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40 Pieces of DIY Shabby Chic Decor For Your Home

Trending and charming, these feminine, rustic flavors have become some of the most popular ways to style the house. From the tabletops to the bedroom, these 50 pieces of DIY shabby chic decor are the perfect way to transform your home into something a bit trendier. Dive in and take a peek at all of these great ideas!

1. Distressed Candle Holders

French country decor faux painting event decor shabby chic diy candlesticks

Reinvented Collection starts us off on this shabby chic adventure with a simple tutorial for creating some charming, distressed candle holders. Create a pair for the dining room table or foyer sideboard. We love using pastels in this kind of styling. Powder blues, blush pinks and butter yellows will all be great choices for this project.

2. Butterfly Mobile

Butterfly nursery mobile diy

You can even bring a bit of shabby chic style into the nursery or playroom. Hop on over to Crafthubs and check out this adorable butterfly mobile. Made some vintage-inspired papers, you too can create something with equal amounts of charm and trendy flavor.

3. Mismatched Plants Porch

Diy mismatched plants front porch

DIY Network showcased this fun idea. If you’ve got a green thumb and a lot for the outdoors, bring some natural, shabby chic flavor to the front porch. Mix and match your potted plants outside on your wooden entryway for a bout of natural beauty and handmade touches.

4. Padded Hearts

Diy shabby chic padded hearts

Whether it’s for the baby to play with or a way to top off your best friend’s birthday gift, these padded hearts have loads of shabby chic style. Check out the easy tutorial over at The Crafty Mummy! You’ll be amazed at how many ideas explode from your fingertips once you get started in on these.

5. Wooden Slab Key Holder

Diy wooden slab key holder

Never lose your keys again! With some help from The Crafted Life, you’ll be able to keep your keys in plain view, and a stylish one at that. This piece is both functional and easily mixed into a home with a shabbier, chicer vibe that feeds off natural textures and feminine tones.

6. Rustic Armoire Makeover

French rustic armoire makeover

Shabby chic anything pairs nicely with vintage anything, so taking an older piece and dressing it up a bit fits perfectly into that niche. And over at Paint Me White, you can follow along with this charming French armoire redo. Whether it’s inside the bedroom or the living area, this beauty will surely help transform the space.

7. Burlap & Ribbon Garland

Burlap and ribbon garland diy

Check out this burlap and ribbon garland! The possibilities surrounding this piece are nearly endless. Whether it’s in the home office, behind the bed or even jazzing up the coffee corner in the kitchen, it definitely adds a bit of shabby chic style and textural appeal.

8. Fabric Rosette Lampshade

Fabric rosette lampshade diy

Learn how to create some rosettes out of fabric pieces. Decorate everything from a lampshade to a photo frame! All you need is the right tutorial and scraps to get yourself started. And these lampshades in particular are a great way to accent your dresser or vanity, don’t you think?

9. Floral Bucket

Florist bucket diy

Shabby Fu Fu created some florist-inspired buckets that we’ve gone crazy for. Used as a centerpiece for the dining room table or accenting the fireplace, there are tons of ways to utilize the style. And we love the fact that we can learn how to do all of this on our own, without hiring a pro!

10. Chicken Wire Jewelry Holder

Diy jewelry organizer

Anything with a bit of chicken wire will fall into the “shabby chic” or “country” style genre. And that goes for this jewelry organizer too! Check out the tutorial over at Consumer Crafts and catch a glimpse at how to take your jewelry to the next level.

11. Ladder Decor

Rustic wood ladder decor diy

You can even turn an older ladder into a piece of brand new decor for your home. With a little styling and a little creativity, you can make magic for any nook or cranny around the house. A  little lace and some other textural bits are all you need to get started.

12. Gilded Pear Place Cards

Canon pixma thanksgiving place cards 1

Dress up the dining for your dinner party with some help from Fruitcake. Gilded pairs and a tag or two is all you need to make each place setting a little more dazzling. Pay homage to the season or just use them around Thanksgiving time!

13. Birch Slice Coasters

Painted birch craft

Dans le Bakehouse created these birch sliced coasters. You can leave them plain or add some personality by dipping them into some shabby chic-inspired colors. Mints, golds, lavenders and more, you can get really creative with your color choices and styling here.

14. Pallet Headboard

Diy wooden headboard

We found this awesome idea over on Pinterest! Pallet projects will be trending for a long time to come, mostly because of their versatility. And if you’ve got the right tools, creating a pallett headboard could be exactly what you need in your bedroom transformation.

15. Personalized Cheese Board

Diy personalized cutting board

Even your kitchen accessories can be mark with some shabby styling. This gorgeous, personalized cheeseboard from Baked by Joanna is a great example of that. Use this for your own entertaining needs or create one to gift to a friend this Christmas!

16. Pencil Holder

Diy rustic modern art supply holder

You can bring that same style into your home office or the playroom as well. Just take a peek at this pencil holder from Homedit! Whether you use it for the kids’ art supplies or your own, we love pieces that are just as functional as they are stylish.

17. Pendant Light

Diy rustic industrial pendant light

Bless’er House created something extra special that we would love to use in our own home! Learn how to make your very own pendant light after the jump. And then create an extra pop of style in your foyer, home office or even in the dining room.

18. Pallet Wine Rack

Diy pallet wine rack

We’re loving this funky wine rack over at The Whoot! It’s innovative, it’s rustic and has a homemade charm that shabby chic homes crave. Display and organize your collection with a bit of DIY spirit.

