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Delicious Recipes for Watermelon Lovers

If you ask us, one of the freshest tastes you’ll find, especially in the summertime, is a big chunk of bright, juicy watermelon. The favour is more subtle than citrus fruits or berries, but it’ll remind you of hot summer days by the beach or having a snack with your friends after a day of outdoor sports. Sometimes the best way to enjoy your favourite fruit, however, is to switch things up a little bit!

Check out these 15 delicious recipes that use watermelon in all kinds of exciting ways!

1. Asian pork burgers with minted watermelon

Asian pork burgers with minted watermelon

Real Simple reminds you that your star ingredient doesn’t always have to be part of the main dish in your meal! Sometimes a side dish is so good that it shines, or perhaps just complements the primary food absolutely perfectly, just like this minted watermelon and cucumber side dish does for this mouthwatering Asian pork burger!

2. Watermelon salad with mint and crispy prosciutto

Watermelon salad with mint and crispy prosciutto

Do you love the idea of watermelon and mint, but you’d rather add a few more delicious ingredients and have that be your main dish instead of making burgers too? Real Simple has you covered for that as well! Instead of just watermelon, mint, and cucumbers, this salad also includes radishes, nuts, and delicious crispy prosciutto!

3. Spicy watermelon salsa

Spicy watermelon salsa

Are you looking for a watermelon recipe that’s easy to share at a potluck or dinner party? Try this awesomely fruity twist on a classic snack! Watermelon salsa on nacho chips tastes beyond fresh, making it perfect for end of summer barbecues. Check it out on All Recipes.

4. Watermelon and manchego stack with arugula pesto

Watermelon and manchego stack with arugula pesto

Perhaps you’d prefer something a little more gourmet and unique that your party guests probably won’t have tried before? Then these watermelon stacks are the perfect hour oeuvres for you! Pile thinly sliced slabs of watermelon with manchego cheese and flavourful arugula pesto, stack the layers high, and voila. Food Republic shows you how it’s done.

5. Watermelon strawberry spa pops

Watermelon strawberry spa pops jpg

One of our very favourite ways to eat watermelon is frozen! That might sound strange but don’t worry, we don’t just mean frozen fruit chunks (although those do taste great in smoothies!). We mean these deliciously refreshing watermelon popsicles from Hello Glow.

6. Chili lime cucumber noodles on salted watermelon with mint

Chili lime cucumber noodles on salted watermelon with mint

Did you know that watermelon even tastes amazing in pasta? We sure didn’t until we found this unique recipe from The First Mess! The chili lime pasta tops a slab of salted watermelon, creating a flavour experience like no other.

7. Watermelon doughnuts

Watermelon doughnuts

You read that right- watermelon doughnuts are actually a thing. Not only do they actually look like doughnuts thanks to some creativity with a bit of food colouring, but they actually taste like them too thanks to mouthwatering cream cheese icing made with real watermelon juice! They’re also baked rather than fried, making them healthier than other doughnut options. Get the baking instructions from Sugarswings!

8. Spicy watermelon and avocado salad

Spiy watermelon and avocado salad

Do you love unconventional flavour combinations more than just about anything? Then you’ll love the fact that this watermelon recipe is actually spicy! You can customize it with any number of veggies and other ingredients, but we’re in love with this avocado version from Love and Lemons.

9. Blueberry watermelon gazpacho

Blueberry watermelon gazpacho

If you’ve never tried gazpacho then you’re really missing out! Whether you’ve had it or not, though, we highly recommend this amazing watermelon blueberry combination with cucumbers for garnish. It’s the perfect summer snack that still keeps you healthy, but it’s so flavourful that we don’t think you’ll mind. Check it out on Food Republic.

10. Two melon mousse

Two melon mousse

Some of our favourite summer desserts are mousse dishes because they’re so lightly and airy that they don’t make you feel full and weighed down. This particular mousse gets bonus points for extra fruity summer flavour! Check out how to make a watermelon honeydew dream in a glass on Raspberri Cupcakes.

11. Orzo salad with chicken, watermelon, and feta

Orzo salad with chicken, watermelon, and feta

Are you hoping for a watermelon recipe with a little more meat substance, but the pork burger option above isn’t really for you? Try this flavourful chicken bowl from Rachel Cooks instead! Besides watermelon and chicken, orzo and feta cheese make this dish completely satisfying.

12. Watermelon punch with fresh lime and crushed mint

Watermelon punch with fresh lime and crushed mintjpg

Are you looking for a refreshing watermelon beverage to go with all these meal options? Then you’ll adore this fruit cocktail we found on Yummy Supper! Crushed mint and a squeeze of fresh lime take the flavour to the next level and you’ll love it virgin or with a splash of rum. We can hardly think of anything that tastes more like summer!

13. Watermelon salad with tomato and cucumber

Watermelon salad with tomato and cucumber

Are you the kind of person that just craves vegetables sometimes, but you’re always looking for new ways to combine them that keeps your meals interesting? We suggest throwing some fruit on in there too! Check out how This Week for Dinner used watermelon to spice up a cucumber and tomato salad.

14. Watermelon and berry cake

Watermelon and berry cake

Do you adore cake, but you’re trying to cut down on calories? Well, we’ve found perfect (and possibly most interesting) solution! Check out this amazing watermelon “cake” that’s absolutely perfect for any summertime special occasion! When we say “watermelon cake”, however, we don’t don’t mean cake batter that tastes like watermelon. The inside of this cake is literally slabs of watermelon slathered in whipped cream and topped with berries! Check the whole scrumptious process out on It’s a Lovely Life.

15. Fruit party cake

Fruit party cake

Do you love the idea of a watermelon cake, but you’d rather have an option that’s a little healthier than the whip cream heavy idea above? Skip the cream and just make a whole cake out of flavourful fruits, just like Love, Life, and Sugar!

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