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Sassy Cross Stitch Patterns to Inspire You

We originally learned to cross stitch when we were very young and since then we’ve tried just about every different kind of pattern and design we can get our hands on. We’ve made simple designs, baby designs, very complicated and intricate designs with many colours, and we’ve definitely done our fair share of lettering too! Each time we make a cross stitch for ourselves or a friend, we frame it so it can be displayed on the wall in a way that looks very traditional and classy. Recently, however, we were introduced to a faction of the cross stitching and needlework world that’s a little more contemporary and, frankly, downright hilarious. People have started knitting cross stitch patterns and sayings that feature rap lyrics, sassy quotes, and funny sayings and giving them as gifts rather than more traditional patterns. At first we weren’t sure that doing a silly cross stitch design would really hold our attention but then we started looking for patterns and found some that were so cute, kitschy, and weird that they totally changed our mind about the sassy cross stitch movement and got us completely on board.

Just in case you’re as curious as we were when we first started looking at charts and patterns, here are 15 funny sassy cross stitch designs that will give anyone a good chuckle!

1. Nae Nae cross stitch

Nae nea cross stitch

We’re always amused when new novelty dance moves take the Internet by storm because the supply of funny viral videos sweeping across our social networks always makes us laugh. Dance moves might not seem like the first thing you’d relate back to needlepoint or cross stitching, but Whip Stitch Designs still found a way! We love the whimsy of accompanying the dance’s song lyrics with a few delicate tulips.

2. I’m a Little Sassy

Framed art

If you’re going to be sassy or give a sassy friend a funny gift, would you prefer to be a bit more overt about it? After all, not everyone who visits will necessarily be up to date on funny Internet trends to really understand a cross stitch with a pop culture reference on it. Instead, check out this amusing pattern from Peppermint Purple that puts the sass right out there for all to see!

3. I got 99 problems

I got 99 problems

Have you been thinking about how funny the idea of needlework rap lyrics is ever since we first mentioned it at the top of this post, but you’re also a fan when it comes to a good pun and you’re not sure which kind of pattern to choose? Well, who said that you have to choose in the first place? We giggled to ourselves for longer than we probably should have when we saw this pattern from Stitch Me Up Becky that alters some Jay-Z lyrics to be about cross stitching.

4. Patterned pumps

Patterned pumps

Are you actually quite new at cross stitching but you’re intent on making something fun and contemporary rather than just another flower or butterfly like the ones you learned on? Well, there are still plenty of sassy little pictures you can choose from to make yourself some contemporary stitching décor if you’re not quite ready to tackle text and wording just yet. This patterned pump from Red Gate Stitchery is the perfect example of what we mean!