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45 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas To Celebrate The Season

While Christmas is a fun and festive time of the year to celebrate, we often forget about how much work it takes to set up your outdoor decorations. After all, there’s that big tree in the front yard that everyone sees when they pull into your driveway.

Outdoor christmas decor

The last thing you want is for someone to see your house from the street and think Wow, this family never puts out any decorations. Don’t let this be you!

This year, take some extra time and get organized so that your place looks like Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve night. To do this, you need to take some time and research the best outdoor Christmas decor ideas that work for your home and your family.

However, if you’re running out of time and don’t know where to begin, count on us! We prepared an emergency list for this occasion and handpicked the best outdoor Christmas decoration ideas to try out this year. Feel free to explore it and select the items you like the most!

Best Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas to Try

Without keeping you on your toes any longer, here are the top outdoor Christmas decoration ideas you can experiment with!

1. Twig Christmas Tree – Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Twig christmas tree outdoor christmas decorations

If you’re looking for outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that are cute and easy to make, then the twig Christmas tree is what you need. You can build it in any size you want and place it on any flat surface outside your home, whether it’s the front porch or yard.

The original recipe for a twig Christmas tree calls for the following items: a wooden disc, a paintbrush, a snowflake-shaped sequin, secateurs, hot glue, twigs, and white paint. Find out everything about it by exploring our in-depth tutorial.

However, since it’s a DIY project, you’re free to add more materials and make your masterpiece look festive. For example, you can use colored yarn, ribbon, or string art.

Ornament balls are great for adding touches of color and texture to any Christmas decoration design. All in all, the choice is yours when it comes to making this stunning outdoor decoration!

2. Wine Cork Tree – Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Wine cork tree outdoor christmas decorations ideas

When it comes to finding outdoor Christmas decoration ideas, you can make a wine cork tree. If you like the idea of recycling materials and doing something useful with them, this DIY project is perfect for you!

Obviously, the primary material used for this project is wine corks. Be sure to use only the durable ones that withstand low temperatures since the tree will be placed outside of your home. Also, the corks should be sanded down or cut into flat pieces. However, you can use regular sandpaper without issues if you don’t have access to sanding tools.

To add more color and detail, paint the corks before assembling them together with hot glue. In addition, use white string lights during winter nights so that you and your family can enjoy your new outdoor Christmas decoration from up close!

Find out more about this exciting project on making wine cork trees in our in-depth tutorial!

3. White Christmas Tree – Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decorations

White christmas tree outdoor lighted christmas decorations

Suppose you want to create a beautiful white tree as an outdoor lighted Christmas decoration. Count on us! And guess what: you don’t need any tools or lots of time to do that. All it takes is a trip to the store and some inspiration from home decor magazines.

The critical thing here is choosing the suitable color scheme for your outdoor decoration design. White will be ideal if you’re going for a snow-themed Christmas look, especially with warm touches of bronze and gold thrown in the mix.

Once you make up your mind about which color scheme works best for you, it’s time to move on with building this masterpiece! Start by taking five large styrofoam balls and spray-painting them white. You can choose whatever size works best for your yard and looks the most appealing.

In terms of decoration, you can add a bit of sparkle by threading sparkling garlands through the styrofoam balls in a random fashion. Be sure to use metallic gold string lights for this step!

If you don’t like the idea of styrofoam balls, take time to explore our in-depth tutorial about decorating white Christmas trees with traditional items, such as old ornaments, green wired ribbons, and yarn scraps!

4. Cotton Flower Wreath – DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Cotton flower wreath diy outdoor christmas decorations

Next time you need ideas for DIY outdoor Christmas decorations, consider making a cotton flower wreath! This fun and easy-to-make craft is perfect for your porch if you’re going for a casual look.

The main material needed to make this attractive outdoor decoration is felt in whatever color you desire. In fact, if you have red or green felt at home, it will work just fine!

In addition, adding pinecones and red berries during wintertime will bring a breath of fresh air to your home decor design. Also, keep in mind that dormant plants can be used all year round since they look beautiful too!

