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35 Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes: DIY Costumes They’ll Love

As far as Halloween goes, toddlers are crazy about all of the Halloween traditions, such as decorating the house, going trick-or-treating, eating all of the candy that comes with the trick-or-treating, and, most importantly, wearing toddler Halloween costumes.

Speaking of which, if you want to check out some of the best Halloween costume ideas that you should try out this year, you should go ahead and check out this extensive article.

Which Are the Best Toddler Halloween Costumes?

We will be covering some of the best Halloween costume ideas for toddlers, and we made sure that the entries that we’ve included are both popular, and as easy to make at home as possible.

1. Toddler Chucky Costume

Toddler chucky costume

Chucky has been giving people the creeps since 1988 and is one of the most recognizable horror movie icons ever, so it’s no wonder that he’s quite popular when it comes to Halloween costume ideas.

Not only that, but since Chucky himself is a doll, and therefore short, he’s the perfect choice when it comes to toddler Halloween costume ideas.

As you can see from Cat Carel’s post, it’s fairly easy to pull off a realistic Chucky costume, even if you only have regular toddler clothes at your disposal.

Just make sure you have some denim overalls, a colorful striped blouse, and the DIY part of your toddler Chucky costume is pretty much done.

As for the physical traits, it will be much easier if your toddler has ginger hair since you’ll just have to mess up their hair to get the iconic Chucky look, but if you don’t a ginger wig will do just fine.

You can then finish up the costume with some makeup and face paint to make the freckles and scars, give them a toy knife or some toy scissors, and you’ll have your very own Chucky.

Tip: If you happen to have a real-life Chucky doll lying around the house, chances are that you can use its clothes as a baby Chucky costume.

2. Toddler Ghost Costume

Toddler ghost costume

One key aspect when it comes to dressing up for Halloween is going as a character that everyone will instantly notice, and few monsters are as recognizable as a ghost.

Well, one advantage if you do decide to dress up your toddler as a ghost is that, from a DIY point of view, it’s arguably the easiest costume that you could design, as shown by oldflipchick on Insta.

All you need is a sheet of white cloth that is big enough to cover your head to toes, and a pair of scissors to cut out some holes for the eyes, and maybe 2 larger holes for the arms, and your toddler ghost costume is done.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a ghost costume for your toddler is that you can also enhance it with whatever decorations you like, such as using glow-in-the-dark materials on the white sheet, or adding a Jack-o-Lantern mask and using a ghostly body.

Another thing worth mentioning is that since you’re using one big sheet of cloth, you can use the same costume year after year, up until your toddler outgrows it, although this would mean using a very large sheet from the very start.

All in all, if you’ve run out of ideas, and don’t have the time or materials to make something else, there’s no way you can go wrong with a traditional ghost costume since this particular idea is timeless.

3. Toddler Pennywise Costume

Toddler pennywise costume

Clowns have always been a very polarizing choice when it comes to costume ideas since you’ll either have people that will think you’re hilarious, or people who will be downright terrified of you.

Well, the creators of Pennywise the clown took advantage of this and created one of the most memorable movie monsters in recent history, as well as one of the most popular inspirations for Halloween costumes.

As you can see from JeffHofmanphoto’s post, they managed to create a very convincing girl version of pennywise using the easily recognizable clown suit, makeup, and a fake arm.

The toddler Pennywise costume itself is very easy to create at home as long as you know how to sew some pom poms and tassels to a white suit, and the makeup itself is also easy to replicate due to how recognizable they are, even if you get it slightly wrong.

You can also play around with some of the details to bring a more personal touch.

For example, if you think that your toddler walking around with a fake arm or leg seems too gruesome, you can easily swap that with a red balloon which is admittedly much easier to associate with Pennywise.

4. 2 Year Old Halloween Costume – Harlequins

2 year old halloween costume harlequins

A 2-year old’s Halloween costume is very easy to create regardless of the theme you plan on going with because, regardless of what character you decide to portray, your toddler will still look as cute as an angel.

For example, Junior Style tried creating 2 different monochromatic harlequin costumes, and while it’s obvious that they were supposed to be artsy or scary, the truth is that they look adorable.

If you like this look and want to apply it on your own toddler, you’ll first need some foundation and eye makeup (make sure that it’s safe for children), some clothes, pom-poms, and whatever other decorative elements you see fit.

