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50 Awesome Christmas Porch Decor Ideas to Increase Your Curb Appeal

Christmas is just around the corner, and most of us have already started to think about what we want to prepare for this year’s holiday season. Whether you are celebrating it with your family, friends or significant other, there are always some foods you should prepare for the party.

Christmas porch decor idea

Another important detail about this holiday is how to decorate your house and porch for this occasion. If you are unsure about what you should do to make your porch home look inviting for Christmas, you will find a few tips that might interest you below, depending on the kind of house you have and what type of person you are.

Best Christmas Porch Decor Ideas for 2021

We made a list of the top DIY Christmast porch decor ideas, so feel free to explore the entire article and choose the projects you like the most!

1. White Christmas Tree – Christmas Porch Decorations

White christmas tree christmas porch decorations

If you’re looking for an easy way to decorate your porch, then a white Christmas tree is what you need. You can make it with DIY materials, and it won’t take you more than an hour to finish the project. Besides, it’s a great choice if you’re not into intricate designs and sophisticated projects when it comes to Christmas porch decorations.

We recommend a white Christmas tree to people decorating their porch for the first time or to those who simply want to make an inexpensive DIY Christmas decoration that can be placed anywhere. You can even use it as part of your outdoor lighting design!

You should know that this design is made with light green spay pain, so you might feel the need to add some other colors, too, to make your project look more attractive and eye-catching.

For example, you could hang red ribbons on the tree branches. The snowflake ornament balls could also come in handy to add touches of color and texture to any outdoor Christmas decoration design.

For more information about making a white Christmas tree, feel free to explore our in-depth tutorial!

2. Branch Vase – Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Branch vase front porch christmas decorations

A branch vase is another excellent idea for front porch Christmas decorations. If you like DIY materials, you will find this project appealing – it’s easy and cost-effective!

Depending on how you design your vase, this project can turn into a beautiful Christmas decoration. For instance, if you go with spiky branches, then your vase will look like a Christmas tree decoration on its own. The best part is that this design doesn’t take much time to complete!

Or, you can make a branch vase using branches lying around in your backyard. You will also need pinecones, lace jute, a lace ribbon, beige acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a mason jar, scissors, and a glue gun.

Check out our complete tutorial to learn about making a branch vase!

3. Twig Christmas Tree – Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

Twig christmas tree front porch christmas decorating ideas

If you’re into vintage-inspired designs, then this twig Christmas tree is one of the best front porch Christmas decoration ideas worth exploring. It will add a rustic touch to the overall appearance of your home and porch area.

You will need a large, thick branch or a massive log from the backyard to make this project come true. After you get yourself such an item, it’s time to break off smaller branches from its body. This way, you’ll have all the wooden parts necessary for making this twig Christmas tree design!

Next, start making holes along these branches using a drill. You should position them in such a way that they look like the branches on a Christmas tree. After that, slide metallic candlestick holders through each hole to attach them tightly.

Your twig Christmas tree is now and ready for decorating! However, you can add white bulbs or colorful LED lights if you want a livelier appearance. Another idea is to wrap a beautiful red ribbon around this design like what you would typically see on a Christmas present.

For more inspiration, read our step-by-step instructions about making a twig Christmas tree!

4. Chicken Wire Frame – Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

Chicken wire frame christmas porch decorating ideas

We like this Christmas porch decorating idea because it’s simple yet lovely. The wire mesh used in making this home Christmas decoration will give your design a rustic appearance, while the greenery will turn it into an instant classic.

The best thing about this project is that you can use anything to shape up your wire frame; even if you don’t have grass or branches at hand, paper reeds will work too!

As far as supplies are concerned, you need chicken wire, hinges, a string or twine, scissors, and metal ring nails. Wear your trusty gardening gloves to keep your hands protected and cut about 6 inches from the mesh. Next, measure 12 inches of wire for the sides, 6 inches for the top and bottom, and 10 inches for the back piece.

In the following step, use your pliers to create a loop on each side of the wire. Then turn it into an “S” shape so that you can attach it to itself using hinges. Make sure to tighten it well so that the design doesn’t fall apart. Finally, add your greenery, and you’re all set!

If you’re interested in an alternative way to make a chicken wire frame, be sure to read our thorough guide!

5. Yarn Letters – Christmas Porch Railing Decorations

Yarn letters christmas porch railing decorations

If you want to bring a personalized touch to your house, this yarn lettering is just what you need to create a greeting message as a Christmas porch railing decoration! It’s not only simple but also decorative. In fact, the more letters you have, the livelier your home will look during the holidays!

This project won’t take much effort. However, it can be lengthy, depending on how many letters you need to craft. It’s best to get started by deciding on a greeting message and yarn colors. For example, you can go with red and green, or red, green and white.