So if you want to purchase these types of plants from the store or garden, make sure you pick the ones that suit your decorating preferences and needs!

Find out more about this DIY outdoor wreath in our tutorial. Get inspired!

5. Branch Vase – Cheap Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Branch vase cheap outdoor christmas decorations

If you have branches from fallen trees lying around your yard or garden, consider using them to make an attractive vase. You can then place it on a small table on your porch to greet your visitors during Christmas.

Many interesting DIY projects can be made using this type of material. However, a branch vase might require some sanding and cutting by hand. Be sure to wear protective gear for this step to avoid injuries!

Once you sand down the branches using sandpaper, cut them into pieces that work best for your home decor design needs. You can even sand them further if you want a smoother look.

This is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY outdoor Christmas decorations out there since it requires just a few steps before being placed anywhere in your yard or garden – not to mention this project saves space too!

For more inspiration, don’t hesitate to explore our DIY branch vase tutorial!

6. Nutcracker – Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Nutcracker large outdoor christmas decorations

A nutcracker is an innovative way to welcome friends and family during the Christmas season. Besides, it’s a large outdoor Christmas decoration that would look splendid on your front porch!

In this case, the main material needed isn’t expensive at all, and it’s easy to find near your home. So if you’re wondering how to make an outdoor decoration for Christmas using a simple nutcracker, we have good news for you: this project is totally doable by beginners too!

All that’s required from you is finding or buying cheap wooden pieces in whatever shape works best for your yard. We suggest taking time to sand them down before applying any paint color. Varnish is also suggested as a protective measure before placing them outside.

The next step is using some glue to put the individual pieces together. That way, you can create a nutcracker that stands on its own – not only standing but also moving its arms! Last but not least, feel free to add some finishing touches with gold or silver spray paint.

For a more elaborate project about making a large-sized nutcracker for Christmas, head over to Life on Summerhill and check out their tutorial!

7. Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations From Tomato Cages

Outdoor christmas tree decorations from tomato cages

If you’re searching for some cheap outdoor Christmas tree decorations, consider using tomato cages! They don’t cost a lot of money and can be found at any gardening store nearby.

Seriously, they are pretty much everywhere these days, so if you keep an eye on your neighborhood store every now and then, you’ll spot them sooner or later! Plus, there is no need to worry about removing weeds since tomato cages already have holes in them.

However, the most significant aspect is that it’s easy to turn two tomato cages into big impressive-looking Christmas trees that will enhance your home decor design. You need wire cutters to snip off the bottoms of both cages. Afterward, you can also apply brown spray paint for a more realistic look.

Since they are connected, you’ll need to use strong glue for this step so that they don’t fall apart. And lastly, add some lights to create an impressive outdoor Christmas decoration!

For the full tutorial on how to turn tomato cages into DIY outdoor Christmas trees, make sure to visit Two It Yourself!

8. Grinch Deco Mesh Wreath – Grinch Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Grinch deco mesh wreath grinch outdoor christmas decorations

We hope you like Grinch since he’s awesome and one of the best all-time characters from Christmas movies! With that said, we think every Whoville needs a good decoration piece to welcome friends and family all year long.

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of Grinch outdoor Christmas decorations is by making a deco mesh wreath in the shape of the beloved characters.

As you have probably guessed, this project requires deco mesh wreath material, which can be found at most craft stores around your area. Make sure to perform all the necessary measurements and buy the right size for your front door or somewhere on your porch.

To assemble everything together, start by cutting pieces of deco mesh in a square shape with a sharp knife. Next, use a hot glue gun to stick them together as rows on top of each other – keep it nice and tight. That way, they shouldn’t unravel after using metal wire to tie the top of the wreath together.

Last but not least, add some cute little bells at the bottom of the Grinch deco mesh wreath to give it a more realistic look. It’s definitely one of the easiest and simplest outdoor Christmas decoration ideas you can come up with!

For more details on making a Grinch deco mesh wreath, watch the YouTube video tutorial posted by Hard Working Mom!

