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10 Different Ways to Adorn Your Sunglasses For Summertime

Aviators, cat eyes or traditional, whatever your preference when it comes to sunglasses shape, did you know that you can adorn them with a personal touch? Embellish, paint and more, get creative and create your very own style in a place that seems to be quite underrated and underplayed in the fashion world. Here are 10 different ways to adorn your sunglasses for summertime, which are easy enough for anyone to do!

1. Rose Embellishment.


Simple rose embellishments are easy to create and easy to pull-off. We’re in love with this dainty and easy DIY. And anyone, everywhere can make it happen! {found on teawithlavera}

2. Glitter Stripe.


Dip your glasses in some glitter for a look that will truly make you sparkle and shine all vacation long. Use colors or go for something classic like this.

3. Sharpies.


Sharpies markers are really great for DIYing, they last a long time and come out as well as paint can. And you can get really intricate with designs! {found on Pencils, Books & Dirty Looks}

4. Washi.


Washi tape is really the crafter’s new best friend. Just think of all the possibilities! From stripes to complete coverage, grab a roll and go for it! {found on Moms & Crafters}

5. Pearls.


Pearls add a fun and delicate touch to any DIY project, and that goes double when you’re adorning your classic, cat eye sunglasses. Cover the brow or just go for designing the wings! {found on mrkate}

6. Crystals.


Add some blind with some crystal embellishments. You’ll sparkle and shine in these fun creations and it’s so simple that even a novice crafter can pull it off. {found on Lusting for Lavish}

7. Nail Polish.


Get really creative and make some “sweet” inspired sunnies! These cute designs were made with nail polish and designed after sprinkle donuts. And we’re in love! {found on Studio DIY}

8. Polka-Dots.


A sharpie marker, paint, strickers or even nail polish can get you this look within mere minutes. Polka-dots are always in style and always chic, it’s a great way to jazz up old frames! {found on ZO}

9. Faux.


Adorn your sunnies with some faux sunflowers! There’s nothing more vibrant or summertime-friendly than this and all you need is to attach with glue! {found on Now That’s Pretty}

10. Mixed.


Mix up the embellishments and use a bit of everything that inspires you. Balance out the design by placing the pattern on each eye, and create something unique to your and your personal style. {found on cynslittlepinkwardrobe}

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