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Vegan Cupcakes That Are So Good You’ll Forget They’re Healthier

Anyone who’s been eating vegan for a while knows exactly how delicious vegan baked goods can be. For people who are new to the idea, however, vegan desserts and recipes often seem bland and “too healthy” to really be considered treats.

We’re pretty sure one bite of any of these cupcakes could change their minds about that! Check how the most delicious types of vegan cupcake we could find.

1. Peanut butter chocolate vegan cupcakes by Happy, Healthy Life

Peanut butter chocolate vegan cucpakes

Peanut butter and chocolate is one of the most decadent combinations around. It’s rich and sweet, making it perfect for real dessert lovers. The best part of this particular recipe is that every ingredient involved is vegan-friendly!

2. Vegan pumpking spice cupcakes with “cream cheese” frosting by The Cozy Vegan

Vegan pumpking spice cupcakes with %22cream cheese%22 frosting

Vegans don’t have to be excluded from the pumpkin spice trend sweeping the nation. Try making these aromatic cupcakes that will really open your non-vegan friends’ eyes to how vegan desserts can taste just as good as- and sometimes better than- the classic recipe.

3.Vegan vanilla cupcakes by Veggieful

Vegan vanilla cupcakes

Not everyone is a fan of rich chocolate tastes. Some people prefer the lighter taste of fluffy vanilla cupcakes instead. This simple recipe gives you all the classic flavours of your standard vanilla cupcake, but with completely vegan ingredients.

4. Vegan peanut butter Oreo cupcakes by The Cake Merchant

Vegan peanut butter oreo cupcakes

Peanut butter is a beautiful ingredient because it complements so many other flavours. We love the idea of combining it with Oreos for an extra sweet (vegan) treat!

5. Vegan red velvet cupcakes by 40 Aprons

Vegan red velvet cupcakes

Eating vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the latest baking trends. Red velvet has been popular for a while now, but you’ll still find it in every cupcake shop around! Naturally, there’s a vegan alternative that we can’t wait to try!

6. Vegan carrot cake cupcakes by Popsugar

Vegan carrot cake cupcakes

Raisins, nuts, carrot cake, and mouthwatering icing. What more could we possibly ask for in a cupcake? These little vegan treats are like having your own personal carrot cake.

7. Gluten free vegan Mexican chocolate cupcakes by Simply Gluten Free

Gluten gree vegan mexican chocolate cupcakes

These cupcakes take the idea of vegan chocolate to the next level! Cinnamon and cayenne pepper amp up the flavour to a completely mouthwatering degree.

8. Gluten free vegan samoa cupcakes by Frank & Beans

Gluten free vegan samoa cupcakes

Whether you’re vegan or not, samoa cupcakes are literally one of the most delicious ingredient combinations we can think of. This particular recipe guides you through the process of making them just a little healthier and vegan-diet-friendly.

9. Vegan chocolate cherry cupcakes by Baked Bree

Vegan chocolate cherry cupcakes

Who ever said vegan treats don’t have flavour? These vegan cupcakes are full of amazing cherry taste and the best part is that they’re actually made with real cherries rather than synthetic flavours!

10. Vegan coffee cake cupcakes by The Tolerant Vegan

Vegan coffee cake cupcakes

Cupcakes don’t have to be overly sweet and piled high with rich icing! They’re called “cakes”, after all, and there are many different types of cake to choose from. These individual coffee cakes are both vegan and delicious!

11. Chocolate chip “cheesecake”-filled cupcakes by Whole New Mom

Chocolate chip %22cheesecake%22 filled cupcakes

Can you think of anything better than a treat within a treat? We sure can’t. On top of being vegan, these chocolate cupcakes are filled with vegan cheesecake and chocolate chips. We’re hungry just thinking about them.

12. Vegan banana bread French toast cupcakes by Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks

Vegan banana bread french toast cupcakes

Sometimes recipes that involve unconventional good combinations are the best tasting kind. We’re pretty sure that theory holds true for this recipe that marries banana bread and French toast!

13. Vegan hazelnut raspberry cupcakes by The Crazy Vegan Kitchen

Vegan hazelnut raspberry cupcakes

Raspberry cupcakes are already a delicious thing, but adding hazelnuts to the mix takes the flavour factor to a whole new level. Just make sure none of your guests have a nut allergy!

14. Vegan blueberry banana cupcakes with lemon coconut frosting by Vegan Yack Attack

Vegan blueberry banana cupcakes with lemon coconut frosting

When we saw this recipe, we actually had to look twice to make sure we were reading it right. Beyond being vegan and more nutritious than your standard cupcake recipe, they’re so full of fruity deliciousness that we might leave the rest of this post unfinished in favour of making them right this second.

15. Vegan caramel ribbon crunch cupcakes Best Friends for Frosting

Vegan caramel ribbon crunch cupcakes

We love the idea of adding a little crunch to an otherwise soft, fluffy cupcake, especially if it stays in the vegan realm and tastes like sweet, rich caramel! These ones are so good that your non-vegan friends will never guess the difference.

Do you have another favourite vegan cupcake recipe that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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