In addition to yarn in your preferred colors, you will need cardboard, a glue gun, a ruler, a pencil, and ribbons to hang the letters. Start by drawing the letters on the cardboard, after which you can cut out the shapes and wrap them in twine.

Be sure to alternate the twine colors while wrapping them. Also, the yarn should be wrapped tight enough so that nothing comes loose but not too tight so that it doesn’t ruin the cardboard’s shape.

You can use hot glue to firmly attach the twine to the cardboard. Once you’re done making all letters, use ribbons to hang them on your porch railing.

Find out more about DIY yarn letters in our straightforward tutorial!

6. Wine Cork Tree – Christmas Porch Ideas

Wine cork tree christmas porch ideas

A wine cork tree is an elementary project you can try out during the holidays as a Christmas porch idea. It’s easy to make because it only requires a handful of supplies that are readily available in most households.

Plus, you can put it on a small table outside your front door in order to greet your visitors. You should also be able to craft your own design in no time at all! Besides, you can finally put to good use all those wine corks you have refused to throw away.

Start by drawing circles on the wine corks using a pen or pencil. Then use scissors to cut them out and form a tree trunk. Now, create three ovals for the three branches of your Christmas porch decor. Be sure to space them equally so that your design doesn’t come off as lopsided or incomplete!

Next, paint these wooden shapes with multiple colors, which will give the tree an appealing appearance. As far as the paint is concerned, you can use anything from acrylic paint to spray-on lacquer.

When dipping the corks in paint, make sure to leave enough room for the words Merry Christmas or any other personalized greeting. You can either write these words by hand or print them out and paste them on each cork.

However, if you’re interested in making a triangle-shaped wine cork tree for Christmas, check out our straightforward tutorial!

7. Cotton Flower Wreath – Outdoor Porch Christmas Decorations

Cotton flower wreath outdoor porch christmas decorations

To bring the outdoors in for your holiday porch decorations, consider crafting a cotton flower wreath. It’s easy to make, and you can even use recycled materials like straws for this outdoor porch Christmas decoration idea.

However, you should take care while making it because not all cotton wreaths are the same. Some are made with flimsy fibers that wear off easily or get torn if tugged on too hard. Therefore, it pays to invest in high-quality cotton fabric that will last for years without shedding its petals.

Once you’ve decided on high-quality cotton wreath material, you need to create four circles out of cardboard so that they leave enough room around the edges for wrapping the fabric over them.

Then cut small strips of fabric and wrap them around each cardboard circle. After securing the fabric to each of the circles, glue them to a larger wreath form made out of strong wire material.

To get started on your cotton flower wreath, read our detailed tutorial!

8. Rope-Wrapped Basket – Christmas Porch Decorations

Rope wrapped basket christmas porch decorations

A rope-wrapped basket can be used for various things around the house, including storing items during the holidays. But you can also place it outside of your home as a Christmas porch decoration. And you can create your own festive pattern.

This project involves wrapping fabric or paper strips over one side of the basket and decorating them with bows and glittery accents. To get started, you should attach the fabric strips to the basket using glue or double-sided tape.

It’s also possible to wrap the rope around a tin can. But you should find a can whose size is large enough to accommodate the front porch. If it’s too small, you can place it on a small table at most.

For more information about making a rope-wrapped basket and adding decorative accents yourself, check out our detailed tutorial!

9. Silver Branch Wreath – Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

Silver branch wreath christmas porch decorating ideas

When it comes to Christmas porch decorating ideas, nothing says festive quite like a silver branch wreath. You can either make one for yourself and hang it on your front door to greet all visitors and make them cheerful.

You can use wire forms to create your own branch shapes, but these are often difficult to find in stores. Therefore, use old wire hangers you no longer need and shape them like branches. Once you’ve created the wreath form, cover it with silver or metallic spray paint for a luxurious look.

Next, attach various types of leaves to your silver branch wreath by hot-gluing them in place and adding garlands and lights for extra pizzazz. If you have a garden, flowers of various sizes and shapes can be used to decorate your wreath.

To get started on your own silver branch wreath, read our detailed tutorial!

10. Hanging Wine Corks – Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

Hanging wine corks front porch christmas decorating ideas

There are several ways and ideas you can use to decorate wine corks. But what if you want to hang them together as part of your front porch Christmas porch decorations?

Start by using a string of small chains to hang the wine corks. You can then use wire cutters to break the chains before attaching them to the branches. If you want, you can also use jewelry findings or other decorative items to make your front porch Christmas porch decoration look more attractive.

As far as embellishments are concerned, feel free to use any wintery elements that you have lying around your house. For instance, you can also hang the wine corks with strings of hemp twine, decorate the branch with small pinecones, add red berries, as well as paint the wine corks in various colors that match your overall Christmas party theme.

