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20 DIY Room Dividers To Help Utilize Every Inch Of Your Home

Whether you have a chic studio apartment or an open floor plan inside the house of your dreams, room dividers can be a huge help in personalizing, styling and utilizing every inch of your home. Split up dining rooms and kitchens, living rooms and offices or even a space inside your bedroom for changing or reading. Check out these 20 DIY room dividers that will help you feng shui, renovate or restyle your home!

1. Multi-Functional

Diy room divider

Effortless Style made a room divider with more than one function. It’s both good for separating and can be used as a chalkboard too!

2. Polka-Dots

Diy room divider

We are really loving this mod DIY room divider from Apartment Therapy. And there’s a peekaboo effect to it that keeps the room open and full of life.

3. Bulletin Board

Diy room divider

Create a divider for your office that adds some style but also serves as a fun bulletin board as well. Design Sponge has all of the details behind this rad project.

4. Pallets

Diy room divider

My Friend Staci created this pallet room divider that’s perfect for those with a more rustic taste. Dress it up with different embellishments too!

5. Recycled Paper Rolls

Diy decorative screen room dividers paper recycling ideas 1

Over at Lushome, you’ll learn how to grab some recycled paper rolls and create a creative and fun room divider for any of your home’s needs – from the kitchen to the office!

6. Green Wall

Green wood room divider

Check out Studiopepe‘s fabulous and removable green wall dividers that could really come in handy all around the house. It adds a pop of color and helps separate what you need.

7. Fabric Screen

Diy fabric screen room divider

Kootut Murut shows us all how to create a fabric screen room divider. All you’ll need to do is be careful choosing the fabric you need so it compliments your home and style vision.

8. Crates

Diy room divider

You can even create an offbeat room divider with the use of some crates! Check out Homestory for all of the easy details!

9. Custom Panels

Diy room divider

We found this Ikea divider over at Babble, but the DIY part is that you can customize and sew your own panels. It’s perfect for the bedroom or even inside a crafting area.

10. Recycled Wood

Diy room divider wood floor recycling idea 1

You can use some recycled wood pieces like this one at Lushome to make a funky room divider inside your studio space. Hop on over and grab the details.

11. Twinkling Branches

Diy branches room divider

Why not make a room divider that twinkles a bit like this one from Make? It’s really great for dorm rooms or studio apartments that you want to add a bit of punch to.

12. Garment Rack

Diy room divider garment rack

For small spaces you can easily use a garment rack to divide and conquer. And over at Stories, you can learn how to whip up your own in an afternoon.

13. Window Panes

Create room dividers using windowpanes

Popsugar gives us some great DIY inspiration when it comes to room dividing. Use wold window panes for a subtle division and a vintage feel!

14. Headboard & Storage

Diy room divider

We are absolutely swooning for this room divider that doubles as both a headboard and extra storage! Check out the tutorial at vtwonen.

15. Fabric Decor

Diy room divider

Using a black canvas screen you can add upholstery fabric and some bolts for something extra sharp. Orange Nest has all of the details.

16. Curtains

Diy curtain room divider

Boxy Colonial has one of the easiest and most inexpensive of DIY room divider options. Check out this sliding door curtain that separate apartment bedrooms in a cinch!

17. Cubby Shelves

Room divider ideas

You can always buy some cubby shelves to help divide up your spaces. Then you have both storage and a way to style. (via decorilla)

18. Rope

Rope wall diy divider

The Brick House is showing off how insanely creative and innovative a rope room divider can be! Just out this eclectic idea after the jump.

19. Barn Door

Diy barn door divider

Over at Baby Rabies you can learn how to build a barn door room divider! It’s much easier than you may think and super stylish too!

20. Canvas

Diy room divider

Starting with some canvas, you can make a room divider with a lot of your own personality infused. Fresh Crush has the details.


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