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15 Stunning Plastic Bag Crochet Projects

We’ve always been huge yarn craft enthusiasts, ever since we were little kids. There’s just something so fun about watching beautiful things result from a single string because you tied some knots in it! Okay, we know that knitting and crochet are a lot more than that (we’ve been doing them for years, after all) but you see what we mean. Crochet has always been our preference, even though we do still knit and appreciate knitting a lot, because the things you can make with crochet techniques hold more structure. This makes things like bags, which are our personal favourite thing to crochet, easier to make! Just because we love something the way it is, however, doesn’t mean we aren’t open to adding a twist or shaking things up every once in a while. That’s why we’ve been so obsessed with the whole concept of plastic bag yarn lately! We’ve been scouring the Internet for cool patterns and tutorials for crochet projects made with “plarn”, or yarn twisted from strips of plastic bags. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that most online resources that give you patterns will also give you at least quick instructions for making your very own plarn.

Are you completely enamoured with the concept of plastic bag crochet, just like we were? Well, we can’t say we blame you; it’s a totally cool unconventional craft and it’s an awesome way to upcycle something that can be harmful to the environment if it’s thrown out! Check out these 15 awesome plarn and plastic bag crochet patterns, tutorials, and designs, that will get you started and have you making all kinds of things in no time at all!

1. Rainbow plarn tote bag

Plarn totebag

We’ve never really liked plastic bags because we can’t help thinking about the poor environmental impacts they have whenever we see them, but the one thing we have always kind of secretly enjoyed is how many different colours they’re made in. It makes sense that we enjoy this particular plarn and plastic bag crochet patten, then, because Solicroch shows you how to make a rainbow bag by weaving plarn from bags of all different colours! Make the bag they outline here, or simply use their plarn idea and crochet your favourite super bulky weight crocheted bag.

2. Plastic bag backpack

Plastic bag backpack

We’ve always loved tote bags because they’re useful for so many things, but we actually usually find backpack style bags easier to carry, particularly if we’re carrying very heavy things. We’ve never crocheted a backpack before, however, so the possibility hadn’t really occurred to us… until we found this plarn crocheted pattern from Crochet Pattern Ideas. They show you how to make quite a generously sized backpack that you’ll actually be able to carry over your shoulders with straps that are shockingly comfortable and durable thanks to the huge strength of the twisted plastic they’re made out of. You’ll be surprised at the weight this bag can carry!

3. Striped plarn hand bag

Striped plarn hand bag

Were you slightly intrigued by the rainbow tote bag idea but you were actually hoping to make a bag that’s more open and sprawling, like those classic beach bags you remember your mom carrying in the summer when you were a kid? Perhaps you’d prefer a discernible striping pattern rather than just continuous strips all the way around. Then we have a strong feeling you might prefer the plarn making instructions and the plastic bag crocheted pattern featured on My Recycled Bags! We love the way their use of mostly-white bags with just coloured logos printed on some parts mimics the sort of speckled effect that’s so popular in regular wool yarn right now.

4. Plarn bottle holder sleeve

Plarn bottle holder sleeve

Ever since we were younger and playing team sports or running back and forth to dance classes, we’ve always appreciated water bottle covers and holders. We like that they’re easy to clip to your bag so you have one less bulky thing inside with all your gear or equipment and we also like that they give you more grip and stop the bottle from being slippery to drink from thanks to condensation. Usually the ones we buy are made from some kind of fabric but we’ve never liked that they absorb the condensation and get damp, so we were very pleased when we found this plarn version of the classic water bottle carrier! Naturally, we also adore that it’s crocheted. Get the full details for making one of your own on GettingYourKnit2gether.