To get started on your own hanging wine cork decoration, read our detailed tutorial!

11. Typography Holiday Wreath – Christmas Porch Decorations

Httpswww diys comtypography holiday wreath

If you want to create an original Christmas porch decoration, why not try making a festive typography wreath? You can start by painting a wreath form with white paint and then going over it with a black marker to create your lettering.

Once you’re done, cut out various words from various types of paper and attach them to the wreath with glue. If you want to make a Christmas door sign, paint a rectangular piece of plywood in red or green depending on your overall festive color scheme, and use gold spray paint for the letters.

Finally, attach this holiday sign to your front door using hooks or tacks. And voila! Your typography Christmas porch decoration is now complete!

If you’re interested in making a modern and elegant typography holiday wreath using a metallic square wreath form and thin wires, read our detailed tutorial!

12. Rustic Painted Pots – Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Rustic painted pots front porch christmas decorations

When it comes to front porch Christmas decorations and bringing some greenery into your festive holiday décor, nothing says it better than the brilliant idea of turning old clay pots into lovely outdoor ornaments.

Start by painting or staining your clay pot – one color or two contrasting colors are both excellent options. After this step is complete, you can embellish the painted pot with various elements such as twigs, acorns, pinecones, cranberries, and even evergreen leaves wrapped around a wire form.

When creating details for your wintery floral scape design, consider using items that go well with other decorations in the area. The rustic wooden stand adds a nice touch of natural beauty to your rustic painted pot and perfectly complements the color scheme.

In addition, you can also use a round wire form wrapped in pine boughs as a base for your design, which can be held in place with small twigs and acorns. All in all, this is a fantastic winter arrangement that you can proudly display on your front porch for all to see!

To get started creating a rustic painted pot, feel free to explore our in-depth instructions!

13. Square Pinecone Wreath – Christmas Porch Decorations

Square pinecone wreath christmas porch decorations

Are you planning to spruce up the outside of your home with Christmas porch decorations using a holiday wreath? Well, if it’s rustic elegance you’re looking for, you can try making a square pinecone wreath.

To create this festive wreath, make sure to first cut out three different sizes of squares from an old piece of cardboard. Once done, attach them together using white yarn and then wrap several pieces of artificial evergreen garland around the form.

Next, start attaching pinecones that have been coated in glue to the surface. To do this, insert the pinecones one by one into the gaps between each looped section of the garland. For extra color and texture, feel free to include dried red berries as well as small twigs.

The result is a visually stunning, lovely vintage holiday wreath that will definitely catch your guests’ attention – so much so you might have some people knocking at your front door to find out the source of this beautiful creation!

You can follow our step-by-step tutorial for creating a square pinecone wreath in no time!

14. Concrete Christmas Tree – Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

Concrete christmas tree christmas porch decorating ideas

If you’re looking for a creative way to beautify your front porch, we suggest trying out this awesome Christmas porch decorating idea for making a concrete Christmas tree.

To start, prepare a base by covering an old wooden trunk with red wrapping paper for that classic Christmas feel. Using craft wire, attach eight pinecones to create branches on the tree.

Then, mix together one part of cement powder with two parts of water. In a separate bowl, stir three tablespoons of salt with enough concrete mix until you get a thick paste-like consistency.

Now it’s time to join the water and concrete bowls together – pour the mixture into your dry ingredients slowly while stirring continuously until they combine completely without lumps or bumps. But be careful not to add too much water!

The next step is very important because it determines whether or not this Christmas porch decor idea will turn out successfully. You’ll need to cover the base and then wrap twine around it once the mixture has dried enough.

As soon as this mark is reached, remove any excess twine and proceed to carefully take off the circle from the top of your trunk. Take some time making sure that no wires are sticking out or embedded into your tree’s surface – if there are, you’ll need to get rid of them.

Once you’ve successfully removed the circle, start applying the second layer of concrete around the trunk using your sculpting tools – create different-sized balls by pressing down on it and then use smooth rounded edges to smooth out certain sections or add details.

Now that you know how to make a concrete Christmas tree, what are you waiting for? Give this creative project a go and see how it turns out!

15. Twine-Wrapped Bottles – Outdoor Porch Christmas Decorations

Twine wrapped bottles outdoor porch christmas decorations

Are you looking for a fresh and versatile idea to decorate your front porch for the holidays? Then try making these twine-wrapped bottles that are perfect for outdoor porch Christmas decorations. You can use them to create an ensemble and place it on a small table next to a miniature Christmas tree to greet your guests.

To start this project, gather a group of empty bottles and use wire cutters to remove the caps. Next, wrap thin string or twine around each container. Be sure to have them overlap so that you form a cross design when they’re all attached.

