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DIY Snowflake Themed Crafts

The moment the snow falls each winter, just about everything in our house becomes winter and snow themed. That’s because our kids positively adore playing in the snow. Even on days when it’s too cold for them to last long outside, the come inside and immediately want to watch winter movies, bake snow themed treats, or make snowflake shaped crafts; preferably all three at once, if they had their way. That’s why we always have our eyes peeled for new, wintery DIY ideas that are kid friendly and will keep them busy on long, chilly days inside over the holiday season!

Just in case your family is just as enthusiastic about winter and snow as ours is, if not more, here are 15 of the best designs, ideas, and crafting tutorials we’ve come across so far this year.

1. Coffee filter, paper straw, and pasta snowflakes

Coffee filter, paper straw, and pasta snowflakes

Our kids have always loved mixed media crafts. The most different (and preferably unconventional) things they can use at once to make something awesome, the most time they’ll spend doing it! That’s why we thought these tie-dyed coffee filters with paper straw and pasta noodle snowflake details were such a good idea. Get the full details for making them on Easy Peasy and Fun.

2. Snow slime

Snow slime

Any parent with kids of just about any age will already be all too familiar with slime because of how hard it’s trended lately, but honestly, we’re pretty sure we like it almost as much as our kids! There are just so many awesome kinds you can make and it keeps the kids busy and happy for hours. make them extra happy over the holidays by helping them make this snow themed textured slime featured in detail on Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls!

3. Sparkly sequin and popsicle stick snowflakes

Sparkly sequin and popsicle stick snowflakes

Have your kids always marvelled at the way snowflakes twinkle and sparkle in the sun or the moonlight as they fall from the sky? In that case, we have a feeling they’ll get a huge kick out of this popsicle stick and sequins craft featured on Toddler Approved. They show you how to glue the sticks just right to make a snowflake shape, as well as how to add sparkle with fun, colourful sequins and more glue.

4. Paper plate snowflake yarn art

Paper plate snowflake yarn art

Paper plate crafts are a classic and diverse hit, which makes them very popular in our house indeed. Lately, however, the kids have been particularly obsessed with this yarn and plate stitching art outlined step by step on iHeart Crafty Things! Our kitchen and living room are currently covered in differently colour versions of what you see here and we don’t mind one bit.