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15 Natural DIY Fever Remedies for Fall

Have you ever had the kind of fever where you just don’t have it in your to leave the house to get yourself cold and flu medicine? It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while, we find ourselves down and out with the kind of fever that makes our muscles ache to the point that we’re not willing to move farther than it takes to get from the bed to the kitchen and back. Making it through a fever without any type of remedy, however, can be a struggle, so even if we decide against store bought medicines, we usually try to have a few things around the house that will help us make our own natural remedies instead.

Just in case you’re interested in learning more about DIY and natural homemade fever remedies, check out these recipes, tips, and tricks that we’ve discovered over the years and truly find helpful. Getting up and making yourself these in the throes of a fever might not sound appealing, but it sure beats having to put on pants and shoes to walk all the way to the store when you’re sick!

1. Fevered sore throat remedy

Fevered sore throat remedy

Not every fever we get comes with a sore throat but when it does, it just might be the worst kind. Not being able to swallow comfortably is like adding insult to injury when your body is already achy and chilly! Luckily for everyone, this awesome sore throat tea from Life We Live 4 can help you with at least one of those unpleasant symptoms. They show you how to combine honey, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper to give your through a good antibacterial treatment and soothe it once the initial burn of the pepper has worn off.

2. Tulsi juice for fevered cough and cold

Tulsi juice for fevered cough and cold

If you ask us, the best part of going through lists like this one on the Internet is finding remedies, solutions, and recipes that you hadn’t heard of before! It’s always great to get a reminder of how to make something you’ve tried in the past, but sometimes discovering a new ingredient is the best thing you can do. That’s why we’ve put this Tulsi juice on our list! We hadn’t heard of it before so, naturally, it was the first thing we decided to try when we were done collecting recipes for this list. This tea from Homemade remedies contains Tulsi (an herbal leaf similar to dandelion), palm candy, and omam powder to ward off fever and fever symptoms and boost the immune system.

3. Strep throat fever tea

Strep throat fever tea

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with strep through then you already know how horrendously painful that particular level of fever and sore through combination can be. When we have strep, we rarely experience one without the other and since we experience it nearly annually, we’ve long been on the search for a remedy that will help us reduce our fevers and soothe our throats at the same time. That’s why we were so happy to come across this soothing strep throat fever tea from Healthrememdies4u! It’s made with apple cider vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. There’s a bite to it when it first goes down, but you’ll be glad to have this recipe and these ingredients lying around now that fall is coming and strep throat season is almost here.

4. Topical fever blister remedy

Topical fever blister remedy

Perhaps one of the worst parts of getting a fever is that it weakens your immune system enough that it makes you prone to getting fever blisters. These are painful sores around the nose and mouth that last for as long as you’re ill and cause some discomfort. There are plenty of pharmaceutical remedies, but in our experience, many of the natural DIY are actually more effective and help with quicker healing. DIY Remedies suggests simply using garlic to disinfect and heal the sore as best you can!

5. Buttermilk fever blister treatment

Buttermilk fever blister treatment

Healing a fever blister with garlic is all well and good if your body tolerates garlic well, but what if you’re allergic to it? Don’t worry, you’re not out of luck just yet when it comes to natural healing treatments. Love, Home, and Health is here to show you how to ease and work towards curing a fever blister using buttermilk.

6. Traditional Chinese fever tea

Traditional chinese fever tea

Part of the reason we love natural DIY remedies so much is because they’re tried and true from generations of testing. After all, the drugs and medications we have no didn’t always exist and yet people still manage to treat their illnesses and ease their pain when they were sick in previous centuries, right? Recipes like this ancient Chinese tea blend featured on DIY Natural are shockingly effective, which makes sense when you think about how they’ve been used for hundreds of years. This particular recipe uses peppermint, catnip (yes, you read that right), and chrysanthemum flowers to reduce your temperature and ease your body aches.

7. Hay fever tea

Hay fever tea

A regular old fall cold fever isn’t the only kind of fever you might be prone to around this time of year! Because of the seasonal chances outside, we usually also experience a spike in our hay fever thanks to the way the plants wilt and bloom in the autumn. Luckily for all of us, there’s a tea for that kind of fever too. Herbs and Oils Hub shows you how to blend a series of spices and herbs that will reduce your allergy symptoms. This tea is especially great because sometimes we actually do experience fall allergies so intense that we get a real fever on top of our hay fever.

8. Tonsil infection tea

Tonsil infection tea

In addition to being prone to catching colds when the weather changes, members of our family are unfortunately also unlucky enough to get occasional tonsil infections in the fall and leading up to winter. With every sore tonsil infection comes a fever or two to fight the infection off from the body. Just because a fever is one step in handling the bacteria that are hurting you doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t take steps to ease it while you’re going through it. Leaf guides you through the process of making a garlic based tea that’s antibacterial enough to help you heal faster.

