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25 DIY Pregnancy Gifts

So you know someone who’s having a baby. There are so many generic toys and onesies out there, that sometimes it’s nice to create something yourself for baby, so that he or she has something original and thoughtful. So today we’re sharing 25 of our favorite DIY pregnancy gifts for mom-to-be (and baby!).

1. Easy Baby Bloomers

Diy baby bloomers sewing tutorial

If you really want the mom-to-be to oooh and ahhh over your gift, make a pair of these incredibly adorable baby bloomers. They are made with a bright geometric fabric, and sewn to look like harem-style pants. Make your way over to Lovely Indeed to check out the sewing tutorial.

2. Silicone Teething Necklace

Diy teething necklace baby

Teething necklaces have become very popular lately, and with good reason – they are at the perfect height for baby to chew on the beads. And they look cute, so mom gets a stylish new statement necklace too. Head over to Gugu Guide to check out the full how-to.

3. Crocheted Koala Lovey

Free crochet pattern koala lovey

If you like to crochet, then this might be the perfect DIY pregnancy gift for you to create. Using only one skein of yarn (along with a few scraps) you can make one of these adorable koala lovies for baby to cherish and cuddle with. Check out the pattern at Make and Do Crew.

4. Crocheted Booties

Autumn blaze baby booties crochet pattern 5

Baby footwear is always a hit, probably because they are just so adorably small… and these crocheted baby booties are no exception! The red and creme color scheme can be adjusted to the recipient’s preferences. Head on over to Hopeful Honey to get the pattern.

5. Handmade Baby Blanket

Diy cozy clusters crochet baby blanket

You can never have too many baby blankets, so a handmade one in a favorite color is always well-received. This simple one is done using a simple crochet pattern, and it won’t take long to make. Check out the simple crochet pattern over at Leelee Knits.

6. Stretchy Carseat Cover

Stretchy carseat cover

Help make mom’s life a bit easier with this lovely stretchy carseat cover. The fabric will block off most of the light so that baby can get a good nap in while riding around in the car or out for a stroll. Head on over to See Kate Sew to check out the sewing tutorial.

7. Printable Floral Monogram Art

Floral initial monogram art printables

Make mom-to-be smile during her pregnancy when she walks into the nursery and sees one of these beautiful floral monogram prints framed on the wall. Best of all, they’re free – so all you’ll need to buy is the frame! Download every letter at Burlap and Blue.

8. DIY Crinkle Toy

Easy crinkle toy diy

Baby is sure to love this pretty crinkle toy, and mom is sure to appreciate it’s classic appeal and sensory interest for their little one. It’s super easy to make, using only a wooden ring and some fabric. Get the full sewing tutorial over at See Kate Sew.

9. Sashiko Quilt Tutorial

Sashiko guilt diy sewing

Give mom-to-be a beautiful quilt for her new nursery. This lovely piece has a pretty scallop pattern, and you can choose any color combination to suit the recipient’s taste. Make your way over to Atilio to check out the instructions, and be sure to use Google Translate if you don’t speak Swedish.

10. Baby Booty Sewing Tutorial

Baby booties sewing tutorial

These cute baby booties reportedly do not fall off thanks to their adjustable straps, so they’ll keep baby’s feet warm all day!  All you’ll need is some fabric, plastic snaps and basic sewing skills. Head on over to Handmade In The Heartland to check out the details.

11. Pedicure In A Jar

Pedicure in a jar for mom

Pregnancy can wreak havoc on mom’s feet, so why not pamper her with something just for her? This decadent Pedicure in a Jar is the perfect gift for tired, swollen feet. Simply grab a few basic ingredients and head on over to Suburban Simplicity to check out the instructions.

12. Hello World Onesie

Easy hello world onesie tutorial

Give the mom-to-be a onesie that all the other moms will go gaga over! This impossibly cute “hello world” design is simple to add to a basic onesie with a Cricut machine… head on over to See Kate Sew to find out how to make this fun gift yourself.

13. Easy Swaddle Blanket

Diy satin blanket binding graphic 700wpix

Swaddle blankets make excellent pregnancy gifts… parents can never have too many of them! This one is made out of a pretty printed knit fabric. Head on over to Coral and Co. to find out all the details about how to make this cute swaddle blanket.

14. Elephant Booties

Elephant booties pregnancy gift

As previously mentioned, any type of baby shoes or booties are always a hit at baby showers. So add an elephant to a pair of booties, and the mom-to-be is sure to be thrilled. These aren’t all that difficult to make, provided you have some previous crochet experience. Get the how-to here.

15. DIY Ruffle Bib

Ruffle bib sewing tutorial

Every baby needs lots and lots of bibs – eating is a messy endeavor! This fun ruffle bib makes a perfect pregnancy gift, with its contrasting patterns and colors. Make your way over to Mary Martha Mama to check out the full photo tutorial and to read tips and tricks.

16. Cloud Mobile

Baby cloud mobile pregnancy gift idea

These adorable clouds have happy little faces embroidered on them, and combined together, they make a super fun little mobile to hang over the crib in the nursery. Make your way over to Miss Daisy Patterns to find out all the details about this fun project.

17. Baby Shower Balloon Print

Illustration baby print balloons

Hosting a baby shower for a friend? You might consider this adorable idea… use this print to have people add their fingerprints and names, and then turn them into little balloons with a fine tip pen. Head over to FRK Hansen to check it out.

18. Monthly Update Sign

Name wood slab pregnancy gift

This monthly update sign makes the perfect pregnancy gift, giving mommy-to-be a way to keep track of baby’s age. Make one with baby’s name and the other with a chalkboard finish to fill in the age. Head over to Look Between The Lines to find out more.

19. DIY Boppy Cover

Boppy nursing cover sewing tutorial

The Boppy is one of the most popular nursing pillows on the market, but it can have a somewhat generic look. So why not make a custom cover for the mom-to-be? That way she’ll have something that reflects her personality. Head over to Little Red Window to read more.

20. DIY Baby Gym

Diy baby gym

This lovely little baby gym will give mom a chance to catch her breath while baby plays with these adorable little hanging shapes. All you’ll need is some wood and yarn. Make your way over to Atilio to check out the full tutorial and see more images.

21. Homemade Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch mark pregnancy cream

Help the mom-to-be be stay stretch mark free with this easy DIY belly cream. All you’ll need are some oils and butters, and soon you’ll have a soothing cream that will help prevent those pesky marks. Check out the full recipe and tutorial over at Downtown Homesteading. 

22. Leather Moccasins

Leather moccasin shoe tutorial baby

Here we have one last pair of shoes, this time an incredibly adorable little pair of leather moccasins with blue shoelaces. You could also use vegan leather for this if you prefer. Make your way over to Wiebke + Lara to find out all the details about this project.

23. Colorful Baby Blanket

Easy colorful baby blanket

If you’re a fan of more colorful, contemporary baby items, then perhaps this would be the perfect pregnancy gift for you to make for all of your mom-to-be friends. This one only requires basic knitting skills, too! Check out the tutorial over at The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood.

24. Changing Pad Cover

Changing pad cover diy

Add some flair to a changing pad by creating a new cover from a curtain panel! The key to this project is to pick a curtain with a larger scale pattern and colors that match the nursery. Head on over to A New Bloom to check out all the details of this project.

25. Matching Beanies

Mom and baby matching beanie

What’s cuter than a matching set of beanie hats for mom and baby? This pattern requires some intermediate knitting knowledge thanks to the cabling, but what a perfect pregnancy gift! Make your way over to All About Ami to find out how to make these cute matching beanies.

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