9. Olaf Pumpkin Topiary – Disney Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Olaf pumpkin topiary disney outdoor christmas decorations

If you have any leftover pumpkins from Halloween or Thanksgiving, you can easily fashion an outdoor Christmas decoration inspired by a beloved Disney character – Frozen’s Olaf! To be more precise, you can make an Olaf pumpkin topiary to place on your front porch and greet all kids in your neighborhood.

Believe it or not, making an Olaf pumpkin isn’t difficult at all. All you need to do is carve a round opening on top of a large-sized pumpkin. Afterward, place three mini white pumpkins inside using hot glue – two around the center and one near the bottom.

Last but not least, use foam stickers to make Olaf from Disney look more realistic! If you’re looking for some outdoor Christmas decoration ideas that involve Olaf and pumpkins, this topiary pumpkin idea is definitely for you.

To get all the details on making an Olaf pumpkin topiary, visit A Pumpkin and a Princess!

10. Tire Ornaments – Front Yard DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Tire ornaments front yard diy outdoor christmas decorations

If you have an old tire or two lying around in your garage, don’t get rid of them! Instead, turn them into fantastic front yard DIY outdoor Christmas decorations for all to see.

One of the easiest ways to create a unique tire-themed decoration piece is by using paint and ribbon. Just paint the entire pumpkin red and then add a white ribbon. Afterward, simply hang it on your front porch or attach it to the side of your house with some twine or wire!

However, if you want to make something truly special like in the image shown above, you will need more materials: wire, plywood, hot glue, tiny pom-poms, an old tire, a tin can, liquid nails or silicone, spray paint, and snowflake ornaments. As far as tools are concerned, you need a drill, a jigsaw, a nail gun or screws.

To get all the directions on creating this great-looking tire ornament, make sure to visit Lily Ardor!

11. Snowman with Three Penguins – Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Snowman with three penguins outdoor inflatable christmas decorations

Not all outdoor Christmas decor ideas involve do-it-yourself instructions. If you’re looking for something more elaborate, like outdoor inflatable Christmas decorations, you have no other choice but to buy something from online shops like Amazon.

Check out this amazing inflatable snowman with three penguins! It’s 6-feet high and comes with multicolored LED lights, so it’s guaranteed to make a splash in your neighborhood.

The material is a high-strength waterproof polyester, so you won’t have to worry about your kids or pets accidentally damaging the inflatable snowman. Plus, it can withstand severe weather conditions.

As for the LED lights, they are equipped with a 10-feet power cord, which means that you should be able to place the snowman at a significant distance from the power outlet.

If you want to learn more details about this inflatable snowman with three penguins, you can read all about it and purchase it from Amazon.

View price on Amazon

12. Lighted Deer Family – Outdoor Reindeer Christmas Decorations

Lighted deer family outdoor reindeer christmas decorations

Another way to light up your front porch is by installing outdoor reindeer Christmas decorations. We found an adorable deer family of three on Amazon made from metal, polyester, and plastic, which is powered by 60 internal lights.

These outdoor reindeer Christmas decorations are truly elegant and guaranteed to make your guests feel welcomed before they knock on your door. Each deer has a sparkly gold ribbon around its neck and a collapsible stand on its back.

A 24-inch power cord connects all three deers. Plus, they are equipped with brackets so that you can easily place them in your yard in a standing position.

To find out more about this lighted deer family, be sure to check its product page on Amazon!

View price on Amazon

13. Projector Lights – Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Projector lights animated outdoor christmas decorations

If you’re into animated outdoor Christmas decorations, you can’t miss the opportunity to install projector lights in your yard so that they animate various designs on the front of your house. We’re sure that your kids are going to absolutely love this idea!

We discovered 2-In-1 projector lights on Amazon with 10 RGBW colors of ocean-wave ripple and 16 unique slides. It’s capable of projecting HD pictures of various objects, including ghosts, dinosaurs, pumpkins, skulls, snowmen, Elk, Santa Claus, and snowflakes.

Since it’s made of durable ABS plastic, the projector lights can withstand harsh weather conditions, even when it rains or snows. Furthermore, it comes packed with a smart wireless remote control that allows you to switch colors, adjust the moving and flashing speed, or schedule auto-shutdown. You can use it in a range of 40 feet.

