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50 Creative Event Invitations

You’ve heard it before… “the invitation sets the tone for the event.” Which only makes the process of designing an invitation even more intimidating. So today we’ve rounded up 50 of our favorite creative event invitations that will get the wheels turning in your mind.

1. Clear Bridal Shower Invitations

5 clear lucite invitations

These stunning shower invitations are unique, sophisticated and impossibly stylish thanks mostly to the material on which they are printed… acrylic! The lovely script combined with a subtle serif font helps too. Head over to Oh So Beautiful Paper to find out more.

2. Wood Wedding Invitations

2 wood invitations

These wooden invites are also stunning, again with the focus on the material on which they are printed. The rounded corners and floral details are nice touches as well. Make your way over to Style Me Pretty to learn more about this wedding.

3. Embroidered Invitation

4 embroidered invitations

These invitations have a very special handmade detail… embroidered stars! The embroidery gives the invitation a tactile element, while also hinting at the theme of the event. Head over to Door 9 to find out more about the process of embroidering card stock.

4. Die Cut Invitations

1 die cut wedding invitations

This beauty has many things going for it… a fresh color scheme, a pretty floral motif, and of course the stunning shape. The font also complements the creative design. Make your way over to Bridal Guide to check out this and many other fun ideas.

5. Fabric-Backed Invitations

3 fabric backed wedding invites

These stunning invites combine a beautiful wooden front panel with a fabric backing, which together create a perfectly rustic feel for this wedding. The colored brads act both functionally and aesthetically, holding the two elements together. Read more here.

6. Laser Cut Save The Dates

6 avie laser cut invitations

This laser cut save the date is incredibly unique, with a bold design and very intricate cuts. And the font choice looks great with the fun geometric pattern. Head over to Invitation Crush to find out where you can buy your own set of these laser cut paper goods.

7. Confetti Baby Shower Invitations

9 confetti baby shower invitations

A baby shower is usually a colorful, happy affair so these confetti invitations seem just right for a shower. The invitation itself is contained within a translucent envelope, along with a handful of brightly colored confetti. Read all about it over at Oh So Beautiful Paper.

8. Word Search Invitations

7 unique word search save the dates

These word search invitations are so much fun… they give your guests something fun to do right away (setting the tone for the event!), and share a message as well. Make your way over to Bridal Musings to learn more about this unique wedding save the date.

9. Hexagonal Invitation Suite

8 hexagon invitation suite

This set of cards have a broad color scheme, but are brought together by one common element – hexagons! And the RSVP card is die cut into an actual hexagon shape. Head over to Style Me Pretty’s Vault to find out more about these fun invites.

10. Translucent Cover

10 layered invitations

This elegant wedding invitation has a cool translucent cover page attached to the front, with the couple’s name in a brushstroke style font. And behind sits a metallic gold page. Head over here to learn more about this gorgeous wedding invitation.

11. Balloon Invitations

13 balloon invitation

This might be the most inventive idea of them all! The invitation is printed in small text on the balloon, so that when you inflate it, the words become legible! What a festive way to kick off your event! Check out this and lots of other ideas over at The Lane.

12. Ombré Doily Invitations

15 ombre doily invitation wedding

This invitation suite is very elegant with a hint of rustic appeal, thanks to the kraft paper tags and ornate white doilies that are folded around the outside. Make your way over to Oh So Beautiful Paper to check out the rest of this suite and to read all the details.

13. Ribbon Invitation

11 ribbon invitation

Here we have a very festive idea that utilizes different colored ribbons to decorate the top of the invite. The ribbon colors correspond with the text colors, and everything is mounted on a dark navy backing. Head over to FFFFound to check it out.

14. Fabric Wedding Invitation

14 farm wedding fabric invitation

This gorgeous green, black and white invitation was printed on fabric, evoking the feel of an old fashioned handkerchief. The couple aimed to steer away from disposable items for their rustic farm wedding, so this fit the bill perfectly. Read all about the wedding here.

15. Laser Cut Floral Invitations

12 laser cut invitations

These beautiful invitations are laser cut, with a lovely organic floral design on the front. The laser cutting allows the color underneath to show through, creating a super unique effect. Head over to B Wedding Invitations to purchase these or other styles.

16. Folding Invitations

16 folding italian seaside wedding invitation

Here we have a creative wedding invitation that unfolds into a four page piece that includes all of the information necessary for the weekend. And colorful little illustrations add a whimsical touch. Found over at Ruffled Blog.