The most obvious finishing touch will be the pointy harlequin hat, and if you want to further enhance your toddler’s cuteness factor, you can do so by making the hat either really small or making it so big it will look borderline silly.

For those of you that are keen on family photos, you can all dress up as harlequins and take some very nice-looking black and white photos so that you can commemorate the Halloween night of 2021.

5. Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas – Witch or Wizard

Toddler halloween costume ideas witch or wizard

Magic has always been a very popular topic for children, so it goes without saying that when it comes to toddler Halloween costume ideas, witches and wizards will be very sought after.

Just take a look at Lulu Q’s witch costume design and notice just how happy the child is, since they know deep down inside that they’ll be getting a lot of candy if they’ll be wearing this costume.

Besides, such a costume design is very easy to make since there’s no makeup involved, and the materials needed to make the witch or wizard suit are pretty common.

For example, for the costume above you’ll notice that you can replicate the look with a simple black ballet dress, along with colorful Halloween-themed knee-high socks.

In fact, the only element you’ll actually have to put any time and effort into is the pointy hat, and whatever other decorative elements you want to add, such as the broom, a witch’s cape, etc.

6. Cute Toddler Costumes – Harley Quinn

Cute toddler costumes harley quinn

Toddlers have a knack for making anything they dress in look cute, but there’s something about dressing them up as bad guys that makes them look even more adorable.

For example, when it comes to cute toddler costumes, especially those for girls, one great idea is that of a Harley Quinn costume, especially since the character has been very popular in recent years.

When it comes to achieving the same look like that of The Fall Sisters’ design above, you’ll need to work on several levels: hair, makeup, clothes, and accessories.

The hair is easy to do since you need some washable hair dye, and so is the makeup, although you should try to use makeup that is safe for a child’s face.

The clothes will be a bit trickier to make since it’s very unlikely that your toddler has half red and half blue clothes just casually lying around the house, so you’ll have a lot of stitching to do, and as for accessories, big bracelets and a toy baseball bat will do just fine.

TIP: If you happen to have 2 toddlers that are either friends or siblings, you could try to dress one as Haley Quinn and the other as the Joker.

7. Cute Toddler Costumes – Cow

Cute toddler costumes cow

When dressing children as animals, we’re usually tempted to dress them using big onesies along with heavy face makeup or masks, but we forget that we can make them look just as amazing with very few actual costume elements.

For example, Noellebydesign managed to create some very cute toddler costumes using clothing and a headband, such as the cow-themed costume that you see above.

They used a cow-themed T-shirt, a ballet dress, a pair of cow-themed pants, a headband, and some blush to bring out the toddler’s naturally rosy cheeks.

However, if your child has a different favorite animal, you can use the same idea as with the costume above and make a completely different suit, like a cut chick or a pink piglet costume.

All in all, the final costume design is absolutely adorable, and your toddler is guaranteed to have a blast during Halloween night, especially thanks to the attention and all the candy that they’ll be getting.

8. Toddler Costume Ideas – Pumpkin

Toddler costume ideas pumpkin

The moment you see the first leaves falling is the moment all shops stockpile on produce that either contains or at least look like pumpkins, as this has become the de facto symbol of the Fall.

Because of that, it should not come as a surprise that pumpkins make for excellent toddler costume ideas, especially if you already like to call them your little pumpkins.

As you can see from this costume design from Your Anchored Mamas, your toddler will look positively lovable in this outfit, and the smaller he is, the greater the effect.

All you need is some orange cloth to make the base of the pumpkin costume, as well as some green cloth for the leaves and some black cloth if you want to add some carving marks into the costume.

One advantage of this costume is that, if it happens to be very cold during Halloween night, you can go ahead and stuff it on the inside with some felt or extra padding, and this will not only keep your little one warm, it will also give the pumpkin costume a fuller look.

TIP: Because of the cutesy look, your toddler will likely be receiving a lot of kisses and hugs, so a neat idea to complete the outfit is to spray him with some pumpkin-flavored perfume.

9. DIY Toddler Costume – Milk and Cookie

Diy toddler costume milk and cookie

Every parent thinks that their child is the sweetest, and some will even go the extra mile to prove it, especially during Halloween night.

If you’re one such parent, take a look at the DIY toddler costume designed by Nashville Baby Guide, and you’ll see what sweet really means.

The cookie costume is easy to make with some cloth and felt filling, and you can even change the entire cookie theme into something else if you have a different favorite dessert.

