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15 Clever Ways To Use and Makeover Empty Bottles

Whether they’re glass or plastic, big or tall, bottles can be used in an abundant amount of projects around the house. Don’t throw them away! Instead, clean them up and let’s put those pieces to good use! Kid-friendly, décor-related, or as a means to entertain, we’ve compiled a fabulous list of 15 clever ways to use empty bottles.

1. Cut-Out Vase

Diy cut out vase

Beauty Lab took some empty bottles and created this modern but-out vases. Chic and smooth, they’re easy to bring to life and will be a super versatile new accessory for the house. It’s a wonderful way to bring in fresh florals the house.

2. Candle Holders

Diy candle wine bottles

Of course, you could always take Ruffled‘s idea and bring that to life. Need a new place to pack your candles? Throw out the candelabra and light up the dinner table with these beauties.

3. Glass Tumblers

Diy wine bottle tumblers

Brit + Co featured this fabulous, upcycled DIY and we instantly fell in love. Those old wine bottles would turn into some snazzy new tumblers. Follow the directions closely on this one!

4. Painted Vases

Diy painted flower vases

The Sway went into color mode with their idea. Those bottles can easily be transformed into beautiful, vivacious vases for the hole. Pick your shades and spend an afternoon revamping them.

5. Ombre Bud Vases

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