17. Felt Pocket Invitations

18 modern felt save the dates

This couple chose to create a gray felt pocket to insert their save the dates into, with a small tag that that includes their wedding logo. And the combination of black ink on kraft paper adds to the unique effect. Head over to Wedding Chicks to check it out.

18. Fabric Pouch Letterpress

17 natural sack invitation

These are actually birth announcements, but the same idea could easily be implemented for a set of save the dates or an event invitation. The fabric pouch and tag lend a vintage vibe, while the understated design lets the letterpress printing shine through. Check them out here.

19. Nautical Invitations

20 nautical invitations

This gorgeous blue and white wedding invitation suite has a nautical theme, with directional compass logos and a pretty blue rope that is knotted at the front. Make your way over to Deer Pearl Flowers to check out this and many other fun ideas.

20. Tying The Knot Save The Date

19 tying the knot rustic save the dates

This clever save the date has a piece of jute twine on the inside with a loose knot already tied, so that when the recipient receives it, the knot will tie tighter as they open it. Genius! Head over to The Natural Wedding Company to read all about it.

21. Drinkable Tea Invitation

22 tea bag drinkable shower invite

This genius invitation is for a tea party-themed bridal shower, so the designer created an invite out of translucent paper filled with actual tea leaves. That way, the recipient can cut open the corner and have a cup of tea! Read all about it over at Pipio.

22. Invitation-Inspired Cookies

24 colorful rain drop baby shower invitation

Here we have an instance where the invitation inspired another element of the event… the cookies! The colorful baby shower invitation is gorgeous on its own, and even cooler when paired with the multi-colored raindrop cookies. Read all about it here.

23. Fortune Teller Invitation

23 fortune teller invitation

Mulberry’s designer created a super unique invitation to their Autumn Winter 2011 show in the shape of a paper fortune teller… you know, the things you used to make back in elementary school?! Check out more photos of these cool invites over at Sarah Thorne’s site.

24. Viewfinder Invitation

25 viewfinder invitation

Here’s another incredibly clever idea… a viewfinder included with the invitation filled with images of the happy couple! These pretty pink and gold invites and definitely an interactive experience for the recipient. Head over to Style Me Pretty to read more.

25. Clear Invite

21 clear invitataion

Here’s another clear acrylic invitation, this time with bold black lettering and a floral box to contain it. The thick black frame around the edge gives it a more memorable vibe. Make your way over to Riley Grey to check out this and many other ideas.

26. Round Wedding Invitations

26 round invitation

This one-of-a-kind wedding invitation was created for a musical couple who loved Renaissance and Baroque music, so the designed decided to create a piece that was reminiscent of one of there instruments. Head over to Behance to read all about the process.

27. Vegas Birthday Invites

30 vegas card deck invites

This invitation suite was created for a birthday party that was to take place in Las Vegas, so the designer used a deck of cards as the inspiration. All of the information was contained in one accordion-folded piece. Read more about it over at Ceci New York. 

28. Boxed Ocean Theme

28 boxed starfish invitations

These invitations arrived in gift boxes, making them seem even more special when they arrived in guests’ hands. And small starfish adorned the front, hinting at the wedding’s ocean theme. Head over to Mospens Studio to read more about this gorgeous invitation set.

29. Puzzle Invitation

27 puzzle invitation

If you’d like to give your guests something fun to do, create a wedding invitation design and have it printed on puzzle pieces! Talk about a unique way to kick off the events! Make your way over to Wedding Invitations Custom to see this and others.

30. Neon and Black Suite

29 neon and black invitation suite

If you’re looking for something bold and memorable, you might consider combining a neon color with black as Ceci New York has done with the design above. Talk about eye-catching! Head right over here to read more about this fun invitation suite.

31. Abstract Painting Invitations

31 modern painting invitation

These unique invitations have a stunning painted background on the main piece, and then very minimalistic black and white design on the rest of the pieces. Make your way over to Yonder Design to see lots of other photos of these creative invitations.

32. Geometric Paper Cut Invitations

32 geometric paper cut invitations

These stunning geometric wedding invitations are made of cut paper, with hexagon shaped pieces and a multi-page design. The copper color also adds to the unique modern feel. Head over to One Fab Day to read more about this wedding.

33. Infographic Invitations

33 horizontal infographic invitation

These fun invitations are designed in the style of an infographic, giving them a light-hearted feel and making them super easy to read. And the horizontal orientations further sets it apart from the crowd. Head over to Behance to check out lots more images.

