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15 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Sports Equipment

We’re not sure what it is, but there’s just something about spring that makes us want to upcycle stuff. Usually we try to stick to things that we already own so that they’re really being upcycled and we’re clearing something out or using it in a new way, but we’ll admit that sometimes we find ourselves so taken with a project that we’ll purchase something new as cheap as we can find it just to make a cool craft. Recently, however, we found a genre of repurposed craft that we have a huge supply of because our kids and other family members are such avid athletes; we recently discovered that there are tons of cool DIY projects you can make out of repurposed sports equipment!

Just in case you like the idea of making things out of old sports equipment just as much as we did when we first heard it, here are 15 of the coolest upcycling projects we’ve come across in our search so far.

1. Biking gears candle holder

Biking gears candle holder

Have you ever looked at the gears on a bicycle and thought about how cool they look, and then wondered whether something in that shape might look cool elsewhere too? It might sound weird to wonder how you can get creative with a bike gear, but there’s just something cool about how they look when they spin! Imagine how excited we were, then, when we saw this fantastic looking bike gear candle holder featured on DIY Network! Their tutorial shows you how it was made.

2. Baseball bat nightstand

Baseball bat nightstand

Do you have some big, strong baseball players in your family? Then you probably have more than one discarded or damaged baseball bat lying around just waiting to upcycled into something new! We love the way this night stand featured on Love of Family and Home looks not only because it would get one of the bats out of our garage, but also because it would make a neat themed piece in a little boy’s room or as a side table in a sports themed recreation room.

3. Golf club head wine rack

Golf club head wine rack

Besides being awash in discarded baseball bats, do you have a pretty big supply of unused golf clubs lying around because your husband is an avid golfer who can’t help treating himself to new clubs at every opportunity? Well, this particular project won’t help you reuse the whole club, but at least it’ll stop them from laying around! Check out this tutorial on creating an awesome hanging angled wine rack from golf club heads on Dog House Woods n’ Vines.

4. Water ski chair

Water ski chair

Have you and your family always been lovers of summertime water sports? Well, we can definitely feel you on that because we love things like water skiing too but we also know that sometimes things break, including the skis themselves. Having broken water skis lying around is how we started searching for ways to reuse them, which in turn is how we found this awesome water ski chair project from DIY Network! We love the way the colours of the water skis contrast with the wood of the rest of the chair.

5. Tennis racket mirrors

Tennis racket mirrors