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Décor Projects for Gold Lovers

If you ask us, decorating your home primarily in the colour that you like best is a great way to keep yourself in a good mood a daily basis. No matter what that colour is, there are always subtle, stylish ways to incorporate that into your wider décor scheme as an awesome accent without letting the colour actually take over your whole living space. Of course, the best way to do this is by using your DIY skills because it means the pieces you make will be custom and naturally they’ll suit your space better than something premade that you bought from the store!

So, what’s our favourite colour to decorative with as of late, you ask? Well, we actually have to admit here that the colour we chose to write about today is not our favourite colour in the rest of our lives, but there’s just something about it that makes us gush when we see it used effectively in beautiful (especially DIY) home décor. We’ve been completely obsessed with crafting and decorating using gold!

Just in case you feel the same, check out these 15 DIY gold décor projects that we can hardly wait to make for ourselves.

1. Gold ribbon stamped place cards

Gold ribbon stamped place cards

We’ve talked a lot about home décor so far, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include temporary home décor under that umbrella as well! Nothing will impress your guests more than a decorative scheme for a party, dinner, or special occasion that perfectly matches or plays off of your actual home décor, making the event blend seamlessly into the space. For a subtle touch of gold, we love these name stamped gold foil place holders from Flax and Twine.

2. Modern gold key holder

Modern gold key holder

Do you love the idea of adding a subtle, simple bit of gold to your décor scheme but you’d rather it be a permanent one to your actual home décor rather than just one you might feature at a single diner? Then take a look at this gold wire decorated key shelf instead! Francois et Moi walks you through the steps of making the geometric shapes out of jewelry wire, painting them gold, and affixing them to the simple key shelf before you hang it.

3. Gold and colour blocked vases

Gold and colour blocked vases

DIY vases are one of our very favourite things to make, especially if we’re creating a series that are all different shapes and sizes. We love the idea of having them vary just a little bit, even as they match in colour scheme or concept. That’s why we loved this little colour blocked DIY vase collection from A Kailo Chic Life!  The thing we like most about their vases, however, is naturally the reflective gold foil around the middle of each one. Besides being eye catching thanks to its shine, it creates great visual delineation between the colours on each vase.

4. Gold leaf wall quote

Gold leaf wall quote

Have you always been a huge fan of wall quotes and words as décor but you’re looking for something that will stand out a little more than just a written canvas painting? In that case, we think you might enjoy this faux gold foil wall quote idea from White House Crafts! They used wood and cursive but you might get creative with your message and font.

5. Gold foil canvas art

Gold foil canvas art

Let’s be real; sometimes it’s just hard to beat a classic décor piece. That’s why, despite all the different crafts and DIY techniques we’ve learned over the years, we’ll always be obsessed with simple canvas art. In particular, we can’t get over how awesome this gold foiled canvas quote art from Mountain Modern Life is! They’ll teach you all their secrets for getting the pretty rounded swoops and clean edges that you see in their design.

6. Gold dipped vases

Gold dipped vases

If you ask us, there’s nothing quite as useful in the world of painted DIY projects and crafting ideas as a really great, genuinely metallic looking gold paint. It’s just such a versatile tool! These golden paint dipped vases from The Crafted Life are just one simple example of what we mean, but they’re beyond impactful. We love the way they’ve left the edges looking weathered and purposely unfinished rather than very symmetrical and clean cut.

7. DIY decorative gold skulls

Diy decorative gold skulls

Is your idea of home décor a little edgier and unconventional than some of your friends, involving abstract pieces and things like skulls? In that case, Lovely Indeed has the perfect golden DIY piece for you! Their tutorial guides you through the process of making a clay skull with an imprinted face and painting it with metallic gold paint. Technically you could paint it any colour you please, but the gold reminds us of pirate’s treasure and we’re in love with the finished look!

