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15 DIY Room Dividers To Style, Organize and Conquer Your Space

Create division in large, open areas. Organize rooms. Add extra, offbeat style to dull, bare spaces. All you need is a chic or quirky room divider to do the job. Thankfully, you can whip these up pretty easily right at home. If you’re feeling crafty, why not try your hand at one of these projects? Take a peek at these 15 DIY room dividers that will add style, organize, and conquer or own space in more ways than one!

1. Plant-Filled

Diy plant shelf room divider

Apartment Therapy starts our journey off with this fun, unique idea. Grab a minimalistic bookshelf, add some plants and use it as your room’s divider. This is a perfect idea for studio apartments or open spaces that has a modern, simple style.

2. Hanging Window

Diy rolling room divider

Jones Design Company created a hanging window inside their home and it certainly create a unique “divider” that you can whip up yourself. If you’re extra handy, take the leap and check out the tutorial!

3. With Fabric

Diy fabric room divider

Deco by Mado created a room divider and used fabric to accent it. We love this modern, dandelion look and it’s a perfect addition to a space with a contemporary vibe. Bedrooms or home offices, this would work in a lot of different nooks and crannies that needed it.

4. Simply & White

Simple and white room divider diy

If you’re looking to make something with a chic, simple design – whether for your home or for work – this YouTube video will certainly walk you through it. We see this easily used at photo shoots or inside larger homes or apartments that need the clear division between rooms. If you wanted to be really creative you could even dip it in color – but we love the clean design.

5. Wooden Geo

Geometric room divider diy