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25 Incredible Black Wedding Dresses

Wedding trends are always changing, especially in the fashion industry. And while white dresses have always been an iconic symbol of a wedding in many countries, brides that like to buck tradition have started considering dresses of all colors. Enter the black wedding gown. Here are 25 examples of our favorites from across the web.

1. A Dia De Los Muertos Wedding

Dia de los muertos wedding dress

This stunning black wedding gown was worn for a unique Dia De Los Muertos themed bridal shoot. Her colorful bouquet stood out beautifully against the dark dress, and the small train gave it a formal feel. See the rest of the beautiful shoot over here.

2. An Opulent Monochrome Wedding

Opulent monochrome black wedding inspiration

This elegant black dress is sleek and sophisticated on top, while a large section of ruffles adds some serious character to the bottom. The rest of the decor in this inspiration shoot is primarily lighter in color, allowing the stylish bride to stand out. Found at Southbound Bride.

3. Black Ball Gown

Elegant queen of the night black wedding dress

This stunning gown has a long sleeved lace bodice, with an incredible full skirt and a train in solid black. The silhouette makes it especially bridal, while the lace gives it that extra formal feel. Make your way over to Storyboard Wedding to see more inspiration.

4. Layered Black Wedding Dress

Dark halloween wedding dress

This bridal shoot was inspired by greek mythology, with a dark and glamorous vibe and a hint of Mediterranean style. Her dress has a beautifully ruched top, with a layered skirt that feels fresh but classic at the same time. Head over to Kristen Booth’s blog to see more.

5. Edgy Black Wedding Dress

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