34. Glass Jar Invitation

34 glass bottle invitation

This super unusual idea involves a small glass jar, a cork and a little note that dangles inside – a message in a bottle, if you will. Make your way over to A Little Small Talk’s site on Etsy to check out this and lots of other unique event invitation ideas.

35. Poster-Sized Invitation

35 poster invitation

The design of this invitation is quite unique, but fairly understated except for the floral details. But what really sets it apart is the size – it is a large, poster-sized print! Make your way over to Behance to read all about this fun, creative invitation idea.

36. Record Sleeve Invitations

40 paper record sleeve invitation

For those of you who love vintage inspired things such as records, consider an idea such as this… a custom record sleeve which holds the information about the big day. Make your way over to Etsy to check out this super unique wedding invite idea.

37. Boat Invitations

36 wedding boat invitation

This corporate event was planned for a boat, so it made sense to have a boat theme. They went all out with these, creating invitations in the shape of sails. Make your way over to Jacoline Murphy’s blog to read all about these boat themed invites.

38. Boarding Pass Invitations

39 boarding pass invites

These boarding pass invites are so fun for a destination wedding, lending a travel sort of vibe right off the bat. And the map with an airplane adds a lovely visual element to the envelope. Head over to Inspirations By Amie Le on Etsy to check them out.

39. Pop Up Shower Invites

37 baby shower pop up

These creative baby shower pop up invites lend the feeling of something getting bigger, a reference to her stomach growing with her new son or daughter inside. Make your way over to Edyta Photography’s blog to read all about this playful little invitation.

40. Four Panel Invitations

38 illustrated panels

These four panel invitations have all the information guests will need for the entire weekend, and they fold up nicely to fit inside a brown kraft paper envelope. Read all about this stunning hand-illustrated design over at Swiss Cottage Designs.

41. Mini Polaroid Save The Dates

42 mini polaroid save the dates

This adorable tiny save the dates are designed to look like old school Polaroid photos, giving a bit of nostalgia to the event. And they have magnets on the back, so friends and family can put them on their refrigerator. Check them out over at The Perfect Details.

42. Candy Filled Invitations

41 candy invitations

Here we have an invitation for a bridal brunch that is delivered in a box… so why not fill it up with some citrusy candy to go along with the theme?! The lining of the box really helps set the tone too. Make your way over to Studio DIY to check out the whole event.

43. Rolling Pin Invites

43 rolling pin birthday invitation

For Audrey’s seventh birthday, the plan was to frost mini cakes as an activity… so they created rolling pin invitations to set the tone for the event. And the pink color scheme on the rolling pin handles carried through to the event as well. Check it out over at Style Me Pretty.

44. Fabric Wrapped Invitations

45 fabric wrapped invitations

These woodland style wedding invitations were wrapped in fabric, giving them a very unique vibe when combined with the utilitarian kraft paper card stock and white animal illustrations. Read all about this gorgeous wedding over at Oh So Beautiful Paper.

45. Confetti Popper Invitations

44 confetti invitations

These confetti popper invitations really set the mood for the upcoming event, with colorful stripes and confetti and a series of round discs with information attached to a string. Head over to Oh Happy Day to find out how to make them yourself and to use the template.

46. Newspaper Invitation

50 newspaper wedding invitation

Well isn’t this adorable?! This faux newspaper has all the necessary information about the wedding in the form of “articles,” and is tied up with a piece of jute twine. Read all about it and order yours over at Paper Truly’s shop on Etsy.

47. Pencil Save The Date

48 pencil us in save the date

This one is very clever as well… the happy couple mailed a pencil with the wedding date printed on it, and attached it to card stock with the phrase “pencil us in.” So cute! Make your way over to Before The Big Day to read all about this clever idea.

48. Candy Land Birthday Invitation

49 candyland birthday invitation

For Caroline’s fifth birthday, her parents sent out sweet Candy Land themed invitations to her friends. A small replica of the board held all the pertinent information, and was housed in a red box with a piece of candy included. Read more about it here.

49. Round Wooden Invitation Wheel

47 wooden wheel invite

You don’t see round event invitations every day, so this one definitely stands out with its spinner-style layout which reveals all the wedding day information as you spin it around. And the illustrated wood grain really adds to the effect! Found over on Flickr.

50. Scratch-Off Save The Date

46 scratch off save the date

And last but certainly not least, this adorable scratch-off save the date takes the cake for ingenuity, in my opinion. Simply scratch off the hearts to find out the date of the upcoming wedding. Head over to Bespoke Bride to check out this and many other creative ideas.

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