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15 Mouthwatering Ginger Recipes

During the holidays, there are some flavours that just plain make us feel festive. Whether the dish we’re making is actually intended to be Christmas themed or not, there are just some ingredients that make us feel particularly festive even though we like to eat them all year round. One of those is ginger!

Check out these 15 delicious recipes that will help you make your love for ginger a priority on the dinner table this holiday season.

1. Pineapple ginger mojitos

Pineapple ginger mojitos

Fruity cocktails might sound like something you’d usually enjoy in the summertime, but they’re totally a year-round thing for people who enjoy having a drink with friends but don’t like bear or hard liquor. That makes them a great place to incorporate ginger as a balance to the fruit and a hint of more seasonal flavour! Check out how Pickles n’ Honey made this delicious mojito drink from ginger and pineapple!

2. Red curry, coconut, and ginger infused steamed clams

Red curry, coconut, and ginger infused steams clams

If you’re a seafood lover like us then you probably already know how delicious clams are, even when they’re prepared quite plainly. Imagine, then, how delicious they taste when your favourite hints of ginger are incorporated! Savory Sweet Life suggests combining the ginger with red curry and coconut for an amazing Thai inspired taste.

3. Thin oat and ginger crisps

Thin oat and ginger crisps

Do you love baking cookies but you’ve been trying to watch your health food intake in preparation for the new year? That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to something yummy this Christmas season! Keep your snacks on the nutritious side but still give yourself a delicious ginger treat by making these super thing (but surprisingly scrumptious) thin oat and ginger biscuits by Green Kitchen Stories.

4. Raw carrot noodles with ginger-lime peanut sauce

Raw carrot noodles with ginger lime peanut sauce

Do you find that you enjoy ginger most when you get to enjoy it in a Thai inspired recipe that’s packed full of flavour? Well, this recipe satisfies that craving and any need you might have for a vegan or gluten free dish when guests visit. The noddles are made of raw carrots and The Roasted Root has smothered them in a mouthwatering peanut lime sauce.

5. Ginger fried rice

Ginger fried rice

We’ve always been pretty big fans of regular fried rice. After all, it’s a classic for a reason, right? Sometimes, however, it’s nice to put a flavour spin on your favourite standard recipe. That’s why we love this ginger fried rice recipe from Smitten Kitchen so much! As if the addition of ginger wasn’t enough, they’ve topped it with a perfectly done fried egg!

6. Baked gingerbread mini donuts

Baked gingerbread mini donuts

Are you a huge fan of gingerbread cookies but you’ve really hit the home run in terms of how many batches of cookies you’ve already baked this year and your kids are almost cookie-d out? Don’t worry, your family can still enjoy the delicious taste of ginger baked goods in other ways! One of our favourites is this ginger mini donut recipe from Pinch of Yum. They’re even topped with a spiced ginger icing!

7. Blackberry ginger trifle

Blackberry ginger trifle

Have you ever tried ginger in combination with sweet dessert flavours and fruit? If your answer is no then we’re sorry to tell you that you’re missing out! Change that by making yourself a mouthwatering ginger blackberry trifle! the combination of spice, fruitiness, and sweetness is literally dream worthy, even if you switch out the blackberries for something else.

8. DIY pickled ginger

Diy pickled ginger

Is your favourite part of going for sushi the part where you get to put a strip of pickled ginger on each bite? Do you like it so much that you’ve day dreamed about having some at home to put on all kinds of different foods whenever you like? Well, you can certainly buy pickled ginger at the store, but we guarantee you’ll find it tastier if you follow Food 52‘s recipe for making it yourself!

9. Maple ginger roasted pork tenderloin

Maple ginger roasted pork tenderloin

Just in case you didn’t already know how amazingly versatile ginger is as a flavour, here’s a concept that contrasts greatly with the previous recipes you saw for ginger flavoured sweet desserts! Feed me Phoebe reminds you that ginger also makes a great meat marinade or sauce to add that rich spiced flavour to your entree. The thought of maple and ginger together makes our mouths water!

10. Ginger molasses pumpkin bread

Ginger molasses pumpkin bread

One of our favourite things about ginger is that you can use it to give something a bit of rich spice, but you can also combine it with sweetness all at once to get a great dessert flavoured that’s balanced and delicious. The result is a “not too sweet” sweet option and that’s always great for festive breads! Check out how Food 52 made this ginger molasses pumpkin bread from scratch.

11. Vegan pho with baked ginger tofu

Vegan pho with baked ginger tofu

Even though we eat ginger in all kinds of dishes from all over the world, there’s a small part of us that still automatically thinks of pho soup broth and how wonderfully ginger that tastes. Perhaps that’s why we were so excited to learn about this vegan pho recipe that adds even more flavour with a ginger baked tofu! Check out how it’s done on Fo Reals Life.

12. Ginger marinated hanger steak

Ginger marinated hanger steak

Did you love the idea of ginger marinated meat like we were talking about earlier but you’re actually not that fond of chicken and would prefer another type of meat? Then take a look at this steak recipe from Bon Appetit instead! It’s always nice to find a sauce recipe that’s designed with a particular type of meat in mind so that the amount of ginger and combination of spices complements that flavour perfectly, rather than just switching the same sauce from dinner to dinner.

13. Ginger fizz

Ginger fizz

Do you love the idea of a ginger cocktail, but you’re not one for super fruity drinks? Try something a little more celebratory instead! This ginger fizz drink from Bon Appetit, for example, tastes like a ginger champagne, which pretty much makes it the perfect drink for toasting the Christmas holidays with.

14. Ginger apple pumpkin soup

Ginger apple pumpkin soup

Combination recipes that blend several flavours we enjoy at once have always been our favourites. There’s just something about being able to taste a hint of many of our favourite things all at once that satisfies the palate more than usual. That’s why we fell in love with this ginger apple pumpkin soup with cardamom by Love and Lemons, which we’ve actually made several times in real life and fully intend to make again soon! There’s nothing that’ll keep you quite as warm on the winter break as a deliciously hot blended soup.

15. Ginger peach galette with almond crust

Ginger peach galette with almond crust

We’ve talked about how well ginger, fruit, and dessert-worthy sweetness go together, but we haven’t given you a baked option yet and to end the list without one would be an injustice! Galette might not be a traditional Christmas dessert specifically, but there’s no harm in enjoying any type of dessert at all over the holidays if the flavours make you feel festive. This ginger peach recipe with an almond crust, for example, is one of the best things we’ve ever encountered on How Sweet Eats!

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