Discover more about these exciting projector lights by reading their product page on Amazon!

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14. LED-Lighted Christmas Outdoor Angel Decorations

Led lighted christmas outdoor angel decorations

When it comes to lighted Christmas outdoor angel decorations, you can opt for something as simple and as angelic as what’s shown in the picture above. It’s a white and gold angel powered by LED lights, which represents an excellent outdoor Christmas decor idea.

The angel has a white metal body with an iridescent and glitter finish. It has 70 mini clear LED lights and can be safely installed outdoors without having to worry about rust since the wire is coated with a special material that withstands rust.

This decoration measures 48 inches in height, 22 inches in width, and 28 inches in depth. Furthermore, the structure is collapsible, which means that you can easily store it in your home as soon as winter passes.

Find out more about this LED-lighted Chrimast outdoor angel decoration by checking out its Amazon page!

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15. Jack Skellington in Santa Costume – Nightmare Before Christmas Outdoor Decorations

Jack skellington in santa costume nightmare before christmas outdoor decorations

Here’s an excellent idea to include in your list of outdoor Christmas decor ideas: an inflatable Jack Skellington wearing a Santa costume. We found an amazing Nightmare Before Christmas inflatable decoration on Amazon that’s a must-have for any yard.

Jack, as he appears in the famous Christmas TV special, weighs 3.2 pounds and measures a massive 54 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 66 inches in height. It self-inflates in just a few seconds, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time hanging this task.

Plus, it’s powered by energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lights. However, it doesn’t run on batteries, which means that you have to connect it to a 110V A/C outlet.

If you love the idea of an inflatable Jack Skellingtonwearing a Santa Claus costume, you can get it from Amazon.

View price on Amazon

16. Pre-Lit Outdoor Angel Christmas Decorations

Pre lit outdoor angel christmas decorations

Here’s another take on the outdoor angel Christmas decorations idea: a pre-lit white and gold crystal angel that’s 5-feet tall. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, so you don’t worry about the weather conditions. It’s powered by white LED lights, which are 210 UL-listed.

Made from polyvinyl chloride, the angel is multicolored, weighs 8.59pounds, and measures 33 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 60 inches in height. Find out more about this item on Amazon!

View price on Amazon

17. Chicken Wireframe – Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Chicken wireframe outdoor christmas decorations

If you’re looking for outdoor Christmas decorations that you can make on your own, you might want to consider making a chicken wireframe. It’s a simple project that requires few materials and makes for an excellent outdoor Christmas decor idea.

Just cut the wire into pieces of different sizes and assemble them on top of each other until you get a pyramid-shaped structure. We recommend bending the ends of the wire so that they don’t pop out. Then attach some twinkling lights inside it and hang it on your porch or above your garden area during the winter holidays!

For a more elaborate take on making a chicken wireframe, check out our intuitive tutorial! In addition to chicken wire, it involves a wood frame, a glue gun, a paintbrush, a sponge, a stencil, scissors, crepe paper, and olive and beige acrylic paint.

18. Rope-Wrapped Basket – Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Rope wrapped basket outdoor christmas decorations ideas

If you make a bunch of rope-wrapped baskets and fill them with wintery decorations like pinecones, red berries, or tree ornaments, that would be a perfect outdoor Christmas decoration idea for your front porch. It’s a cute way to greet your visitors.

You can make a rope-wrapped basket using a tin can, rope, and hemp twine. If you want to embellish it a little, also throw in wood flower decor, gold thread, yellow wood beads, dark and light yellow crewel, a glue gun, and scissors. You could also add some bow details to make it look more enticing!

It’s just one way to go about it since there are endless options here. Be sure to choose colors and materials that match your overall Christmas party theme. Whatever you pick, the resulting rope-wrapped baskets will serve as an excellent conversation starter for any guest who visits you during the holiday season.

To see how to make a DIY rope-wrapped basket, check out our straightforward guide!

