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DIY Ethereal Feather Headband

The luminous and carefree days of summer will be here before we know it (Can I get an hallelujah?!), so make sure you’re ready for the arrival of that midsummer night’s dream with an easy to make DIY feather headband. This simple hair accessory can be pulled together in under an hour with just 4 craft store materials, so you can be feather-adorned and festival-ready in no time flat. Here we’ve used undyed, natural feathers, but there are so many colors and varieties of feathers out there, it’s easy to make one unique to your personal style. Bring on those endless summer nights!







  • Plain 1/4″ thick one-size-fits-all headband  (available at most craft stores)
  • Clear drying industrial strength adhesive
  • Natural (undyed) feathers – 12 to 14 medium sized plumes in similar color tones (available at most craft stores)
  • Craft scissors


1. To begin, remove the pointy quills from each feather with a snip of the scissors. You want to make sure a rogue quill won’t come back to poke you when you’re wearing the headband later.


2. Apply a light line of clear adhesive along the lower half of the feather’s spine. If adhesive is applied too far up the plume, the feather will look matted down (and quite unnatural) when applied to the headband, losing it’s wispy ethereal effect. The area of the feather that is actually adhered to the headband is covered up as you layer the feathers around the headband.


3. Start on one side of the headband and apply feathers systematically until you reach the other end. Adhere the the first feather, quill end pointed up so that the wispy end is in line with the bottom of the headband. Press down the lower part of feather’s spine to adhere into place (roughly 10 seconds), allowing the wispy end of the feather to fall organically around the headband.


4. Add the next feather by repeating steps 2 and 3, but this time overlap the first feather with the second feather so that only 1-2″ of the first feather is left showing. Any adhesive peeking through on the first feather will be concealed by the overlapping of the second feather.


5. Continue adhering feathers to the headband in an overlapping fashion until you reach the opposite end of the headband and the entire headband is covered. The once thin and plain headband should now be full bodied with beautiful, wispy feathers.

6. Allow the headband to rest for an hour or so to ensure feathers are strongly adhered. Wear with your favorite summertime ensemble for a dreamy and laid back look.



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