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15 Cool Window and Glass Frosting Designs and Tutorials to Try This Fall

We’re pretty big fans of DIY and crafting, particularly when it comes to home décor. We tend to craft and make things for our home all year round, but there’s just something about fall that gets us in the home décor spirit even more than usual. This year, we’ve found ourselves completely obsessed with window frosting because it’s an awesome effect for both fall and winter. We also love that it’s completely customizable and you can create yourself just about any window design you please! Not every window, mirror, or glass frosting project we’ve created as of late has been definitively seasonal, but many of them suit the season change well regardless. Besides, window frosting is just plain fun to do!

Just in case you’re just as obsessed with window frosting as we are lately, here’s a list of 15 awesome frosting tutorials, patterns, ideas, and inspirations to get your started on your fall crafting!

1. Square and diamond grids

Square and diamond grids

Have you always admired the way homes with fully frosted and evenly patterned doors look but you’ve always sort of assumed that the doors are purchased that way or done professionally by a contractor or designer? Then Classroom DIY has a cool surprise for you! They show you how to actually cut, lay out, and apply your very own near, visually appealing diamond design made with clear contact paper. The whole process actually only takes a few simple steps.

2. Frosted glass spray paint

Frosted glass spray paint

Sometimes glass frosting is purely decorative, but we’ve also often seen it used for privacy reasons on houses that are in busy areas and have windows near personal use rooms, like bathrooms and bedrooms. Many people choose glass frosting for privacy because it’s quite a pretty effect and it still lets a little bit of light in, so it beats blocking out the window all together. Atkinson Drive, however, shows you a simpler and more unconventional way to get the frosting effect in rooms where you know you want to have the window obscured at all times. Check their tutorial out to learn how they got the effect with spray paint!

3. Frosted glass Christmas decor

Frosted glass christmas decor

If you can frost windows and doors, which are made of glass, it only makes sense, then, that you can also frost certain decorative pieces that are also made of glass and similar materials. These are things we especially enjoy doing in the fall because it helps us get into the holiday spirit for winter. Keeping busy as the weather gets colder helps us avoid being bogged down by increased darkness hours as they days get shorter! Sew Many Ways suggests making this little “Ho Ho Ho” frame for some simple wintery side table décor. It’ll also help you practice your window frosting stencil techniques.

4. Painted glass frosting monogram mirror

Painted glass frosting monogram mirror

If you’re not a fan of contact paper and or sprays, which some people aren’t, then perhaps you’d prefer to work with a painted glass frosting instead! Enchanted Events and Designs shows you how easily glass frosting can be done on a mirror, especially for delicate lettering that requires very neat stenciling. Just because they’ve done their monogram pattern on a mirror, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t do yours on your window if you prefer!