19. Wooden Wall Clock

Diy shabby chic wall clock

A personal favorite on the list, this wooden wall clock could be a beautiful addition to any home. If you love feminine, shabby chic pieces, then this DIY is right up your alley. Thanks again to Pinterest for showing off and collecting to much great inspiration!

20. Birch Bark Table Lamp

Ehow birch bark lamp

I spy with my little eye, a fun birch table lamp that we’ve been swooning over! Dream Green DIY gave us all the details behind this innovative piece and we just had to showcase it on our shabby chic decor list! Create one for you own home this afternoon, it’s easier than you may think!

21. Leather Bench

Diy leather bench

A Beautiful Mess made something really special too. Just check out this wooden bench topped with woven leather pieces! It’s shabby, it’s chic, it’s trendy and it’s innovative too! Make a splash inside your foyer, mudroom or even at the foot of your bed with this beauty.

22. Coffee Table

Diy rustic coffee table

Ana White gave us a great tutorial or a simple, shabby coffee table as well. Paint it different colors and distress it too. It’s a beautiful foundation for a piece that you can easily personalize and stylize to your liking.

23. Gold-Leaf Framed Chalkboard

Original marian parsons gold leafed chalkboard holiday beauty1 s3x4 jpg rend hgtvcom 616 822

Shabby chic doesn’t have to be boring, it can be a bit glam as well. Just look at this golden chalkboard from we stumbled up on HGTV! Use it to accent the kitchen, home office or even the dining room with a bit of vintage, glam flavoring.

24. Burlap & Fringe Coasters

Sewn leather burlap coasters

Mama in a Stitch brought the shabby chic style to the table too! Check out these fringe coasters that you just need to know how to sew up to create! We love the texture and natural spirit behind the design, don’t you?

25. Book Storage

Library book storage shabby chic diy

Refashion ably Late crated a “library book return” for the kiddos books. It’s got a throwback spirit but it’s also going to help out with the clutter in the playroom. This is the best kind of DIY because it’s stylish and functional – and we’re always an advocate for that combination.

26. Copper Pipe & Wood Slice Table

Copper pipe table

DIY in PDX got really creative with this side table design. It’s a beautiful blend of organic beauty and contemporary style as well. Using wood slices and copper, something special was created here and you can learn how after the jump!

27. Tassel Fringe Rug

Giant tassel fringe rug

If you want to really try out a new project, what about creating a throw rug for the house? Check out all the details over at Earnest Home Co! We love the simplicity of this design and how easy it would fit into all kinds of homes.

28. Pennant Wall Art

Diy shabby chic pennat wall art

Wonderwood made some wall art that we’re loving too! Whether it’s for a gallery wall or just something special in the hallway, these romantic, handmade pieces could be a gorgeous addition to your home. We love the easy romance and simplicity behind the designs.

29. Footed Wood Slide Tray

Woodslice table tray diy

Craftberry Bush utilized some wood pieces too. These footed trays could be used in so many innovative ways around the house. And, thankfully, even a novice could create one of these beauties. Of course, you can personalize the design as well with a bit of paint!

30. Nail & Yarn Wall Art

Nail and yarn wall art

Jen Loves Kev went with something a bit more artistic for her walls but it stills keeps within that same textural and shabby chic niche. Some yarn can do more than create a scarf. Just look at this wall art and all the possibilities you have for what you could create.

31. Hairpin Leg Lap Desk

Hairpin leg lap desk

The Merrythought gave us a DIY that adds bit of luxury to the bedroom. Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a bit of journaling at night, this shabby chic piece can be enjoyed for a variety of relaxing things. And, this too, is quite the easy DIY to accomplish.

32. Wood and Copper Blanket Ladder

Diy blanket ladder

Here’s another ladder that you can use throughout your shabby chic home decor. But this time, it’s not making an old ladder into something new. Instead, Foxtail + Moss create it from scratch and shows us how.

33. Walnut Bench

Walnut bench diy

Francois et Moi made a bench too. And this time instead of leather, it’s made from walnut wood. Again, in the foyer or at the foot of your bed, this chic design has endless possibilities for around the house.

34. Leaf Napkin Ring

Napkin ring gold leaf

Sugar and Cloth dresses up the dining room table as well. Whether it’s for everyday decor or if you want to create something a bit snazzier for your dinner party, it works! Just take the leap and check out the how-to now!

35. Gold Magnolia Wreath

Gold magnolia leaf wreath

Sarah M. Dorsey Designs welcomes her guests inside with this gorgeous, golden magnolia wreath. Simple and easy, with a bout of femininity, anything that take natural beauty and punches it up with a bit of glam is something that we love. And that’s exactly what happened here.

37. Crate Shelves

Diy crate shelves

Do you want to learn how to create an entirely new – and innovative – shelving system for your home? Luckily, you can follow along with this YouTube video and learn how! It’s a simple tutorial that will add an extra bit of shabby chic style to the home.

38. Birdcage Lamp

Diy birdcage lamp

Love Unique created this charming birdcage lamp that we’ve fallen in love with. It’s romantic and fits inside a bedroom with ease. We could even see this accenting a home office or foyer as well.

39. Antique Suitcase Side Table

Antique suitcase side table diy

Antiquity matches a shabby chic vision quite nicely. So, when we saw this creative idea from Pellmell Creations we just had to feature it! Grab some vintage suitcases and get to work!

40. Barn Wood Shelf

Diy shabby chic decor barn wood shelf1

Finally, if you visit DIY Projects, you’ll be able to learn how to make a new shelf for the house made out of scrap wood from the barn! Add some hooks and you can organize all your comings and goings. You’ll also never lose your keys again.

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