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15 Knitting and Crochet Patterns to Keep Your Pet Warm

Because we knit and crochet, we’re never short of ways to keep warm in the winter months. It might take us a while, but we can always just make ourselves something new and cozy to wear if the weather is particularly cold! We’ve also been working with yarn long enough that we’ve amassed quite the collection of homemade knits and woolens by now. The humans in our home are not, however, the only creatures who need to be kept warm during the winter months!

Check out these 15 hilarious but toasty warm sweaters that will keep your pets warm until the days get longer and the sun gets warmer.

1. Santa pet sweater by DIY Maven

Santa pet sweater

Christmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still find us chasing the cats around the house trying to dress them up like Santa or Mrs. Clause. In fact, we actually just made this hilarious little fringed sweater in real life and, even though it’s past December 25th, our cat was wearing it this morning! We do love a good pet sweater that gives us toasty furred friends and some funny novelty all at once.

2. Bebe’s holiday pet sweater by Nadia Fuad

Bebe's holiday pet sweater

This little sweater for tiny dogs or cats might not be specifically holiday themed in it’s pattern, but we sure do think it’s cute looking in classic Christmas colours! If you’d rather not have your pets look like they’re feeling a little too belatedly festive, try making this same cute pattern but in differently coloured stripes.

3. Fur trimmed pet sweater by Crochet Kitten

Fur trimmed pet sweater

As if your pets don’t have enough fur of their own already, this pattern suggests dressing them in more. To be honest, though, the effect of the fun fur against a cat or dog’s coat is so funny that we don’t even mind for a second. Try pairing the fur with another smoother, more tightly wound yarn to give the little sweater some contrast and really make the fur edges stand out.

4. Fluffy pet sweater by Carol Ballard

Fluffy pet sweater

If you’re going to dress your pet up in sweaters, you might as well go all out with the silliness, right? That sure seems to be the mantra that this pattern designer was going for! We think these little loops are nothing short of hilarious, especially in such novelty colours. Imagine how this garment would look on a hairless cat!