For added flair and texture, feel free to add in ribbon ties or any other embellishments. Once done, fill the bottles with oranges and continue arranging them until there’s no more space left inside – try experimenting with different size designs and arrangements until you find one that you like.

This is a simple yet effective way of dressing up your front porch for the holidays, and you can combine it with any other outdoor Christmas decorations you might have.

To learn more about this nifty DIY project, check out our tutorial for making twine-wrapped bottles!

16. Leaning Ladder with Ornaments – Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

Leaning ladder with ornaments christmas porch decorating ideas

Sometimes you want to mix things up a little when it comes to decorating your front porch. If this is the case for you, try experimenting with leaning ladders and see how they look adorned with wintery ornaments. It’s a stunning DIY Christmas porch decorating idea!

To get this show on the road, gather some wooden rungs that resemble ladders. Determine where you need to drill holes to put them together correctly and then proceed with assembling them.

Once your ladder is ready, measure out where you’ll be placing it on the ground so that it doesn’t tip over. Afterward, use spray paint to cover each rung in whatever color you choose. If you have a specific party theme in mind for Christmas, be sure that the colors match!

Once the paint has dried, tie a string to each rung and then use it to attach ornaments. Hanging them from your front porch is a simple way of adding that finishing touch. You can add any other Christmas embellishments, such as pinecones, red berries, or greenery.

To find out how to put together a rustic ladder from the ground up, visit The Ponds Farmhouse and read the in-depth guide!

17. Joy Holiday Wreath – Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Joy holiday wreath front porch christmas decorations

Do you have a front porch wreath that is starting to look a bit tired and worn out from the holidays? Then it’s time for an upgrade. We recommend trying your hand at this creative DIY project so that you can bring in some new life into your home: a holiday wreath that spells out JOY.

To start working on this front porch Christmas decoration idea, gather some supplies you’ll find around the house: wire hangers, pliers, red cloth napkins, and glue. Cut up the wire hangers and then use pliers to bend each piece into different shapes like stars or circles.

Once done, cover the hangers with glue and then wrap them tightly with the cloth napkin pieces. Make sure you fold over any of the loose edges of the fabric before applying more coats of glue so that they won’t come apart. When you’re done, hang the wreath from a nail on your front porch and wait for it to dry.

After the glue is completely dry, attach some twine or rope to the back of the wreath so that you can easily hang it up. You can even add in red berries and greenery if you want to give this project a Christmas theme!

For more inspiration about making a Joy holiday wreath, feel free to explore our straightforward tutorial!

18. Snowflake Art – Christmas Porch Decorations

Snowflake art christmas porch decorations

When preparing your home with Christmas porch decorations to impress your family and friends, you can show off your creative side with simple snowflake art. You can hang it anywhere, whether it’s on your front door or the outer wall of the house.

Start by gathering up some supplies: paper, pencils, scissors, white acrylic paint, and a paintbrush. On each sheet of paper, trace out the design to make the bottom half of each snowflake. When you’re done, paint them using different colors so that they look like beautiful stained glass.

Once dry to the touch (this should take about an hour), cut along the lines you traced onto your sheets of paper in order to create snowflakes. Gather all and use twine or string to hang them from your front porch for extra flair!

If you want to decorate your home for Christmas but aren’t sure where to start, definitely check out our detailed guide about snowflake art!

19. Pallet Christmas Tree – Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

Pallet christmas tree front porch christmas decorating ideas

If you’re looking for a way to add some rustic flair to your holiday decor, you can try making a pallet Christmas tree. We recommend this project since it’s a perfect front porch Christmas decorating idea that doesn’t take up too much time or effort.

As far as materials are concerned, make sure to have new or used wooden pallets, paint, a stencil for decorating, and a drill. Start by painting each of your pieces of wood white in order to give them that snowy look.

After the paint dries off, apply a preferred stencil on the decorations using whatever design you want. For example, you can go with snowflakes if it fits in with your Christmas theme or you can choose pine trees if you want to give your home a rustic touch.

If you want more design ideas about making a pallet Christmas tree, feel free to browse Crafts a la Mode for some inspiration!

20. Stacked Flower Pots with Greenery and Pinecones – Christmas Porch Decorations

Stacked flower pots with greenery and pinecones christmas porch decorations

There are plenty of ways to bring in some fresh flowers to your porch for Christmas! We recommend this stacked flower pot design so that you have the perfect place to put various types of greenery or pinecones when it comes to Christmas porch decorations.

You’ll need terracotta pots in three different sizes that you can stack. When it comes to decorating them with pinecones and other greenery, feel free to use whatever fits into your personal style or holiday theme. For instance, you can add miniature Santas or reindeers.

We encourage everyone who is looking for front porch Christmas decorations ideas, as well as those trying to spruce up their home’s exterior this season, to check out the detailed tutorial we found on Crafty Honey Badgers on how to make stacked flower pots with greenery and pinecones.

