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Super Fun Sushi Inspired DIY

When it comes to crafting, it doesn’t always occur to us to think about what our favourite food is in order to seek inspiration. We realized recently, however, that food can actually be a huge source of inspiration when it comes to getting crafty and creating DIY projects! Just in case you don’t quite understand what we mean just yet, we’ll give you an example; we absolutely adore sushi. That’s why the concept of being able to make miniature sushi crafts or projects inspired by how beautiful fresh sushi rolls can look when they’re just finished caught our attention so well! Now, as weird as it sounds, we can’t stop looking at tutorials and inspiration photos that pay homage to how awesome and delicious sushi is.

Just in case you love sushi and crafting just as much as we do, if not more, check out this list of 15 awesome sushi themed crafts that are super fun to make!

1. DIY doll sushi

Diy doll sushi

Are your kids huge fans of playing with dolls and also big fans of eating sushi, just like you? Then it only makes sense that they’d probably want their favourite dolls to be able to enjoy sushi just like them, and just like you! The chances of being able to find doll sized sushi pieces in toy stores are pretty slim, however, so why not make your own? American Girl Ideas shows you how to make adorable little sushi pieces out of clay and black electrical tape.

2. Sushi baby shower gift

Sushi baby shower gift

Do you know someone else who loves sushi as much as you do but they actually haven’t been able to eat it lately because they’re pregnant, so you want to at least make them feel like they’re getting a chance to enjoy their favourite thing? Then try out this super creative baby shower gift idea outlined on Dollar Store Crafts! They show you how to roll baby clothes and wrap them with black ribbon to look like sushi rolls, as well as how to use a white onesie and a fish plushie to make a sushi piece too!

3. Cotton ball and felt sushi craft

Cotton ball and felt sushi craft

Perhaps you’re trying to introduce your kids to the idea of crafting with different kinds of materials and you’d like to find a project that uses some kind of fabric and other soft tools? Then we think you should definitely take a look at these adorable little sushi pieces featured on Pink and Green Mama! They show you how to make the little nigiri and rolls happen using cotton balls and felt.

4. Build your own candy sushi gifts

Build your own candy sushi gifts

Perhaps you’re looking for a unique, creative way to thank someone for helping you move or babysitting your pet, and you know that their two very favourite foods are candy and sushi? Then we think we’ve found the perfect idea for you to make for them to let them know how appreciative you are! This feature on Pinterest suggests using Pocky, Swedish fish, and fruit rollups to create a cute sushi themed candy basket just like this one (but your label can say anything, rather than just being for Valentine’s Day).