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Delicious Recipes Involving Pretzels

Everyone knows how great crunchy pretzels are, and we fully admit that we regularly gobble them up like chips. We’re also familiar with the delicious marvel that is the soft pretzel, enjoying one dipped in cheese sauce or mustard whenever we can. Lately, however, our favourite kind of treat has been one that puts a unique spin on standard pretzel recipes, combining them with all kinds of flavours and toppings, including sweet ones.

In case you love a good salty and sweet flavour combination as much as we do, here are 15 absolutely mouthwatering pretzel recipes that are more than worth trying at least once!

1. Chocolate chip cookie-stuffed pretzels

Chocolate chip cookie stuffed pretzels

We’ve been eating cookies our entire lives, so trying them with a little bit of a salty flavour added was a big step for us. It’s hard to change a classic thing that you love so much! We were, however, so pleasantly surprised that we’ve been looking for sweet and salty cookie recipes ever since. That’s why this amazing chocolate chip cookie stuffed pretzel recipe caught our eye immediately! Check the whole recipe out on Half Baked Harvest.

2. Peanut butter pretzel muddy buddies

Peanut butter pretzel muddy buddies

Puppy chow and muddy buddies are one of our absolute favourite treats to be thought up since we’ve been adults. We don’t remember anyone making it when we were kids, but we’re so in love with it that now we make it more often than we should to make up for lost time. That means we’re always open to new variations, and we’re pretty enthusiastic about the idea of including pretzels in this plan! Check out how Crazy for Crust made this peanut butter pretzel version.

3. Auntie Ann’s copycat pretzels

Auntie ann's copycat pretzels

Perhaps all you find yourself craving lately is the classic soft pretzels you get from Auntie Annie’s when you go into the city, but there isn’t a similar place in your town for you to indulge? Then Cooking Classy has just the solution for you! Check out how they made Auntie Annie’s copycat pretzels that are so close to the real thing that we might just make ourselves an unlimited supply.

4. Beer-pretzel ball

Beer pretzel ball

Any time we make a cheese ball for a dinner where we’re hosting guests, it’s undoubtedly the most popular thing on the table that day. Luckily for us, there are all different kinds of cheese ball recipes out there so we don’t have to make and eat the same thing all the time! Of course, we like the one that lets us add pretzels into the mix. This recipe from Buzzfeed is great for beer lovers too.

5. Caramel pretzel popcorn

Caramel pretzel popcorn

Popcorn is always a great treat and we love it on its own or with a bit of salt and butter, but there’s nothing wrong with putting a unique twist on things. Tablespoon suggests doing that by adding chocolate and crushed pretzels, all drizzled with a healthy helping of caramel. It’s not your classic movie theatre popcorn but you’ll certainly catch us chowing down on this for movie night at home.

6. Stout cupcakes with chocolate covered pretzels

Stout cupcakes with chocolate covered pretzels

Dark chocolate if a wonder when it comes to baking. In our opinion, it automatically makes things more decadent and rich. Imagine how good it would taste, then, with a little bit of salt and crunch added for contrast! My Baking Addiction shows you how to made a delicious cupcake combining these things and some flavourful espresso stout.

7. Chocolate pretzel pie

Chocolate pretzel pie

Chocolate pie is something we’re always open to making (and eating)! It’s even better, however, when you make the crust out of crushed pretzels. This adds lots of extra crunch to each bite, as well as a dash of salt for contrasting taste, especially if you sprinkle even more crushed pretzels across the top of the pie once the chocolate filling is settled into the crust. Find out how it’s done on Tidy Mom.

8. White chocolate covered pretzel cookies

White chocolate covered pretzel cookies

Pretty much any recipe that has the words “chocolate covered” in it is a-okay with us! We usually find things made with milk chocolate, but every once in a while it’s nice to try one that uses white chocolate instead! Besides that, this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction combines sprinkles, cookies, and pretzels. What more could we ask for?

9. Peanut butter filled pretzel brownies

Peanut butter filled pretzel brownies

Brownies, peanut butter, and pretzels are all great in their own right, so why shouldn’t they be just as delicious when you combine them together? Luckily for all of us, Love From the Oven went ahead and tested that theory out for us, and we’re so glad they did! The results look so scrumptious that we’re almost ready to leave this post until later so we can go bake them immediately.

10. Pretzel-crusted pork schnitzel

Pretzel crusted pork schnitzel

If you’ve never had German pork schnitzel then you are missing out, but don’t worry! That’s easy to change, especially with recipes like this one from Bon Appetit around. The best part about this recipe, however, is that they’ve given the classic idea a little extra seasoning and crunch by making the crust not just out of bread crumbs, but out of delicious crushed pretzels.

11. Waffled soft pretzels

Waffled soft pretzels

Have you tried all different types of homemade soft pretzel recipes and enjoyed them all, but you’re ready to try something that makes them just a little more novelty now? Then grab your waffle maker and try making them into pretzel waffles rather than just regular soft pretzels! Will It Waffle shows you how to make it happen, with a sprinkle of salt on top.

12. Brie and jam pretzel hand pies

Brie and jam pretzel hand pies

Girl Versus Dough guides you through the process of making not just warm, salty pretzel dough, but actual little hand pies out of that dough! As if that wasn’t a delicious enough idea, their filling combines sweet, fruity jam and creamy brie cheese for a taste that’s almost gourmet, especially for how easy they are to make.

13. Pretzel dogs

Pretzel dogs

You’ve probably had delicious pretzel dogs before and if you haven’t, then it’s certainly time for you to try them! You can get them at countless restaurants and walk up windows at sports games, but we like to have them whenever we want (and we’d argue that these ones taste better than most). Check out the full recipe on Buns in My Oven.

14. Pizza stuffed pretzel rolls

Pizza stuffed pretzel rolls

Did you like the idea of making hand held pretzel rolls, but you’re not sure whether jam and brie cheese its quite the combination for you? Then try making yourself a filling that’s a little more popular! Domestic Fits suggests pepperoni and creamy, melted cheese wrapped in pretzel dough to make a homemade version of a pizza pocket.

15. Parmesan ranch snack mix

Parmesan ranch snack mix

Were you intrigued by the idea we talked about earlier where popcorn was drizzled with caramel and chocolate and topped with crushed pretzels, but you’re worried it’ll be a little too sweet for you? Try this savoury ranch version instead! You still get the awesome combination of popcorn and pretzels, but the finished results will taste more like chips than chocolate. Get the whole recipe on Averie Cooks.

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