19. Rustic Painted Pots – DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Rustic painted pots diy outdoor christmas decorations

If you don’t have the time or patience to make DIY outdoor Christmas decorations using wireframes, yarn balls, or straws, let these rustic painted planters do the job for you instead!

You can use them as unique outdoor garden decor ideas by drawing on heart handles and numbers that represent your family members’ birthdays. Another good idea is to attach your family’s names to each pot so that there’s no confusion about whose is which during any casual get-together with friends or neighbors!

We recommend working in batches because this project requires several pots. That way, you’ll finish it sooner than expected and won’t have to worry about making a lot of trips between your garage, driveway, and home entrance all through the winter holidays!

As far as supplies are concerned, you need stencils, a glue gun, acrylic paints in any colors you prefer, scissors, clay pots, a paintbrush, a sponge, and hemp twine.

To learn how to make rustic painted pots for your home or garden, check out our well-detailed guide!

20. Hanging Wine Corks – Cheap Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Hanging wine corks cheap outdoor christmas decorations

If you’re interested in cheap outdoor Christmas decorations that are easy to make, you might want to create a hanging wine cork. Besides, it’s a cool way to use all those wine corks you’ve been saving after every party with your friends. And it’s an awesome way to spruce up your front door.

The natural look of the wine corks goes well with other nature-themed wintery decorations, such as pinecones, twigs, rope, or hemp twine. However, if that’s not what your Christmas party is going for this year, feel free to paint the corks in fun colors. For example, black or gold should work with an elegant party theme.

Then put glue over each cork so that it doesn’t fall off the string. Hanging these cheap decor pieces on your porch will instantly create an inviting atmosphere. And, if you do it right, no one can tell that it’s cheap.

At the same time, everyone who comes near your house during the holiday season is bound to be reminded of how much you enjoy hosting guests! You can also use the hanging wine corks as party favors later on – just attach a thank-you card and store them somewhere safe until next year’s holidays.

For a more challenging take on making hanging wine corks, check out our step-by-step guide!

21. Yarn Letters – Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Yarn letters outdoor christmas decorations

Yarn letters provide you with a quick and easy way to make outdoor Christmas decorations. Besides, they also facilitate versatile projects since you can use yarn letters to spell out any cheerful message above your front door, such as Merry Christmas or Come right in.

Firstly, decide on the greeting message you wish to write while keeping in mind that the more letters it has, the more it will take to create them.

Next, add the following materials to your shopping list: a ruler, twine, cardboard, jute ribbons, silk ribbons, two or three colors of yarn, a pencil, scissors, a glue gun, and hemp. When choosing the yarn, make sure that the colors match your overall Christmas theme, such as red, green, and white.

Once you have all your supplies, place the cardboard on a flat surface, write the letters, and then carefully cut the letters out. Next, wrap each letter in yarn and use glue to stick it to the cardboard.

Be sure to firmly wrap the yarn without damaging the cardboard so that nothing will come loose later on. It’s a lengthy and sticky ordeal, so arm yourself with patience. Besides, you have to repeat these steps for each letter included in your greeting message.

Some letters can be decorated with a jute ribbon. Then, you can glue silk ribbons to each letter to create the hanging mechanism.

To learn more about making yarn letters, check out our complete tutorial!

22. Votive Candle Holder – Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decorations

Votive candle holder outdoor lighted christmas decorations

When it comes to outdoor lighted Christmas decorations, votive candle holders are a useful addition to your holiday decorations, especially if you’re planning on hosting an elegant evening party outdoors.

Firstly, fill the votive with some multi-purpose resin that’s known for its strength and durability. Pour it into each votive holder until they are three-quarters full at most. Now set them aside to dry overnight or until the resin becomes hard enough not to melt in wintery conditions.

Once you’ve poured the resin, all you have left is to add candles! But before doing so, make sure that you place each votive somewhere safe so that your kids or pets won’t knock them over by accident.

For more decor inspiration using votive holders, check out our detailed article!

