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20 DIY Room Dividers To Help Utilize Every Inch Of Your Home

Whether you have a chic studio apartment or an open floor plan inside the house of your dreams, room dividers can be a huge help in personalizing, styling and utilizing every inch of your home. Split up dining rooms and kitchens, living rooms and offices or even a space inside your bedroom for changing or reading. Check out these 20 DIY room dividers that will help you feng shui, renovate or restyle your home!

1. Multi-Functional

Diy room divider

Effortless Style made a room divider with more than one function. It’s both good for separating and can be used as a chalkboard too!

2. Polka-Dots

Diy room divider

We are really loving this mod DIY room divider from Apartment Therapy. And there’s a peekaboo effect to it that keeps the room open and full of life.

3. Bulletin Board

Diy room divider

Create a divider for your office that adds some style but also serves as a fun bulletin board as well. Design Sponge has all of the details behind this rad project.

4. Pallets

Diy room divider

My Friend Staci created this pallet room divider that’s perfect for those with a more rustic taste. Dress it up with different embellishments too!

5. Recycled Paper Rolls

Diy decorative screen room dividers paper recycling ideas 1