9. Sinus infection tonic

Sinus infection rinse

Throat infections and fever blisters aren’t the only things that garlic can help you heal from a little faster! Sinus infections can also be eased by making your own gentle, all natural sinus rinse. The ingredients in this rinse recipe from DIYNatural are antibacterial, meaning they’ll attack the bacteria in your sinuses that are causing the fever, thereby reducing the length of time you have to deal with it. Check out their tutorial to learn more about how they combine honey, lemon juice, radishes, purple onion, and garlic.

10. “Mucus buster” fever drink

Mucus buster fever drink

Are you not only caught in the throes of a fever but also experiencing that particular unpleasant mucus build up that comes around this time of year and just gives you a cruel case of the sniffles, even though you’re not technically diagnosed with the flu or any other specific illness? Then this mucus busting, fever reducing drink is just what you need to get through the rest of your week! Ayonita Nibbles teaches you how to combine red onion, lemon, crushed garlic, chopped orange, honey, and ice to make a cold alternative to all the teas we’ve already shown you.

11. “Lemon socks”

Lemon socks

Speaking of ancient treatments that are so common now but have been used as illness relief for hundreds of years, we’re about to blow your mind with the concept of reducing fever by wearing “lemon socks”! This technique involves rubbing lemon juice on the bottoms of your feet, wrapping them in a towel dampened with hot water, and placing a big, old pair of socks over that wrap while you sleep. Lemon is known to help alleviate even extremefever discomfort because lemons absorb heat in nature, but it does it without suppressing the body temperature like some pharmaceutical drugs do. This avoids causing more discomfort or stopping the fever’s natural process from clearing the body of toxins the way it’s supposed to. Learn more about lemon socks on Holistic Squid!

12. Chamomile, tea tree, and lemon oil bath

Chamomile, tea tree, and lemon oil bath

If you’re a veteran when it comes to fevers, then you already know how soothing a hot bath can feel on your achy muscles. If you’ve never tried an actual fever soak bath before, however, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out! The beauty of natural ingredients is that there are many things that can help you even from outside the body, rather than being brewed into a tea you’ll actually drink. This soothing fever soak from Brit + Co. is a great example. They suggest mixing Epsom salts with chamomile, lemon oil, and tea tree oil in your hot water to give yourself some respite. The bonus to doing a bath soak is that it’ll also ward off the general chill on a harsh fall night!

13. Homemade herbal anti-inflammatory capsules

Homemade herbal anti inflammatory capsules

Any doctor will tell you that one of the most accessible methods of reducing fever is to take Ibuprofen because it’s an anti-inflammatory. If you’re trying to make the move to all-natural remedies rather than store bought drugs, however, then here’s an awesome and amazingly effective DIY alternative for you to try out this fall! These herbal capsules, which act just like a natural Ibuprofen, help reduce fever temperatures without stifling the body’s natural fever process and alleviate symptoms in the same way as the store bought drug would. Frugally Sustainable guides you through the process of making them from meadowsweet powder, devil’s claw powder, turmeric root powder, kava kava powder, powdered hop flowers, bladderwrack, and seaweed powder.

14. Garlic for ear infection fevers

Garlic for ear infection fevers

If you’ve ever had an eat infection before, then you know that they most often come along with a particular type of fever that certainly takes its toll in combination with the pain the infection causes in your ear. That’s where this ground garlic rub from The Crunchy Moose comes in to save the day! The garlic helps kill bacteria and viruses associated with your ear infection, automatically working to reduce the ever. It’s also immune boosting and safe for babies even though it’s a strong treatment with an intense smell. Applying this garlic rub on the skin allows it to absorb into the blood stream which transfers its antibacterial effects there to fight infection and reduce fever as well.

15. Meals and snacks that are natural fever fighters

Meals and snacks with natural fever fighters

If you’re feeling up to cooking or you’ve got someone around to help you out, then a lot of the natural fever fighting power you need might actually be in the meals you choose to eat this fall, especially while you’re feeling under the weather! Age in Grace has compiled a complete list of foods that have a huge range of benefits like fighting loss of appetite so you actually get the nutrients you need or building up your strength with healthy cards. Check out their recipes for tomato spinach soup and Ildii, a delicious South Indian rice and yogurt dish.

Does your family have another old DIY fever remedy that’s been passed down by generation and always helps, but that you don’t see here? Tell us all about how it’s done and why it’s great in the comments section!

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