21. Stacked Gift Boxes – Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Stacked gift boxes front porch christmas decorations

One of the best ways you use old gift boxes is for decorating your front porch on Christmas! You can stack them in different patterns or designs for Christmas porch decorations, wrap them in red and green ribbons, as well as add more embellishments to grab the attention of carolers and visitors.

When it comes to materials, you’ll need several flat gift boxes, wrapping paper, scissors, and plenty of festive embellishments like ribbon, garlands, small figurines (such as Rudolph), lights, bows, and so on.

Start by painting the gift boxes any color you want, such as white or red, since they represent the holiday best. Once they’re dry to the touch, cut strips of paper that are about three inches wide.

Roll up the strips before tying them around each box to create a striped pattern when all of them are linked. Finish off your Christmas porch decor by adding festive embellishments like garlands, lights, Santa figurines, bows, and so on.

For more inspiration, don’t hesitate to explore The Seasonal Home!

22. Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets – Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

Chalk pen galvanized buckets front porch christmas decorating ideas

If you’re looking for something rustic and straightforward to add to your front porch decor on Christmas, we recommend galvanized buckets decorated with a chalk pen. It’s a perfect DIY project since you can make as many buckets as you want without too much time or effort. The most challenging part is picking up the buckets.

As far as supplies go, make sure that you have several galvanized buckets, chalk paint pens of various colors, and small figurines of Santa Claus or whatever character fits into your holiday theme. You could also throw in pinecones if you’d like.

Start by painting each bucket white so that they look snowy when used for Christmas decorations. After the paint dries off, write out any message or design you want. For example, you can turn these buckets into Santa’s sleigh, a reindeer, or whatever else represents Christmas in your home.

To find out more about decorating galvanized buckets with chalk pens, check out the step-by-step instructions laid out by Finding Home Farms!

23. Giant Christmas Ornaments – Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

Giant christmas ornaments christmas porch decorating ideas

Another fantastic idea for front porch Christmas decorations is making oversized ornaments to hang from the roof. It’s a fun project for the entire family, so you can invite your kids to give you a helping hand.

To make giant Christmas ornaments, you can use plastic cups, balloons, spray paint, wrapping wire, and clothes hangers. First, you’ll have to blow up the balloons so they won’t pop during the rest of the process. Make sure that each balloon has a diameter of at least two feet, if not more for giant ornaments.

Next, spray-paint the balloons in silver or gold to make them look like hanging support of Christmas ornaments. Now you can tie the end of each balloon and insert it into a plastic cup.

Once this is done, use your clothes hangers to make a small hole on each plastic cup for hanging once your Christmas porch decorating project is complete. The final part involves wrapping wire around your cups. You can now hang the oversized ornaments on your front porch!

Find out more about this fabulous project by watching the YouTube video tutorial posted by Tanya Memme!

24. Tire Ornaments – Christmas Porch Decorations

Tire ornaments christmas porch decorations

Here’s another exciting idea about oversized Christmas ornaments! If you have some old tires lying around the garage, don’t hesitate to incorporate them into your Christmas porch decorations! For example, you can make tire ornaments and candies.

In addition to old and unused but clean old tires, you’ll need paint, screws or nails, thin rope, a glue gun, and colorful lights. Begin by spray-painting each tire in any color that matches your home decor or favorite holiday theme.

After the tires are dry to the touch (overnight is best), use the thin rope to attach a screw or bolt on three parts of each tire. We recommend leaving about two feet between each screw since these will be used later to hang up your tire ornaments.

Once this is done, cut equal lengths of thin yarn rope. You can now apply the glue gun to each end of each rope. Afterward, you must carefully attach them to the screws on your tire ornaments.

If you want to add a bit of winter wonderland or Christmas spirit to your front porch, consider adding lights inside your tires! You can plug in all of your tire ornaments so they’ll light up when it gets dark outside.

Discover the complete instructions for making tire ornaments by heading over to Lily Ardor!

25. Tomato Cage Christmas Trees – Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Tomato cage christmas trees front porch christmas decorations

Here’s another fantastic idea for front porch Christmas decorations – make large DIY outdoor trees from tomato cages and trunks! Since it’s a fairly straightforward project, we recommend getting your kids involved to keep them busy and have fun!

All you need to do is purchase three or four 8-foot long garden stakes and three or four tomato cages, depending on how large you would like your tree to be. The next step involves wrapping the trunk of each tree with big bows, garlands, raffia, lights, ribbons, tinsel, and boughs of leaves – whatever works for you.

After this part is complete, it’s time to weave around the tree trunk with lights. When purchasing Christmas lights for this project, think about the color scheme of your home decor and the overall theme of the season.

