “cheddar baked”, we’re usually very into the idea before we even know what else is actually in it. That’s how we tried this delicious white cheddar baked corn recipe from 3 Boys Unprocessed for the first time! Ever since that year, our kids have asked us to keep making it because it’s one of their favourite elements of the whole meal now.

7. Sweet potato casserole

Sweet potato casserole

Do we really have your attention when it comes to the ideas of bakes and casseroles but it’s actually the sweet potatoes you’ve been looking for a new way to prepare this year? Then we have a feeling you’re really going to enjoy this warm, crunchy sweet potato bake from Laura in The Kitchen! The baked mini marshmallows on top sweeten it up ever so slightly to make it extra delicious.

8. The ultimate parmesan roasted broccoli

The ultimate parmesan roasted broccoli

Now, don’t get us wrong; steamed broccoli is absolutely delicious, but sometimes we’re just in the mood to try our favourite foods in new ways! Rather than just steaming and salting your broccoli this year, check out how Jo Cooks made this delicious baked broccoli prepared with parmesan cheese and pecans for a little extra flavour.

9. Crispy potato roast

Crispy potato roast

Perhaps your family have been always been huge potato lovers so you’re actually looking for an additional way to prepare your potatoes besides just a big pot of mashed? Then maybe they’d enjoy these baked potato slices too! Joyously Domestic shows you how to make them with cheese and real bacon bits or diced ham.

10. Roasted asparagus with garlic and parmesan

Roasted asparagus with garlic and parmesan

Maybe you’re just looking for a new way of marinating, spicing, or preparing your usual veggies and sides this year so their flavour is amped up a little bit but everyone still gets their favourites? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest this garlic and parmesan roasted asparagus from Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen! It’s a flavourful alternative to just butter and salt that’s still subtle enough for everyone to love.

11. Loaded potato casserole

Loaded potato casserole

Have quite a few of these recipes appealed to you so far and you’re actually having some trouble deciding which ones to make, but you’re pretty sure a new potato dish is the direction you’re going to take things in? Then we’d suggest these cheesy potatoes served in a delicious baked casserole! Gal On A Mission guides you through the process of making the whole dish.

12. Parmesan garlic roasted mushrooms

Parmesan garlic roasted mushrooms

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about garlic and parmesan in one place but you’ve actually already chosen an asparagus recipe that everyone’s really excited about trying, so you have to pick something else to prepare with those flavours? In that case, we’d like to take this opportunity to suggest mushrooms! This garlic parmesan roasted mushroom dish from My Kitchen Escapades is practically irresistible.

13. Cinnamon roasted butternut squash

Cinnamon roasted butternut squash

There are all kinds of ways to prepare butternut squash and each time we try a new one, we realized that we basically love them all. That doesn’t mean, however, that we’re not always looking for even more ideas, since it’s such a versatile food to prepare! This year, we’re trying this cinnamon roasted butternut squash dish from Chew Out Loud and our mouths are practically watering just thinking about it.

14. Braised greens

Braised greens

Maybe you’re the kind of down home family that insists on having nutritious collard greens at every big meal but this year you’re considering even shaking those up a little? Then you’re going to love this braised greens idea from Country Living something fierce! They show you how to add a bit of extra flavour with diced onions and real bacon bits.

15. Spinach Maria

Spinach maria

Are you still thinking about how much these cheesy bake and casserole recipes have you just about ready to drool with each new recipe you read but you’d actually prefer to have a vegetarian version to add a little more green to everyone’s plates? In that case, We think you should take a quick look at this spinach Maria recipe from Delish!

Do you have another favourite Christmas side dish that you love making for your family every year because they eat it right up? Tell us how it’s made or link us to the recipe in the comments section!

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