23. Silver Branch Wreath – Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Silver branch wreath outdoor christmas decorations ideas

A silver branch wreath is a versatile and inexpensive outdoor Christmas decorating idea that will give your home a warm and welcoming feel. Besides, it’s a very elegant take on holiday decorations that will contrast beautifully with your front door!

To begin, take an artificial branch wreath and cover it in glue. Then sprinkle festive-colored glitter on the glue so that the whole wreath sparkles when you turn off the lights! You can also use other materials to create texture or depth within your Christmas decor.

In addition, ribbons look wonderful as they drape from the center of each branch while being tied together at the top. When choosing ribbon colors, consider sticking with reds, greens, golds, silvers, and blues for a cohesive theme that will tie your other holiday decorations seamlessly.

To find out more about making an elegant silver branch wreath for Christmas, feel free to explore our detailed guide!

24. Typography Holiday Wreath – DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Typography holiday wreath diy outdoor christmas decorations

A typography wreath is an awesome canvas for decorating your front door. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to bring a bit of cheer to your abode during the wintery holidays.

To begin working on this DIY outdoor Christmas decoration, gather supplies such as yarn, hot glue sticks, an artificial wreath, and a sharp knife or box cutter for carving out words from styrofoam sheets.

Use the knife to carve letter drawings into each sheet of styrofoam before gluing them to a wreath form. After creating your message, display it on a door handle or notice board with the help of some ribbon!

In addition to being perfect for festive occasions like Christmas, typography holiday wreaths look fantastic year-round as they really stand out against dark wintery backgrounds. So give this creative concept a try if you want to add a splash of color to your holiday decorations!

To find out more about making a typography wreath, check out our detailed tutorial!

25. Square Pinecone Wreath – Cheap Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Square pinecone wreath cheap outdoor christmas decorations

Covering a square wreath with pinecones is a fun and cheap outdoor Christmas decorations project. Besides, you can recycle an old wooden pallet into stylish decor that will look great by your front door. And you can customize the wreath’s color scheme as much as you like, giving your home a cozy feel at any time of the year!

To begin, take an old wooden pallet and remove all nails from it. Then cut large square shapes out of each board using a jigsaw or handsaw before sanding down the edges to make them rounded. After this step is complete, brush on some primer paint to give your wreath a clean finish.

Now simply hot glue pinecones to the wood in no particular pattern before hanging up your new creation! If you have any leftover paint, you can use it to customize the color of your wreath by testing new shades on each pinecone.

In addition, if you want to use the pallet for other occasions, you can decorate it with yarn or string to make gorgeous wall art. For example, you can tie the yarn into knots to create a textured look that will contrast against white walls.

To find out how to make this unique square wreath out of pinecones, check out our step-by-step instructions!

26. Snowflake Art – Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Snowflake art outdoor christmas decorations

This DIY outdoor Christmas decoration is a fun and creative project that requires minimal effort. Plus, you can customize the size of your snowflake to make it as big or small as you like.

To begin, take a sheet of paper and fold it into an origami-style snowflake. Then use watercolors to paint patterns that resemble falling snowflakes. After waiting for the first layer to dry, continue adding multiple colors before finishing off your artwork with a clear acrylic varnish spray.

Now simply hang up your new decor by folding some string in half and securing it with hot glue on either side! Your Christmas decoration is now complete – enjoy admiring your awesome handiwork all year round!

If you want to add any extra details to this project, such as glitter or more paint, feel free to do so before applying the varnish coat. Or you can turn this project into Christmas tree ornaments by attaching a jump ring to the top before hanging it up.

To learn how to paint snowflake art on wooden boards, be sure to examine our thorough tutorial!

27. Concrete Christmas Tree – Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Concrete christmas tree outdoor christmas decorations ideas

If you’ve been looking for a material to use that’s easier than wood or metal, then have a look at this concrete Christmas tree! It’s a novel outdoor Christmas decorations idea that your family and friends will surely appreciate.

To make this design, first drill some holes into the bottom of a terracotta pot. Then mix up some concrete and pour it into the hole before inserting the rebar to give it better stability. After this step is complete, you can drill a few more holes in the pot to add twinkle lights or conceal the wires of Christmas lights.

