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Homemade Masks for Costume Parties

Fall time certainly is a time for looking at DIY projects like masks, what with Halloween and all, but it’s not actually the only time that masks will come in handy. In our house, for example, chances are good that someone wears a mask at some point every single day thanks to our kids’ love for playing dress up. That’s why we’re always looking for tutorials and instructions that will help us make awesome costume pieces and fun masks of all kinds!

Just in case you come from a big costuming family too and, for one reason or another, are always finding yourself in need of a mask or two, here are 15 of the coolest DIY mask tutorials we’ve found helpful so far!

1. DIY masquerade mask

Diy masquerade mask

It might be a little early at this point to start thinking about New Year’s Eve if you just intend to attend a party, but what if you’re actually planning on throwing one? Well, one of our very favourite NYE parties we ever went to was a masquerade, and we’ve always kind of loved masquerade celebrations ever since. Here’s an awesome DIY golden glitter mask with a lacy edge that’s basically everything a masquerade mask should be, if you ask us. Check it out in more detail on Makoccino.

2. Felt fox mask

Felt fox mask

Are your kids big animal lovers who are always playing games in which they pretend to be animals of all kinds? Then animal masks are precisely what they need to take their games to the next level! Animal masks, like this adorable fox from Style Novice, are a lot easier to make than you might think. Their tutorial shows you how to make it happen with felt and some glue!

3. Batman mask

Batman mask

Are your kids huge Batman fans who are always running around the house pretending they’re using a cape to fly from building to building? Well, making a cape isn’t hard but will they really feel the part if they don’t have Batman’s identity concealing mask to go with it? There are plenty of easy ways to make the mask as a flat piece you can tie on, but Batman’s has more structure than that. That’s why we love this very cool folded cardstock mask from Henry Origami! It might look like an intimidating design, but it’s a lot easier than you might think.

4. Outlined lace mask

Outlined lace mask

We already talked about masquerade masks, but have you always loved the look of lace masks specifically? We think they’re the most gorgeous as well, but lace can be hard to mould and keep in place. That’s why we love the way Cut Out and Keep took measure to not only give a cut piece and lace some structure, but also how they outlined the edges and created some embellishment with 3D paint. The paint keeps the edges of the lace from fraying when you wear it.