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15 Mermaid Tail Patterns To Whip Up This Weekend

We’ve all seen them floating around Pinterest and the blogs, mermaid tails are all the rage! You may dream of an alternant life, where you are, in fact, a mermaid, you may be a fan of Princess Ariel or your little girl may have a small obsession herself, whatever the case, we have some DIYs that are right up your alley. Check out these 15 mermaid tail patterns to whip up this weekend and start getting creative!

1. The Little Little Mermaid

Little mermaid ariel tail

Suburban Mom shows us how to make a mermaid tail, just like the Little Mermaid, Ariel, for all of your tiniest gals. It’s perfect for a birthday party!

2. Crocheted

Crochet mermaid tail diy

Check out this YouTube video if you want to learn how to crochet yourself a tail. Curl up on the couch and enjoy this magical creation.

3. Sequins

Diy mermaid tail

Over at Lauren Conrad you’ll find an amazing tutorial for a beautiful mermaid tail and the perfect costume come this Halloween. Check it out!

4. Stripes

Diy mermaid blanket

You can also grab this free print from Revelry and learn how to make a cozy tail that everyone in the family will enjoy. And this one has stripes!

5. Scallops

Diy scalloped mermaid tail

Darby Smart has a unique mermaid tail design that we love to, with texture. Gather up those scallops and create this storybook version tonight.

6. Barbie

Diy barbie mermaid tail

Mamma That Makes shows us how to make a Barbie mermaid tail. Your little one will adore this new addition to her doll’s closet.

7. College

Mermaid blankets diy

Before going off to college, whip up one of these comfy, fleece cuties from Brit+Co. They’re plush and they’ll be a must-have for movie night.

8. Swim

Diy swim mermaid tai

Check out xoJane if you want to make your mermaid tail swimmable. It’s great for fun but also for a photoshoot!

9. Girls

Diy mermaid tail

Candace Creations made a mermaid tail for her daughter that was too beautiful for words! Just think how your little gal will adore pretending to be Ariel herself.

10. Fleece

Diy mermaid tail blanket

Dukes and Duchesses took fleece and made it into something extra special. And this one has some beautiful embellishments too!

11. Fluffy

Mermaid blanket

Fluff up your tail with this design from The Sorry Girls, which is actually one of our favorites. It’s more unique in its overall pattern as well.

12. Detachable

Diy mermaid tail and seashell top 3

Just hook this piece right around your gal’s waist as they play pretend or celebrate a birthday. Check out Make it Love it for the details.

13. Costume

Mermaid costume video tutorial

The Sewing Rabbit has a mermaid costume up their sleeve as well. And we love it and it’s scalloped, romantic edges.

14. A Skirt

Diy mermaid skirt

Make shows us how to create a skirt hat mimics a mermaid tail. We can’t help but think how wonderful the girls of the house will love this addition to their wardrobe.

15. No-Sew

No sew mermaid tails

If you don’t want to touch a needle, then hop on over to Living Locust and create a no-sew version of a mermaid tail for the little ones!

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