To decorate your tree, skewer some marshmallows and push them down into the wet concrete! You can also add sand to create a beach scene, candy canes to resemble holiday candy or anything else you want. Just remember that the items you select should be small enough to not interfere with the wiring.

Next, allow the concrete to dry completely before giving it a coat of primer paint and acrylic varnish spray! And if you want to make this decoration unique, you can turn it into a centerpiece by filling the center with small candies and other festive treats.

For more inspiration about making a concrete Christmas tree, don’t hesitate to read our in-depth tutorial!

28. Concrete Advent Candle Holders – DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Concrete advent candle holders diy outdoor christmas decorations

Here’s another DIY outdoor Christmas decoration idea that involves concrete: advent candle holders! It’s an inexpensive way to add warmth and cheer to your home during the holiday season.

To make this design, you’ll need to create four separate molds for each candle holder. You can use two-sided tape to secure the aluminum foil around a paper cup and fill it with warm water before mixing in some concrete to form the mold. Next, punch out four circular holes into another sheet of aluminum foil and place it inside an empty yogurt container.

Using these shapes as templates, cut four pieces of cardboard before stacking them on top of each other to create a cube-shaped mold. Fill each cavity with concrete and wait for it to dry before removing your candle holders from their molds.

Afterward, spray mineral oil over your new decorations so that they won’t stick when inserting the tea lights! Keep in mind that you can customize these items by painting or decorating them with small pebbles. Proper adhesive will make your project significantly easier to complete.

To learn more about making concrete advent candle holders, take a peek at our thorough guide!

29. Giant Silver Bells Made from Gardening Pots – Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Giant silver bells are one of the most impressive outdoor Christmas decorations ideas you can possibly try! It’s a fantastic concept that can be used as yard art or even as functional holiday decor.

To make these items, you’ll need to create the two halves of each bell and then solder them together with silver wire. Afterward, paint your bells and attach decorative embellishments such as ribbon and bows before hanging them up!

We also love this incredible idea we discovered on Pinterest: hanging Christmas tree globes inside flower pots before flipping them over and making them look like giant silver bells. In addition to the pots and ornaments, you need spray paint, ribbons, and screws. It’s so easy that anyone can do it!

30. Coat Hanger Snowflakes – Cheap Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Coat hanger snowflakes cheap outdoor christmas decorations

Here’s a cheap outdoor Christmas decoration idea that uses only white coat hangers: giant snowflakes! It may seem like an unconventional approach at first, but you’ll soon realize how easy it is to create these gorgeous decorations.

To make a large coat hanger snowflake, you need 16 white coat hangers, zip ties, and a pair of scissors. If you lose regular-sized hangers, the resulting snowflake could be too large for your front door. So it’s best to go with baby-sized hangers instead.

The rules are simple enough: place the hangers on a flat surface, arrange them as shown in the guide, and connect them with zip ties in crucial places to ensure that the snowflake design won’t break down. Use your trusty scissors to cut the excessive zip ties before hanging the snowflake somewhere on your front porch.

To find out everything you need to know about making this inexpensive coat hanger snowflake, be sure to visit Craft Bits!

More Outdoor Christmas Decor

We have even more outdoor Christmas decor ideas you can make this year, so let’s check them all out to see what new projects you can take on.

31. JOY Welcome Sign – Door Christmas Decoration

JOY Welcome Sign - Door Christmas Decoration

Fines Designs starts us off with this extra-large “JOY” sign that would be so great to welcome your guests and family with every day at the front door. Pair it with some greenery, a pair of vintage ice skates, and any other thing that strikes your fancy and can make your porch area a bit more festive. Take the leap now and check out how to create one for yourself at home!

32. PVC Pipe Wreath – Outdoor Christmas Decorations Idea

PVC Pipe Wreath - Outdoor Christmas Decorations Idea

A Beautiful Mess may have this piece displayed inside but you can easily don it outside. Whip up a couple for a pair for larger porches or just go with one to test your DIY skills with. We love the addition of those jingle bells as well, don’t you?!

