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These 15 Christmas Porch Decor Ideas Will Level Up Your Curb Appeal

It truly is the season for all things holly and jolly. Spread that vibe throughout the house in more ways than one. Pay attention to the dining room, but don’t forget the porch. That’s the first spot your guests will lay their eyes on anyway! These 15 Christmas porch decor ideas will level up your curb appeal and bring a smile to all passersby.

1. Ornament Obelisk

Christmas porch decoration ideas ornament obelisk

Check out this red beauty we found over at Home BNC! You can create an ornament obelisk in little to no time with the right instruction. Hop on over now and grab the tutorial to whip up your own!

2. Rustic Snowman

Rustic wooden snowman porch

We also found a more rustic approach to the Christmas-styled porch. If you like farmhouse interior design, then you’ll love this subtle nod to the Christmas spirit. How adorable is that snowman? Visit Home BNC again for even more inspo.

3. Crackling Fire

Christmas porch decorating ideas cozy and traditional

This space from House Beautiful has us absolutely swooning. The lantern’s light reminds us of a warm, crackling fire and the chair with the cozy blanket creates an even more welcoming spirit.

4. Chalkboards

Christmas porch cottage in the oaks

Chalkboards are always a fabulous addition – truly for any season. You can create a wintery, Christmastime scene on it and then use the accent to welcome your guests inside. We found a lot of great ideas at Home Stories A to Z.

5. Snow-Covered Presents

Snow covered porch and presents idea