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Crocheted Easter Egg Patterns

Do you love the idea of decorating Easter eggs but you’re just not up for the challenge and mess of getting out the dyes and carefully poking holes in the shells to blow the yolks out? There are plenty of other ways to make DIY Easter eggs and get into the festive spirit without having accidentally purple and pink finger tips for the rest of the week. Our favourite DIY projects are often made of yarn and, because of the intricate little designs you can create quite easily, we find ourselves making adorable crocheted Easter eggs every year.

Check out these 15 stunning crocheted Easter egg designs that make adorable additions to your seasonal decor!

1. Filet cross Easter egg cover

Filet cros easter egg cover

Are you looking for a way to make your Easter decor stay cute, pretty, and pleasant to look at but also represent your values and the faith based undertones of the season? Well then Crochet Memories has just the patter for you! This cute, easy little cross pattern gives a subtle hint of the spirit of the season (literally) to your decor over a real or plastic Easter egg, with a cute ruffled top to really complete the aesthetic.

2. Easter bunny egg warmer with egg basket

Easter bunny egg warmer with egg basket

Maybe you have some cute egg stands that you’d like to actually serve breakfast in when you make hard boiled eggs but you don’t want them to get cold while you wait for your family to gather around the table? Maybe you’d just like to set the stands out to look like you have Easter eggs at the ready, even when you haven’t boiled any? Then an adorable crocheted egg warmer is exactly what you need! Pop these cute little bunnies from Garn Studio over an egg or just the cup and they’re automatic decor!

3. Egg cozy circle chain

Egg cozy circle chain

Whether you’re actually decorating them to leave them out or just serving them for breakfast, your Easter eggs will look cozy and snug in this adorable egg basket ring. The stitches are easy to do, the shape is simple to construct, and Petals to Picots has all of the steps you’ll need to follow laid out clearly for you.

4. Little chick egg covers

Little chick egg covers

Did you like the idea of Easter animal egg covers but you actually already have some bunnies so you don’t need to make another set like the ones we showed you above? Then check out these adorable little springtime chicks instead! They’re another little trinket that would look good as decor over a cup or actually used as egg warmers. See the idea in more detail on Krawka.