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Fantastic Spring Things to Knit and Crochet

Call us crazy, but we’re the kind of yarn crafting enthusiasts who refuse to stop working with our favourite fibre just because the weather has warmed up. We know that some people don’t think knitting and crochet are “in season” when the sun comes out but we think they just might be looking at the wrong patterns and projects. That’s why we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect projects to get onto our needles and hooks this spring. After all, yarn crafts are perfectly fine and cool to wear in the spring if you use the right weight and fibre for what you’re making.

Just in case you love to knit and crochet right through the spring as much as we do, here are 15 like, airy spring patterns and cute spring themed yarn trinkets to try your hand at making!

1. Crochet spring tulips

Crochet spring tulips

Does your love for crochet stem from the fact that you can make all kinds of shapes and structures, meaning it’s quite simple to make trinkets and neat decorative things rather than just clothing? Then we think crocheted flowers are the perfect way to keep yourself busy this spring! We love the way Little Things Blogged lays out the stitches for making these adorable tulips step by step, complete with instructions for attaching them to the tops of ribbon wrapped “stems”.

2. Crochet spring cleaning tools

Crochet spring cleaning tools

Spring cleaning might not be everyone’s favourite thing to think about when the topic of the season comes up in conversation, but it’s a necessary thing that we honestly try to do well at every year, just to give our homes a little annual refresh! Believe it or not, your spring cleaning session is actually a place for your knitting and crochet skills as well. Check out how Stitch and Unwind handmade a whole host of cleaning tools, like Swiffer covers and sponges, all from durable, washable yarn. We love using these things in our home because they’re reusable, which means we’re creating less waste and reducing our green footprint.

3. New Girl skirt

New girl skirt

One of our favourite things about spring finally coming is that we get to dig out and wear all the cute skirts that have been hiding in our closets all winter! We find, however, that sometimes it’s still a little bit chilly where we live in the spring, meaning we usually save our lightest skirts until later in the year and reach for something that’s made from a slightly heavier fabric. That’s why we were so pleased to come across this adorable knitted skirt pattern featured on Craftsy! The style and patterning at the bottom is inspired by the personal style of the main character in the popular TV show The New Girl, someone who we’ve always thought we dress a little bit like, if we’re being honest.

4. Spring fling dress

Spring fling dress

Did we really catch your attention with the knitted skirt idea but you’re just not sure that skirts are really your style because you have trouble matching them with shirts, even though you love the idea of a whole knitted summer outfit? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at this awesome, full knitted dress instead! That might sound like quite an undertaking, and we’ll admit that the dresses we’ve knit in the past have been no small task, but this simple, summery pattern from All Free Knitting is certainly an easy one to start with (and it’s super comfortable to wear as well).

5. Floral spring hat

Floral spring hat

One of our favourite things about having little kids is that, while they’re still small, we can put them in adorable or funny hats until they grow too old to let us dress them however we please. Until then, however, we’ve always kind of had a soft spot in our hearts for the kinds of adorable crocheted sun hats our moms used to put on us. That’s why we were so happy to come across this pattern for a cute floral version with a frilled brim from Bag-O-Day Crochet!

6. Crocheted slipper sandals

Crocheted slipper sandals

When you sit down to think of things to crochet, shoes might not be the first thing that comes to mind, simply because crochet is most often done with yarn. As long as you’re only wearing those shoes around the house or on the porch, though, you’d be surprised how durable yarn can actually be for things like slippers! In the spring and summer we prefer to have our toes free but we also don’t always like the feeling of chilly tiles on the bottoms of our feet, so these cute little crocheted slipper sandals designed by Crafts By Amanda are the perfect compromise.

7.  Toddler tutu with crocheted bodice

Toddler tutu with crocheted bodice

Did we kind of catch your attention when we started talking about yarn wear dresses for spring, but you actually had your child in mind rather than yourself? Well, dressing a little girl up in a crocheted dress certainly sounds adorable, but we’ve actually found an idea that we think is even cuter. Check out how Swanjay made a very sweet looking little tutu dress that has a crocheted top and layers of fun coloured tulle for a skirt, knotted along the bottom.

