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Recipes for Blackberry Lovers

When you think of berry-based desserts, blackberries might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Many people get distracted by stawberries or raspberries unless they’re thinking of blackberry jam. If you ask us, however, skipping over the blackberries means you’re sorely missing out!

Check out these 15 amazingly delicious blackberry dessert recipes that will make sure you never skip out on the blackberries again!

1. Blackberry ginger bars

Blackberry ginger bars

Blackberries and ginger make a combination that is both fragrant and flavourful. Putting that filling into these oatmeal bars keeps things slightly n the healthy side, as far as baked goods are concerned! See the recipe on Driscoll’s.

2. Blackberry and apple oaty flapjacks

Blackberry and apple oaty flapjacks

Do you like the idea of oats and blackberries in one place but not the inclusion of ginger? That’s okay, it’s not for everyone. We bet you’d prefer this blackberry and apple recipe from Good to Know instead!

3. Blackberry pie bars

Blackberry pie bars

Do you ever look at the delicious piece of pie on your plate and think about how you can’t wait to tuck in, but how people almost always cut the slices too big, especially after a huge dinner? Try serving your guests these little blackberry pie bars instead! Everyone will get a little portion baked in delicious pie crust and if one bar isn’t enough, they can always go back for more. Buttercreek Mill shows you how they’re done.

4. Blackberry fool with homemade shortbread

Blackberry fool with homemade shortbread

This sweet, creamy blackberry dip tastes absolutely heavenly on shortbread, especially if you make that shortbread yourself! Lucky for all of us, Woman and Home outlines the steps for doing both!