33. Pallet Christmas Tree – DIY Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Pallet Christmas Tree - DIY Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Pallets are always fun to craft with, especially throughout the holidays. Just take a look at this fun pallet Christmas tree from Buzzkills! Have the kiddos help decorate it with some random or homemade ornaments too. You can always add some color as well, a little green spray paint certainly wouldn’t hurt.

34. Outdoor Reindeer Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Reindeer Christmas Decorations

We’re absolutely swooning for these glittering reindeers from One Krueger Chick. How beautiful would these be sprinkling out on your front lawn these season? You could even install some spotlight on them so they glow even more throughout the night.

35. Giant Peppermint Lollipops – Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Giant Peppermint Lollipops - Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

If you’re looking for some ideas involving more kid-friendly and colorful decorations, check out these giant lollipops fromSmart School House. Made with paper plates, they’re super easy to recreate and you can get the little ones involved in their making. Then, dress up your front yard with them!

36. Concrete Gift Box – DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Concrete Gift Box - DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Who knew that you could create a beautiful, shimmering Christmas gift our of a concrete block? Check out Club Chica Circle for all of these easy details behind its making. A few of these on the front patio could be a wonderful and festive addition.

37. Wooden Stars – Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Wooden Stars - Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Wooden stars are incredibly easy to whip up in the garage as well, and they look beautiful outside the house too. Check out Duke Manor Farm for the directions and inspiration behind this particular design. We love the addition of the Christmas lights as well for extra sparkle throughout the night.

38. Nailhead Christmas Tree – Front Yard DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Nailhead Christmas Tree - Front Yard DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

HGTV has these wooden cutout trees on their site including their nailhead designs. We love this farmhouse feel but also how grand these will look outside the home. Of course, you can add some color if you feel extra festive.

39. Shutter Snowmen – Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Shutter Snowmen - Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

We’re loving the innovation behind this upcycled project too! Over at Pretty My Party you’ll find some inspiration behind taking old shutters and turning them into snowmen. This will be so much fun to personalize and have a bit of fun with throughout the design process.

40. Nutcrackers – Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Nutcrackers - Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Who wouldn’t want a pair of 9-foot nutcrackers out in their front yard for the season? Meaganwill give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make that happen. The family will love these and your curbside appeal for the holidays will definitely be taken up a notch.

41. Lighted Candy Canes – Front Yard DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Lighted Candy Canes - Front Yard DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Here’s another fun way to light the walkway to your home. These glowing candy canes can easily be whipped upon an afternoon. All you have to do is jump on over to eHowand add this to the Christmas decorations this year!

42. Giant Ornaments – Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Giant Ornaments - Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Smart School Housealso had some giant Christmas ornaments up their sleeve. Follow along and try your hand at making these for your house too. They’ll definitely add a certain amount of fun and youthfulness to the home.

43. Happy Holidays Marquee Sign – DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Happy Holidays Marquee Sign - DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

We’re swooning for this marquee sign and we’d love to see these out on the front porch. You can really jazz up a sitting area and the like with its charm. Grab all of the details over at Idle Hands Awake.

44. Pom Pom Wreath – Cheap Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Pom Pom Wreath - Cheap Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Gina Michelecreated this fun pom pom wreath and we instantly fell in love with it too! It’s easy to make but it’s also family-friendly and will warmly welcome all guests coming through the front door. Just grab some extra-large pom pom in winter or holiday colors and get started!

45. Potted Christmas Trees – Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Potted Christmas Trees - Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The Yvestown Blog also gave us some great ideas for the front porch area as well. Potted Christmas trees can add a festive, feminine touch to the front door. Just make sure you dress them up with some mini ornaments.

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

As you can see from the above list, there are tons of intriguing outdoor Christmas decor ideas that anyone can try! It’s a fantastic way to add warmth and charm to your front porch or yard during the holiday season.

If you love these decorations, you can go ahead and create a festive corner in your garden. Just pick a few easy-to-make items and mix them for an unforgettable sight.

Don’t forget to share with us your fabulous project results before taking off for the holidays! Also, feel free to share your original ideas with us by commenting in the dedicated section below!

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