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Super Fun Sushi Inspired DIY

When it comes to crafting, it doesn’t always occur to us to think about what our favourite food is in order to seek inspiration. We realized recently, however, that food can actually be a huge source of inspiration when it comes to getting crafty and creating DIY projects! Just in case you don’t quite understand what we mean just yet, we’ll give you an example; we absolutely adore sushi. That’s why the concept of being able to make miniature sushi crafts or projects inspired by how beautiful fresh sushi rolls can look when they’re just finished caught our attention so well! Now, as weird as it sounds, we can’t stop looking at tutorials and inspiration photos that pay homage to how awesome and delicious sushi is.

Just in case you love sushi and crafting just as much as we do, if not more, check out this list of 15 awesome sushi themed crafts that are super fun to make!

1. DIY doll sushi

Diy doll sushi

Are your kids huge fans of playing with dolls and also big fans of eating sushi, just like you? Then it only makes sense that they’d probably want their favourite dolls to be able to enjoy sushi just like them, and just like you! The chances of being able to find doll sized sushi pieces in toy stores are pretty slim, however, so why not make your own? American Girl Ideas shows you how to make adorable little sushi pieces out of clay and black electrical tape.

2. Sushi baby shower gift

Sushi baby shower gift

Do you know someone else who loves sushi as much as you do but they actually haven’t been able to eat it lately because they’re pregnant, so you want to at least make them feel like they’re getting a chance to enjoy their favourite thing? Then try out this super creative baby shower gift idea outlined on Dollar Store Crafts! They show you how to roll baby clothes and wrap them with black ribbon to look like sushi rolls, as well as how to use a white onesie and a fish plushie to make a sushi piece too!

3. Cotton ball and felt sushi craft

Cotton ball and felt sushi craft

Perhaps you’re trying to introduce your kids to the idea of crafting with different kinds of materials and you’d like to find a project that uses some kind of fabric and other soft tools? Then we think you should definitely take a look at these adorable little sushi pieces featured on Pink and Green Mama! They show you how to make the little nigiri and rolls happen using cotton balls and felt.

4. Build your own candy sushi gifts

Build your own candy sushi gifts

Perhaps you’re looking for a unique, creative way to thank someone for helping you move or babysitting your pet, and you know that their two very favourite foods are candy and sushi? Then we think we’ve found the perfect idea for you to make for them to let them know how appreciative you are! This feature on Pinterest suggests using Pocky, Swedish fish, and fruit rollups to create a cute sushi themed candy basket just like this one (but your label can say anything, rather than just being for Valentine’s Day).

5. Healthy DIY fruit sushi

Healthy diy fruit sushi

In our house, it’s not really that hard to get the kids to eat fruit, but they tend to pick their favourites and then refuse to eat any other kind than that for weeks, so our challenge is getting them to eat different kinds of fruit. That’s why we thought these little pieces of “fruit sushi” were such a great idea! Find out how to make them from bananas, strawberries, and whatever other fruits you like best on Cool Mom Picks!

6. Foam and felt crayon sushi roll

Foam and felt crayon sushi roll

Did you like the idea of making funny little felt sushi pieces but you know your kids favourite kinds of DIY projects are ones that they can actually keep using after they’re done making it. That’s why we thought this cute little crayon roll was such a good idea! Fiskars shows you how to make it happen using felt and foam paper to make the “roll” and brightly coloured crayons to make the ingredients inside. Tie it and untie it to use the crayons or put them away for later.

7. Hand sewn, detail kawaii felt sushi

Hand sewn, detail kawaii felt sushi

Are you actually quite experienced at creating handmade miniatures that have a lot of detail, so you’re always on the lookout for stitching projects that let you make cute, soft toy versions of your favourite foods? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love these adorably detailed hand stitched sushi pieces featured on Food Gal! They outline the process of making your very own versions step by step.

8. Marshmallow and Swedish Fish sushi

Marshmallow and swedish fish sushi

Were you pretty intrigued by the sushi candy idea but you think the rolls look like the most fun to make, so you’d rather follow a tutorial or get ideas for candies that look just like the sushi rolls you lover ordering so much? In that case, we think maybe you’d have better luck with this feature on Wonky Wonderful. They show you how to make rolls that use whole marshmallows as the part you’d usually make from rice.

9. Deconstructing sushi pillow

Deconstructing sushi pillow

If you’re going to make adorable pieces of soft sushi using fabric and your sewing skills, would you rather make it jumbo instead of miniature? Well, this tutorial featured on Instructables agrees that that’s a great idea! They walk you step by step through the process of making individual little sushi pillow pieces that you can put together to create one giant sushi roll pillow

10. DIY sushi lip balm from a soda bottle top

Diy sushi lip balm from a soda bottle top

We’re not going to lie to you; when we first saw this  idea, we were not sold on it. At first we thought this was a homemade lipgloss that smelled like sushi and we weren’t sure we’d like that! Then we took a better look at this tutorial from 2 Cats & 1 Doll and realized that the lip gloss, which is made inside the tops of pop bottles to make for an awesome upcycling project, is actually just made to look like sushi pieces! Take a look at how they did it to learn different ways to make the lip gloss smell like delicious fruits.

11. Rice Krispy square sushi

Rice krispy square sushi

What if you’re interested in the idea of making delicious treat sushi like we’ve been talking about this whole time, but gummy candies have actually never been your favourite? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself sweet sushi at all! Instead of going down the candy aisle, grab some breakfast cereal and make Rice Krispy treat versions that use both fruit and candy instead! Rice Krispies shows you how it’s done.

12. DIY sushi candles

Diy sushi candles

If you’re going to make yourself something DIY and sushi themed, would you rather it be a home decor project instead? Well, if you’ve never tried making your own candles before, then maybe making these adorable sushi tea lights would make for a great “crafternoon”! Find out how Instructables made these ones out of wax candle making sheets in different colours. We can’t get over how cute their display is!

13. Simple mini sushi pieces with clay

Simple mini sushi pieces with clay

Working with clay is something that has always fascinated us. Clay work is just one of those crafts that holds essentially endless possibilities as long as you have a little bit of imagination and some patience to go along with it! Polymer clay in particular can be used to make a whole range of things in all sizes, which is why it’s often used for small pieces like jewelry, since it allows you to be quite precise and detailed. These amazingly lifelike recreated sushi pieces outlined on Simple Kids Crafts are the perfect example of what we mean!

14. DIY sushi baby costume

Diy sushi costume

Perhaps your most prominent DIY and crafting skills have actually always lied in fabric crafting, but you’d rather put your practice as a seamstress to work instead of just getting creative with felt and glue? Well, if you have little ones in your life, we have a feeling you’ll get a real kick out of this completely adorable baby sushi costume that turns your child into a piece of salmon nigiri! Dream Little Angel shows you how to do it in a way that makes it easy enough to adjust the size so that you could feasibly make each of your kids and all their friends into sushi pieces even if they’re different ages and take the whole buffet Trick-or-Treating.

15. Adult DIY sushi costumes

Adult diy sushi costumes

Were you very intrigued by the sushi costume idea but you actually think you might rather wear it yourself rather than just dressing your kids up in DIY sushi costumes? In that case, Brit + Co. has the perfect tutorial for you! They guide you through the process of making several different kinds of sushi outfits in adult sizes so that you can go as a group with friends or alter the base garments and make your whole family match so you can go to this year’s Halloween party looking like a Bento box.

Do you know a fellow crafting and DIY enthusiast who loves sushi just as much as we do, if not more? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of creative ways to put their two favourite things together!

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