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Great Ideas for Spring Family Outings

We’re lucky parents; the moment spring arrives, our kids are ready and raring to get outside and enjoy the warm sun and the nice weather. Now, they’re not particularly the kind of homebodies who spend months on end sitting inside in the winter either, so we’re not surprised, but we’re absolutely grateful that we don’t have to do much convincing and cajoling to get them active and exposed to a little healthy vitamin D when the snow finally melts. Even so, we like to make sure we have a long list of exciting things to do each year so that our family really makes the most of the time we have outside in the spring. After all, that’s when the weather is just about as close to perfect as it ever gets; warm and sunny but not so hot that we want to hide back inside again after just an hour!

Just in case you could use a few suggestions for great springtime family outings too, here are 15 super fun ideas that we’ve tried in the past and fully plan on repeating again this year because we enjoyed them so much.

1. Go strawberry picking at a local farm

Strawberry picking at a local farm

Besides being a great way to entertain your kids for an entire afternoon, taking the family strawberry picking is an awesome idea because it helps support a local farmer, thereby stimulating the local agricultural industry! More immediately, however, your kids will learn a little bit about where their favourite fruits come from and even squeeze a delicious and nutritional snack in over the course of the afternoon. Taking home a couple buckets worth is usually pretty affordable, too! Meal Planning Magic agrees wholeheartedly.

2. Make a spring bucket list

Make a spring bucket list

Are you actually working a lot this spring so you’re looking for a few smaller, quick things that you can use as goals to get your kids out of the house, even if they’re still quite close to home or even just in the backyard? Then why not set a gaols list for the whole summer and keep it up like a continuous game until the weather gets cold again, or until you leave on your annual summer vacation later in the year? We love the way Wondermom Wannabe created a spring bucket list that you can actually print out and tick things off of, but you could totally make an afternoon out of writing and decorate your own family’s unique version too, just to make sure everyone really gets to do something they want to this spring.

3. Take a simple walk

Take a simple walk

We know, we know- it sounds pretty ridiculous to suggest taking a walk like it’s some groundbreaking idea when really it seems like common sense but, if we’re being honest, sometimes we actually do need a reminder that it can take something as easy as just going on a walk around the neighbourhood with our family to really appreciate the season and all the good things it brings. GedHTree suggests some places to take an even bigger walk too, if you feel like packing some water bottles and maybe a snack and staying out for a couple hours!

4. Go for a picnic (the smart way)

Go for a picnic (the smart way)å

Sure, we’ve all gone for picnics in our lifetimes, but have you ever gone on a really good, really classic style picnic, like the kind your kids read about in their story books? Well, it’s not the hardest thing in the world to do, but there’s still a right way to make it happen that will keep things easy and fun for everyone! Check out these six awesome tips for a perfect picnic afternoon, courtesy of Eat At Home Cooks.