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How To Make a Delicious Vegetable Paella

This Vegetable Paella is a gourmet one pot meal! With a few tips, this traditional Spanish dish can be made fast enough for a weeknight dinner.

Vegetable paella

Paella is a one pot rice dish that originates in Spain. It features fragrant spiced rice, tender-crisp veggies, and usually seafood and chicken. Today we are nixing the protein, adding in some produce and making this one delicious veggie packed meal.

Roasted red peppers add a sweet depth of flavor, artichokes add big flavor and have a “meaty”, texture, and peas and green beans keep things fresh.

If you would like to keep in the protein, feel free to add in some cooked shrimp, chicken, or your protein of choice.

Vegetable paella recipe

And with all the plant based ingredients in this Vegetable Paella, we get a hefty dose of nutrition.

When choosing rice for this recipe, pick up a brown rice. Short grain rice is the most traditional for this recipe, but any type of brown rice, long or short, will bring in extra nutrition than its white counterpart. Brown rice contains minerals that the body needs to regulate metabolism. Brown rice can also help to manage a healthy weight and lower cholesterol.

Artichokes have the power to benefit almost every system in our bodies. They are good for the digestive system, cardiovascular system, our liver, bones, and metabolism. Artichokes can also reduce the risk of cancer, help the body detox, and aid in weight loss. Is there anything this veggie can’t do?!

How to make a vegetable paella