If you love this idea of creating outdoor Christmas trees from upcycled tomato cages, check out the complete list of instructions on Two It Yourself!

26. Candy Canes Made from Walking Canes – Christmas Porch Decorations

Candy canes made from walking canes christmas porch decorations

Another fantastic idea for Christmas porch decorations is to make candy canes from old walking canes! These striped candies are a unique way to decorate your front door and spread the holiday spirit.

For this project, you’ll need a few old walking canes in great shape, a hot glue gun, and ribbons in red and white. It works for DIY new brides who want to incorporate their wedding accessories into their festive holiday decor!

Begin by cutting three inches off of each end of one cane. You will now have two pieces that look like sticks with points on both ends – the back legs of your cane critters. Now it’s time to create the heads of your creatures.

Using the pointy ends of the cane, make two small holes in your walking stick. Now you can attach the neck and head pieces by sliding them through the cane. Push the neck parts down but not too far because you might want to push them up later for positioning.

Once the head is attached, cut your ribbon in half and glue one half to each end of the cane. Finally, curl the bottom part of the ribbon to make the feet of your candy cane creatures!

To find out more about making candy canes from walking canes, visit Sadie Season Goods!

27. Door Wrapped as a Christmas Gift – Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Door wrapped as a christmas gift front porch christmas decorations

Add a personal touch to your front porch Christmas decorations with this idea for decorating the door as a gift! This project is fairly easy and straightforward, so anyone can do it.

What you need are five or six large pieces of paper in wrapping-paper sizes, double-sided tape, glue sticks, scissors, twine, fabric scraps (optional), chalk marker (optional), and festive buttons.

You can also add any other embellishments you want, such as snowflakes or candy canes. The best thing about this idea is that you can draw any design on your wrapping paper. Once done, cut out your drawings and wrap up your plain white door in Christmas cheer!

To get a better look at the resulting project, check out this Pinterest post!

28. Wooden Gifts – Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

Wooden gifts front porch christmas decorating ideas

Another innovative idea for front porch Christmas decorations is to make wooden presents from old pallets! This project has a rustic touch that will mesh well with any elegant front porch decor.

To begin, you’ll need two or three wood pallets of the same size and length, paint (optional), saw, screwdriver, hammer, nails or screws, ruler or measuring tape (optional), pencil or chalk marker (optional), and ribbon if desired.

Begin by sawing off the ends of each side of your stacked wood pallets. Then draw numbers on each board and cut them apart using a ruler as a guide. The next step involves numbering the pieces again, stacking them into piles that match up as best as possible.

Now, start attaching the pieces by screwing or nailing them into place. It isn’t a necessary step, but it will make your job easier. Finally, decorate your wood gifts with ribbon if desired!

For more inspiration about making wooden gifts, check out this Pinterest post!

29. Santa Claus Planter – Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

Santa claus planter front porch christmas decorating ideas

By just adding a bit of paint to an old planter, you can turn it into this festive Santa Claus planter! It’s a creative front porch Christmas decorating idea worth exploring, especially if you love floral arrangements.

All you need are old pots in good condition, red spray paint, simple black belts, and what you plan on adding to the planters, such as greenery, red berries, or pinecones.

Start by washing off your pot thoroughly to remove any dirt particles that might interfere with your project. Next, lay down newspapers on a well-ventilated outdoor surface and spray-paint the pots as evenly as possible.

Afterward, you can attach your belts to the middle of the planters with glue or single nails. You can then add greenery or anything else that will help decorate your pot!

We discovered this Santa Claus planter idea on Sew Many Ways, so feel free to check it out for complete instructions!

30. Tire Snowman – Christmas Porch Decorations

Tire snowman christmas porch decorationstire snowman christmas porch decorations

Another fun way to make Christmas porch decorations using old tires is by building a snowman! It’s a unique idea that will add a playful element to your holiday front porch.

To get started with this project, you’ll need eight tires of different sizes, a lot of white spray paint, a black permanent marker or paint, a glue gun, an orange pom-pom, a couple of branches, and a red scarf. You could also decorate the snowman’s hat with a combination of greenery, a yellow ribbon, and pinecones, or anything else you would like.

Begin by stacking the tires to determine the shape of the snowman. The largest tire should be on the bottom, while the first two tires will become the snowman’s hat. Next, spray-paint all tires white, except for the first two (hat), which can remain naturally black.

Once the paint dries off, restack the snowman. Use the black permanent marker or black paint to draw the snowman’s buttons, eyes, and mouth. Get your hot glue gun and attach the two branches on each side since they will become the snowman’s arms.

Also, glue the orange pom-pom as the nose, together with the hat decorations. Finally, wrap the red scarf around the neck, and voila! We hope you have already found a permanent spot for the snowman since it would be a hassle to unstack, move, and restack all the tires.

