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These 15 Paint Chip DIY Projects Are Both Free & Easy!

Go to the store, head to the paint section, and start gathering up your paint chips. Whatever colors that you love or inspire you, just snag them – they’re free. And that’s where these fun projects begin. These 15 paint chip DIYs are both free (starting out) and super easy! Let’s take a peek at some fun tutorials to check out below.

1. Chandelier

Diy chandelier made of paint chips

GHK shows off this fabulous chandelier and divulges how to make one for yourself. The key ingredient here are the paint chips and the fact that we can get these for free at the store just make it an even better project! From all-pink to ombre selections, it’s fun to personalize too.

2. Magnets

Diy paint chip magnets

Get inspired by the pantone colors of the year and then use your local store’s paint chips to turn them into posh magnets for the fridge. You can find the easy tutorial by hopping on over to How About Orange and checking it out. Of course grabbing colors from the past works too, whatever your favorites are!

3. Moving Announcements

Paint chip moving announcements

Are you moving anytime soon? Use the bigger paint chips as moving announcements for your family and friends! You can learn how to transform them over at Oh So Beautiful Paper. Stick with a specific color scheme or just grab any and all that strike your fancy!

4. Ombre Earrings

Diy paint chip ombre earrings

Yes, you can even make some fun earrings out of some leftover paint chips. Check out the tutorial after you hop on over to Minted Strawberry for a visit. And you can do it with any color you want! Orange, yellow, pink; it all works!

5. Wall Art

Diy paint chip wall ar