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Awesome Parrot Themed Crafts

We recently began talking about taking our families on a tropical vacation and our kids were very excited when they heard the news! At first we thought perhaps they were ecstatic about the prospect of going to the beach or getting to try new foods and see new places, but we quickly realized that there was one particular thing that really had them revved up. They couldn’t wait to see a live parrot up close and personal for the first time! Ever since that conversation, they’ve been obsessed with the idea of all things parrot related, even in the crafting department. That’s why we’ve been searching far and wide across the Internet for parrot themed DIY projects for our kids to do!

Just in case your kids think parrots are as awesome as ours do and want to get crafty too, here are 15 great parrot themed crafts that will keep them busy.

1. Construction paper parrot with colourful feathers

Construction paper parrot with colourful feathers

While our kids are certainly content to make things out of construction paper at any given moment, they’re love paper crafts even more when they get to embellish them too! That’s why we knew, before they’d even tried it, that they were going to absolutely love this feathered paper parrot idea from Study for Common Things. They’ll be able to layer feathers on their parrot’s tail and wings to their hearts content!

2. P for Parrot craft

P for parrot craft

Perhaps your kids are very small and you’re still in that phase where you’d prefer to help them make crafts that are also learning opportunities? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll love the way this particular parrot craft from Karla M Curry also helps them practice their alphabet and letter sounds! Check out how they used feathers, paper, and googly eyes to transform the letter P into a parrot as a sound reminder.

3. Homemade parrot hood costume

Homemade parrot hood costume

Even more than they want to craft parrots, have your kids been really intent on the idea of pretending to be parrots lately? Then we’re pretty sure Mom Endeavours has just the craft for you! We love the simple, matter of fact way their tutorial mas out the process of cutting, layer, and sewing pieces of felt together to make a cute parrot shaped hood that’s actually simpler than it looks. This might not be one that your kids will be able to make themselves, but they can certainly help you attach feathers in between the felt layers!

4. Paper parrot made from circles

Paper parrot made from circles

Have your kids been learning their shapes lately so you’d really love to find a way to combine what they’re learning with the things they really love right now, just to keep them interested? Well, if you need an idea for getting craft with circles, Juf Stephanie has you covered! They guide you through the simple process of making a little parrot from pieced together sections of coloured paper circles.

5. Paper plate rainforest parrots

Paper plate rainforest parrots

Perhaps you’ve been searching for a parrot idea that really gets the kids feeling creative and gives them license to create whatever kinds of visual and colour patterns they please? Then we’d suggest letting them go crazy with paint on some paper plates, just like Lil Teacher did here! Their tutorial shows you how to make those fun painted plates look like parrots with a little bit of cut-and paste once the decorating is done.

6. Handprint wing parrots

Handprint wing parrots

One thing we love about crafting is that it never ceases to amaze our kids just how many different things, characters, and shapes their handprint can be turned into during craft time. That’s why we were so excited to come across a painted handprint idea that also takes into account their current parrot obsession! Check out how these fun handprints were turned into parrot wings on Pinterest.

7. Paper parrots with coffee filter wings

Paper parrots with coffee filter wings

Are you actually kind of strapped for crafting supplies right now so you’re looking around your house for unconventional tools to keep things interesting for your kids? Then we definitely think you should take a look at how Plain Graces transformed cut and folded sections of coffee filters into super fun parrot wings! We love the way they combined those with funny folded pop-up beaks for even more visual texture.

8. Pretty parrot and paper birdcage

Pretty parrot and paper birdcage

Have your kids been pretending lately that they actually have their own pet parrot, making sure to feed and groom their imaginary friend just like they would a real bird? Then maybe you’d like to help them along in that process by assisting them in making an actual little paper parrot in a cage for their playtime! Art, Paper, Scissors, Glue shows you how to make a cage and a little swinging parrot on a perch, all out of paper.

9. Popsicle stick paper puppets

Popsicle stick paper puppets

In our homes, we always find that the most successful crafts are the ones that our kids can actually keep playing with after they’re done making them. That’s why DIY puppets are always such a huge hit around here! Imagine how excited we were, then, when we stumbled across this adorable paper and popsicle parrot puppet tutorial from Storytime Katie. We love the way they put feathers on like wings!

10. Coloured paper mosaic parrot

Coloured paper mosaic parrot

Perhaps your kids are a little bit older and very interested in creating something that’s a little more of an artistic homage to their favourite thing? Well, if you know they love working with colour like ours do, we have a feeling your kids will get a huge kick out of this very detailed mosaic craft from Willy Whiskers. They show you how to cut tiny “feather” pieces out of a spectrum of coloured paper and layer them in ombre sections to create the rainbow effect you’d find in a real parrot’s wings.

11. Plastic tub mosaic parrot

Plastic tub mosaic parrot

Perhaps you’re organizing a kids’ birthday party of working for a play group and you’ve actually been scrolling through hoping to find a big group craft idea that everyone can make together? In that case, we’d suggest that you start saving your recyclable plastic tubs of all kinds! This jumbo mosaic wall art from Katie Weymouth is a great way to show off the kids’ love for parrots in a really big, beautiful way.

12. Clay parrot umbrella handle

Clay parrot umbrella handle

Perhaps you or your older kids have always been fond of working with polymer clay because it’s intriguing that you can make essentially anything from scratch? Then here’s a neat, kitschy, vintage inspired craft to get you practicing your moulding techniques and celebrating the beauty of parrots at the same time! Check out how this DIY parrot shaped umbrella handle topper was made on Instructables.

13. Flying tissue paper parrot

Flying tissue paper parrot

Do you just know deep down that, no matter what kind of craft you make, your kids are going to want to make their parrot fly when they’re all finished making it? Well, that might not work for a lot of the DIY ideas we’ve shown you on our list so far, but we’ve finally got one for you that actually kind of will! Find out more about how this awesome parrot shaped running kite was made from tissue paper, string, and a wooden dowel on Growing Up Bilingual.

14. Easy sewn parrot costume

Easy sewn parrot costume

Were you intrigued by the idea of making your kids a parrot costume when we talked about it earlier on our list, but you were really picturing less of a cape or hood and more of a jacket piece with prominent feathered wings in the design? In that case, here’s a great way to transform your child into an adorable parrot and practice your simple sewing skills all at once! Make It, Love It shows you how to cut and attach the coloured feather layers just right.

15. DIY PVC pipe bird stand

Diy pvc pipe bird stand

Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find some kind of craft that you might actually make for the pet parrot you and your kids are lucky enough to already have? In that case, we’re happy to announce that you’ve finally reached the option for you! This tutorial from Instructables guides you step by step through the process of creating a super fun DIY bird stand out of PVC pipe, string, and thing dowels.

Do you know a fellow crafting enthusiast who loves parrots and brightly coloured birds as well, possibly even more than we do? Share this post with them so they have another DIY way to celebrate their favourite animal!

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