We found this adorable idea on Pinterest, courtesy of Cathy Richardson!

31. Paintbrush Santa Claus Ornaments – Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Paintbrush santa claus ornaments front porch christmas decorations

Want a homegrown way to add some unique front porch Christmas decorations this year? Then check out these paintbrush Santa Claus ornaments! You can easily hang them on your front door or make them part of an ensemble.

This craft is relatively simple, but it does require a lot of patience. You’ll need an assortment of unused 1-inch wide paintbrushes, a thin paintbrush, acrylic paints (red, green, beige, white), a hot glue gun with glue sticks, white chenille stems, green buttons, silver cords, and small wooden balls.

Begin by painting the handles red and the metal part beige. You can then dip the bristles of the brushes in white paint and, using the thin paintbrush, create green dots on the handles.

It’s now time to draw Santa’s facial features on the metallic part. Feel free to use your imagination in this case. As a tip, you can use the small wooden balls as the noses. The silver cords can be used for hanging the ornaments.

If you love this idea as much as we do, head over to Crafty Morning to get the complete tutorial!

32. Wood Block Reindeer – Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

Wood block reindeer front porch christmas decorating ideas

If you want to add some holiday cheer more playfully, we highly recommend the wood block reindeer. You can also use it as an outdoor decoration or in your front yard during wintertime.

For this front porch Christmas decorating idea, you need, you need a large styrofoam block, a wooden plinth, a yellow paint marker or paint, four tree branches cut to the same length, and white spray paint.

Start by drawing Rudolph’s antlers on the top of the styrofoam block using your yellow paint marker. Then, spray-paint all pieces of wood white, except for Rudolph’s antlers.

Once the paint dries off, assemble the parts by drilling holes through each end and securing them with screws. After that, attach the branches to the plinth and insert them into the drilled holes until it is stable enough. You can then attach Rudolph’s antlers on top of it, and there you go!

To find out more about making a wood block reindeer, visit Re-Fabbed!

33. Snowman Muffin Tin – Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas

Snowman muffin tin christmas porch decorating ideas

These snowmen muffin tin ornaments are super cute and would be a wonderful addition to your Christmas porch decorations. You can hang them by the front door, near your wreath, or on your banister.

To make these adorable decorations, you’ll need a regular size muffin tin, permanent markers in white and black, googly eyes, small buttons, red pipe cleaners, twine or string for hanging purposes, and glue.

Draw different facial expressions and features of each snowman and attach googly eyes and buttons. Finally, use the glue to fix the pipe cleaner arms on top of each muffin cup. You can hang up one strand near the front door for extra cuteness.

For more inspiration, visit Christy Robbins’ blog!

34. Pan Lid Snowman – Christmas Porch Decorations

Pan lid snowman christmas porch decorations

If you have a plethora of pan lids and are looking for something fun to do with them, we recommend making a snowman from a metal pan lid that you no longer use.

It’s a DIY project that requires patience and craftsmanship, but the end result will definitely be worth it as far as Christmas porch decorations are concerned!

As far as supplies are concerned, you need a clear spray sealer, craft paints in black, orange, and white, white spray paint, an old metal pan lid, decorating chalks (optional), a Crop-a-Dile to punch the hole in the lid, ribbon, E-6000 glue, and a mini garland.

To complete the project, you’ll need to spray-paint the lid, seal it, and punch a hole at its center. The most challenging part is putting your creativity to the test by drawing the snowman’s facial features. However, once you’re done, you can attach the ribbon to the pan and hang your masterpiece on your front door or any other fitting place.

If you feel that this project is a bit underwhelming, you can push boundaries by using three metal lids to design not only the snowman’s head but also its body.

To learn more about the pan lid snowman, visit Little Vintage Cottage!

35. Snowman Shutter – Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Snowman shutter front porch christmas decorations

Adding winter’s touch to your front porch Christmas decorations is not as complicated as you might think. This snowman shutter concept is simple and straightforward. It also makes for an excellent Christmas ornament that’s suitable for all ages.

To make a snowman shutter, you just need a vertical white shutter, black, white and orange felt, along with various embellishments like a black or white scarf, black fabric to make the snowman’s hat, a snowflake, a bit of greenery, and red berries.

There are no special tricks here. Start by cutting the felt into small pieces to create the black and white buttons, black mouth, black and white eyes, and orange nose.

You can then cut the black fabric to make the hat and secure it in place with hot glue. Finally, wrap the scarf around the shutter and attach the remaining embellishments, such as the snowflake on the hat.

We felt inspired by this stunning Pinterest post uploaded by Brooke Dalton, so feel free to check it out!

More Christmas Porch Ideas to Try Out This Year

If you want even more inspiration, you’re in luck! We have even more cool ideas so you can properly decorate your porch!