As for the milky hat, that too is easy to make, and we actually recommend making it even bigger and fluffier than the one in the picture, just to make the costume extra funnier.

A great thing is that this costume works on both boys and girls and, if you happen to have twins, you can even go ahead and dress one as the cookie, and the other as the glass of milk, and make them go trick-or-treating together.

10. DIY Toddler Boy Costume – Jack Skellington

Diy toddler boy costume jack skellington

Do you know people that like to watch Home Alone during Christmas year after year? Well, the Halloween equivalent is to watch a Tim Burton movie, especially The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you’re one of them and you’re thinking of an easy DIY toddler boy costume by emilyjane_thestrange, there’s no way you can go wrong if you try making a Jack Skellignton costume, especially given how easily recognizable the character is.

All you need is a striped suit, some black and white face paint, a Santa hat, and the costume is finished.

The best part about this costume is that Jack Skellignton is usually depicted carrying a big Santa Claus bag with him, and you can do that as well, and make it your toddler’s trick-or-treating bag, and he’ll most likely love the extra storage space for all the goodies he’ll receive.

If you happen to have 2 toddlers, a boy and a girl, you can go ahead and dress the boy as Jack and the girl as Sally, Jack’s love interest from the movie.

11. DIY Toddler Boy Halloween Costume – Napoleon

Diy toddler boy halloween costume napoleon

If you have a knack for important historical figures and want to showcase it, one of the best DIY toddler boy Halloween costumes is that of Napoleon, especially since he’s famously known for being very short.

Admittedly, this costume will require some time invested in making it, from the small boots to the suit and hat, but as you can see from Sarah Strange’s post, the results will be well worth the extra work.

You can take the costume to the next level by adding a fake sword, and maybe even making a cardboard horse for the toddler to ride, although this will require a lot of extra materials and work hours.

One thing you can add to make the costume even more believable is to add some old war medals (if you happen to have any), or you can even go ahead and use chocolate-filled gold coins to make your own DIY medals.

Of course, if there are other important historical figures that you admire, you can always try something else rather than Napoleon, although the list of short historical figures is pretty short.

More Toddler Costumes for Halloween

So far we’ve listed some of the most popular toddler costume ideas of 2021, but that doesn’t mean that they are the only ones that you should try.

Besides, if you don’t care about current popularity and are just on the lookout for costume ideas, you can go ahead and continue reading the next section of our article, since these are the most popular costumes from past years.

12. Waldo Toddler Halloween Costume

Waldo Toddler Halloween Costume

Where’s Waldo? Find your own cutie and create his costume with help fromRepeat Crafter Me. We just love this toddler Halloween costume as it’s super easy to get together.

13. Viking Toddler Boy Halloween Costume

Viking Toddler Boy Halloween Costume

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar shows us how to make a fierce viking costume for the tiniest lad of the house. How adorable is this little guy in his toddler boy Halloween costume!?

14. Toddler Boy Costume: Spider

Toddler Boy Costume: Spider

Go with something classically Halloween like a spider toddler boy costume. If you hop on over to Mad in Craftsyou can grab all the easy details.

15. Cute Toddler Costumes: Dinosaur

Cute Toddler Costumes: Dinosaur

Running with Scissorsfeatures a charming dinosaur tail DIY project that we’re swooning over too. It’s perfect for dress up but also a great foundation for a super rad costume too.

16. Chef Toddler Boy Halloween Costume

Chef Toddler Boy Halloween Costume

If your little guy has a passion for helping in the kitchen, he could also dress as a chef for the day. Check outAndrea’s Notebook and learn how to sew up one of these charming chef hats. Overall, this awesome toddler boy Halloween costume is easy to make and should be a delight for your little one.

17. Toddler Skeleton Costume

Toddler Skeleton Costume

Here’s another classic Halloween costume you’ll want to have in your DIY repertoire. And We Play has all the directions on creating a super easy toddler skeleton costume.

18. Gator Boys Toddler Halloween Costumes

Gator Boys Toddler Halloween Costumes

A Night Owl‘s little boys really love the Gator Boys show on Animal Planet, so she took it to a super creative level and DIYed costumes inspired by them. DO your little ones like the show too?

19. Kristoff from Frozen Disney Toddler Costume

Disney Toddler Costume

Mom Endeavorsused Frozen has her inspiration. While all little girls want to be Elsa or Anna, you can turn your boy into Kristoff!lll.8

20. Army Man from Toy Story: Disney Toddler Costume

Army Man from Toy Story: Disney Toddler Costume

Wild Ink Presshas one of my favorites on the list. We’re loving this super creative costume based on the Army Men from Disney’s Toy Story!