8. Gold macrame hoop mobile

Gold macrame hoop mobile

If you’re an avid crafter, then you’re probably already familiar with the world of decorative adult mobiles, as opposed to just cute hanging mobiles for nurseries and baby’s rooms. If you ask us, mobiles are an awesome chance to create unique hanging art that’s unlike anything else in your home! That’s why we were so excited when we came across this golden mobile design from A Kailo Chic Life. They’ve used medium thick crafting wire, metallic gold paint, some pliers, and a paper clip. It’s amazing how many artistic things you can make with such simple things!

9. DIY gold leaf bowl

Diy gold leaf bowl

Traditionally, gold leaf pieces are actually made by coating something like glass with a very thin layer of real gold, but clearly that’s a complicated and expensive process that you’re probably not looking to undertake right now. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t at least get the look, eve if it’s not the real thing! Check out how Clean & Scentsible used a shining metallic paint to make a fake gold plated effect on the outside of a decorative glass bowl.

10. Gold tipped succulent table runner

Gold tipped succulent table runner

No matter the season or where you live, little succulent plants make great centre pieces and table runners for special occasions. The best part is that they’re so durable and last so long that, when you’re not hosting a dinner, you can move the piece and use it as décor elsewhere in your home, without worrying about it withering like flowers would! As cute as succulents are on their own, however, we’re never opposed to adding a bit of glitz and glam to a piece. That’s why we fell so in love with these little gold tipped succulent centre pieces from Lovely Indeed! They’ve given their plants some sparkle by frosting just the very edges of the leaves with metallic gold paint, creating an awesome contrast between that and that natural green of the plants.

11. Metallic hexagon wood shelves

Gold painted wall hanging hexagon

There are few things we love more than a crafting or DIY tutorial that shows you how to make one thing, but that can easily be done to create two entirely different looks with very little added effort! These awesome painted DIY hexagon shelves from Damask Love are the perfect example. Their tutorial teaches you how to make the actual shelves, but their pictures also suggest painting the inside of the shelves and placing painted toy or figurine on each. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for your to get creative on this piece using your favourite metallic gold paint! We like the idea of making each shelf different; paint some gold on the inside, some gold on the outside, and leave some unpainted but featuring a gold figure instead.

12. Gold-dipped basket

Gold dipped basket

We’re always big fans of making things for ourselves from scratch, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or funds to really take on a big décor challenge. That’s where we prefer to customize premade things to our tastes using simpler crafting techniques instead. Right now, one of our favourite things to do to almost everything in sight is paint dipping! We love the way Dwell Beautiful transformed this simple storage basket into a golden treasure by dipping the bottom half in gold paint for a mod dual coloured look.

13. Geometric spray painted straw planters

Geomatric spray painted straw planters

Are you the kind of décor enthusiast who loves a good contrast, particularly if the contrast is between something natural and something mod or metallic looking? Then you’re in luck with this awesome geometric planter tutorial from Brooklyn Berry Designs! We were impressed when we looked into this tutorial in more detail because, despite how gold dusted and fancy the final planter looks housing the little green succulent, it’s actually made from simple painted drinking straws.

14. Gold acrylic tray

Gold acrylic tray

Whether you’re actually in the habit of serving your friends tea or lunch on an actual tray or not, acrylic trays are useful for all kinds of things. Personally, we love using them as temporary jewelry storage for thing pieces we wear the most and want to have easy access to, which means the tray becomes an accidental part of our bedroom or bathroom décor. If we’re going to have it sitting out all the time, we might as well make it match our scheme! We followed this tutorial from Lovely Indeed for adding gold paint accents to a simple acrylic tray in order to keep things cohesive.

15. Gold burst side decor

Gold burst side decor

If we’re being honest, some of our very favourite things to both make and look at on display when we’re finished are purely decorative pieces that don’t necessarily have a practical function to them. Sometimes we just like to create things that are pretty and that’s that! The absolute best thing, however, is when the simple things we’re creating are both pretty and shockingly cheap and simple to do. This little golden sunburst art from Love Grows Wild, which is made from half a foam circle and some wooden dowels coated in gold paint, is the perfect example of what we mean.

Do you know someone who loves gold in all facets, possibly even more than we do, and is also an avid crafter and DIY enthusiast? Then share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!

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