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15 Cute DIY Makeup Bags

If there’s one thing we love almost as much as our makeup itself, it’s a good makeup bag. Sure, there are plenty of makeup bags that we could buy in the store, but there’s just something more satisfying about making things ourselves. Besides, the store doesn’t always have the size we need or the colour and pattern we want! That’s why we decided to track down some tutorials and learn how to make cute travel sized makeup bags ourselves.

Just in case you’d like to make your own makeup bags as well but you’re in need of a little guidance, just like we were, here are 15 of the best DIY makeup bag tutorials we’ve found so far!

1. Matching makeup bag set with contrasting zippers

Matching makeup bag set with contrasting zippers

Did you first start researching makeup bag tutorials because you wanted a single bag, but the more you looked, the more you realized that you’d actually benefit from more? Then we’d suggest making yourself an adorably custom matching set! We love this design from Tabitha Sewer because making two different bags in two different shapes lets us store all of our differently sized cosmetics nicely when we travel!

2. Cute origami bag

Cute origami bag

Did you love the shape and fit of the square bag option we showed you in the tutorial above but you’re just not quite sure you’re ready to tackle sewing that shape, especially with stiff interfacing involved? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll prefer this tutorial from Anne or Shine! While they do show you how they sewed the bag shape you’re looking for, they also break down the steps for making a no-sew version.

3. Simple zipper top bags

Simple zipper top bags

Are you looking for a bag that’s actually so simple to sew that you could make many of them all at once? We loved the idea of making more than one because we thought cute little makeover kits would make great party favours at our next Ladies Night, and what’s better than giving your friends things that you actually made them yourself? Check out this great, simple cosmetic bag tutorial from Amusing MJ that shows you how to put a zipper right in at the top in just a few surprisingly easy steps.

4. Kitty cat cosmetic bag

Kitty cat cosmetic bag

Perhaps your personal style is a little bit more silly and novelty than a regular patterned cosmetic bag really accounts for? Don’t get us wrong, we think the bags we’ve shown you so far are totally cute, but there’s another style of makeup bag that really takes the take when it comes to making something adorable… because it’s shaped like a kitty cat! Check out how The Makeup Dummy made this simple DIY pouch that zips all the way along the bottom and is the perfect size for holding a few compacts.