36. Christmas Porch Decorations – Ornament Obelisk

Christmas Porch Decorations - Ornament Obelisk

Check out this red beauty we found over at Home BNC! You can create an ornament obelisk in little to no time with the right instruction. Hop on over now and grab the tutorial to whip up your own!

37. Rustic Snowman Front Porch Christmas Decorating Idea

Rustic Snowman Front Porch Christmas Decorating Idea

We also found a more rustic approach to the Christmas-styled porch. If you like farmhouse interior design, then you’ll love this subtle nod to the Christmas spirit. How adorable is that snowman? Visit Home BNC again for even more inspo.

38. Crackling Fire Outdoor Porch Christmas Decorations

Crackling Fire Outdoor Porch Christmas Decorations

This space from House Beautiful has us absolutely swooning. The lantern’s light reminds us of a warm, crackling fire and the chair with the cozy blanket creates an even more welcoming spirit.

39. Front Porch Christmas Decorations with Chalkboards

Front Porch Christmas Decorations with Chalkboards

Chalkboards are always a fabulous addition – truly for any season. You can create a wintery, Christmastime scene on it and then use the accent to welcome your guests inside. We found a lot of great ideas at Home Stories A to Z.

40. Snow-Covered Presents – Christmas Porch Decorations

Snow-Covered Presents - Christmas Porch Decorations

You could even create a scene filled with “snow” and presents straight from the North Pole. We found this fun setup while visiting Gardenoholic and fell in love with its whimsy.

41. Christmas Porch Decorating Idea – Use Skis

Christmas Porch Decorating Idea - Use Skis

Home Stories A to Zhad this fun, traditional styling on display as well. We snatched it up for a feature because we just love the addition of the skis making it a family-friendly welcome.

42. Rainboots Outdoor Porch Christmas Decoration

Rainboots Outdoor Porch Christmas Decoration

Your rainbows could hold bouts of greenery as well. This entire setup is one to tug at the Christmastime heartstrings and we love the natural palette that it’s working with. Check out more like this atCountry Living Magazine.

43. Whimsical Elves Christmas Porch Decorating Idea

Whimsical Elves Christmas Porch Decorating Idea

We found a lot of great inspiration at WooHome as well. And that inspiration included this whimsical and quirky elf-inspired setup. We love the colors and magical feel of this porch!

44. Wagon Christmas Porch Decoration

Wagon Christmas Porch Decoration

Grab a wagon and fill it up with festive goods. This is a great way to utilize what you’ve already got and create a fun scene at the front door. We found this one while visitingHouse Beautiful.

45. JOY – Front Porch Christmas Decoration

JOY - Front Porch Christmas Decoration

Welcome signs are great additions as well. We’ve actually seen this natural wreath and JOY sign floating around the Internet before and became big fans. It’s a great DIY to pursue. Check it out at Country Living.

46. Christmas Porch Ideas – Sledge and Tree

Christmas Porch Ideas - Sledge and Tree

If you happen to have a fully-covered porch, you can create a Christmas scene that’s even more in depth. Just look at this space from Sweet Pea. It’s vintage styling and a full tree to enjoy!

47. Wooden Ladders Christmas Porch Decorations

Wooden Ladders Christmas Porch Decorations

Those wooden ladders you use year round can be turned into something fun for the porch. Stack your favorite decor pieces and place it next to the door. Pinterest always pulls through for us!

48. Believe Banner – Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Believe Banner - Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Here’s another type of welcome “sign” that you can take ideas from. We love the magic behind this setup and how a banner can be the simplest and most effective part of your decorating. Thanks for the image One Kindesign!

49. Vintage Sled – Front Porch Christmas Decorating Idea

Vintage Sled - Front Porch Christmas Decorating Idea

Check outHoosier Homemadefor a fun bout of inspiration. Pile up your porch with fun, cozy finds – including a vintage sled if you have one. It’ll really pack a fun and personalized punch to the scene.

50. Traditional Red & Green Christmas Porch Decorations

Traditional Red & Green Christmas Porch Decorations

Check out this gorgeous porch we found while perusing Pinterest. It has classic red and green colors and is filled with “extra” glam ornaments and greenery. We just love how welcoming and festive it is!

Final Thoughts on Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

Are you excited about all these fabulous front porch Christmas decorations ideas? We certainly are!

If only we had a bigger budget and more time to make all of these beautiful holiday home decor projects, but alas – that’s the beauty of DIY. You take old or used materials around your house and turn them into something new and different for holiday decorating.

Another advantage of making your own Christmas porch decorations is that you can incorporate recycled items as well. After finishing this project, ask your neighbors if they would like to have a few extras or even help with crafting their own trees using our ideas!

Let us know which Christmas porch decor ideas you like best by dropping a comment in the dedicated section below! You can also share more original ideas with us.

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