8. Crocheted button flowers

Crocheted button flowers

Perhaps you were quite fond of the idea of making pretty little crocheted flowers like we mentioned at the top of our list but you’d rather make little daisies or flowers with petals in more than one colour instead of just solidly coloured tulips? In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at the way Skip To My Lou made these funny little flowers with cute bright layers and button centres. Use them however you please! We’ve put them on kids’ clothing, put them on strings to hang up like decorations, or simply placed them on side tables to brighten the place up in the spring.

9. Funny knit bunnies

Olympus digital camera

Most people who decide they want to knit cute toys turn to crochet for their patterns and ideas, but what if you prefer knitting much more? Well, we’re happy to report that you’re not actually out of luck! There are plenty of adorable plushies that you can create on your knitting needles but these funny little bunnies designed by Small For Big might be our very favourite ones. There’s just something so whimsical and silly about their little button eyes and the way their ears stick up!

10. Finger knit snakes

Finger knit snakes

Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find a spring knitting idea that your kids can learn how to do alongside you, but the more you think about it, the more you realize that all the simple things you can make with knitting needles are winter garments? Then perhaps you’d have better luck starting them out on finger knitting projects instead! We think these finger knit snakes make a great spring project to work on together because springtime is full of new critters in the backyard. Find out how simple these really are to make on Red Ted Art.

11. Spring knit infinity scarf for beginners

Spring knit infinity scarf for beginners

If you live somewhere similar to us, chances are good that some mornings and evenings are still a little on the chilly side even though the daytimes are pleasant and warm. That’s why we usually keep at least one scarf out when we pack up our winter things, just in case. Lucky for us, there are plenty of light fibres and knitting projects that are great for spring because they’re not heavy and thick but they’ll still keep you at least a little warm when you need it! This lovely springtime infinity scarf designed by Simply Maggie is the perfect example of what we mean.

12. Knitted Easter egg ornaments

Knitted easter egg ornaments

Okay, we know that Easter has been over for a number of weeks now, but there’s just something about springtime that makes us think of and adore colourful painted or dyed eggs far longer than a single week of Easter celebrating allows for. We’ll fully admit that anyone who visits our house between April and, say, June will still be subjected to the sight of brightly coloured Easter eggs just about everywhere. That’s why we couldn’t resist including this adorable knitted Easter eggs on our spring knits list! See how these ones were made on Natural Suburbia.

13. Beaded knit flowers

Beaded knit flowers

We’ve already shown you a few patterns for crocheted flowers, but what if you and your kids have only learned how to knit so far, so you’re looking for a pattern that’s simple and friendly for them? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Sheru Knitting made these easy little single coloured daisies that will knit up in a single afternoon! Just like the ones you enjoyed the look of so much before, these little flowers have beads in the centre where the pollen would be, just for a bit of glam.

14. Light arm knit infinity scarf

Light arm knit infinity scarf

Were you a pretty big fan of the spring infinity scarf idea but the one we showed you above still seems a little too heavy for your tastes? Perhaps you actually just prefer singer knitting to regular knitting whenever possible, in which case we think you’ll be pleased to see our next suggestion. Adrianne Surian is here to show you how to make a very similar garment indeed but done by finger knitting, giving it a looser, lighter structure and feel.

15. Finger knitting spiral flower

Finger knitting spiral flower

Did we really catch your attention with the topic of finger knitting because you’ve been getting your kids into it but you need a project that’s a little bit easier than what we’ve shown you so far? Then we think you’ll be pretty pleased that we stumbled across this adorable finger knit flower pattern featured on The Magic Onions! They guide you through the process of finger knitting a simple string and spiralling it into a cute, cheerful shape that’s somewhere between a lollipop and a cute spring flower, depending on how you decide to dress your finished flower up.

Do you have other favourite knitting and crochet patterns that are absolutely perfect for spring but you don’t see them on our list? Tell us all about them or link us to the pattern in the comments section!

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