21. Lumberjack Toddler Halloween Costume

Lumberjack costume with beard

Dress your little man in a beard with some help fromMake It Love It. Learn how to transform him into a rough and rugged lumberjack for the night.

22. Adorable Skunk: Toddler Halloween Costume

Adorable Skunk: Toddler Halloween Costume

Taylor Madedid something super adorable but also quite clever too. No one else at the party will be a skunk!

23. Warrior Toddler Boy Halloween Costume

Warrior Toddler Boy Halloween Costume

We’re loving this creative warrior-inspired helmet fromCrafteeo. Your little guy can even help you design it!

24. Mummy DIY Toddler Costume

Mummy DIY Toddler Costume

KGPshows off a super chic and stylish mummy costume. This too is classic Halloween if you’re looking for something spooky and extra festive.

25. UP Cute Toddler Costume Idea

UP Cute Toddler Costume Idea

Here’s another costume inspired by Disney! Take a peek atMitch and Mickeyfor inspiration on this duo costume!

26. 2 Year Old Halloween Costume: Curious George

2 Year Old Halloween Costume: Curious George

If he always loved Curious George books, why not dress him like the characters? Check outHaute Apple Piefor the details.

27. Peter Pan’s Shadow: Toddler Boy Costume

Peter Pan's Shadow: Toddler Boy Costume

Going as Peter Pan is a great idea but going on his shadow is even better. We are loving the cleverness behind this costume fromTikkido.

28. Toddler Halloween Costume: Cowboy

Toddler Halloween Costume: Cowboy

A cowboy is a timeless costume as well and there’s a time in every little boy’s life where he daydreams of becoming one.House of Noisehas all the details on how to make this one come together seamlessly.

29. Toddler Costume: Strong Man

Toddler Costume: Strong Man

Tip Junkiehas some circus costume ideas and we’re swooning and giggling over this tiny strong man. Don’t forget the mustache!

30. Toddler Halloween Costume Idea: iPhone

Toddler Halloween Costume Idea: iPhone

inhabitantstook a cardboard box and turned it into something special. Have your little one walk down the street as the newest iPhone on the block.

31. Cute Toddler Costume: Caveman

Cute Toddler Costume: Caveman

Sew Much Adoshows us how to create some classic cavemen costumes as well. These too are a timeless addition to someone’s costume repertoire.

32. Toddler Boy Costume: Upside-Down Man

Toddler Boy Costume: Upside-Down Man

If you’re looking for something extra creative and funky check out this idea fromSugar Bee Crafts. Where’s his face?!

33. Toddler Halloween Costume: Bat

Toddler Halloween Costume: Bat

Living with Punkswill teach you how to sew up this snazzy bat mask. It makes the perfect start to a mysterious and creepy bat costume.

34. 2 Year Old Halloween Costume: Baby Shark

2 Year Old Halloween Costume: Baby Shark

We’re kind of loving this baby shark costume from Create Craft Love. It’s adorable and has a bit of silly humor sewn in too.

35. Toddler Costume Idea: Nerd

Toddler Costume Idea: Nerd

Martha Stewartshows us how to turn your little guy into a simple and sweet “nerd” for the day – complete with glasses, suspenders and pencils in his shirt pocket.

Best Toddler Boy Halloween Costumes: Closing Thoughts

Our massive list has come to an end, and we hope that we did a good job at providing you with enough ideas regarding what you’ll be dressing up your toddler as in 2021.

Sure enough, the list could be much longer, but we decided to stick with the most popular costume ideas that also have DIY potential, especially given how Halloween costumes can be very expensive if bought from the store.

Besides, even if you do manage to find some cheap toddler costumes, chances are that everyone else in the neighborhood will have them, and that can be very awkward during Halloween night.

That being said, a good DIY costume is the best way to go, since even if everyone on the block does decide on getting dressed as Dracula or a mummy, each of them will bring their own unique twist to the character.

If you want to read more articles to inspire you on how to make your Halloween feel even more like Halloween, know that our website is full of them.

Besides, if there’s a particular subject that you’d like us to talk about that we haven’t covered yet, leave us your feedback in the comments section below, and we’ll be sure to write a brand-new article on that matter.

Happy Halloween!

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