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15 Easy DIY Life Hacks to Save Time and Money and Get Yourself Organized

When the trend of figuring out “life hacks” first took the Internet by storm, we weren’t so sure that transforming cardboard boxes into different things or organizing our phone cords in creative ways would really have an impact on our lives. At least, that’s until we actually gave it a try and realized that even the smallest things that promote organization in a cheap, upcycling based way can have a big and very helpful effect! Since then, we’ve been looking up all kinds of weird little life hacks and ways to store or protect the small things in our house to make life easier for everyone without spending money.

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the whole concept of organizational “life hacks” as we were, here are 15 of the coolest, most creative ideas we’ve found so far in our search!

1. Recycled soda box soup can organizer

Recycled soda box soup can organizer

Have you ever opened up your kitchen cupboard and had a can of soup come rolling out, making your life flash before your eyes? It seems no matter how we stack out cans (look, our kids really like chicken soup), they seem to teeter off each other or take up all the space on the entire shelf. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to come across this can storage idea from Then She Made that keeps the soup cans contained and space efficient while also upcycling a soda pop box once you’ve drank all the soda!

2. Toilet paper roll seed pots

Toilet paper roll seed pots

Recently, our kids came home with tiny seedlings planted in little miniature pots that they’d been learning about at school, but rather than forgetting about them like some kids would, ours decided they wanted to actually watch their plants grow for as long as they could. The plants soon got too big for their mini pots, however, but the next size up planters we could find were ridiculously large in comparison. That’s why we were pleased to come across this little upcycled seed planter tutorial from Homedit! Planting your flowers in a section of an old toilet paper roll also makes it easer to replant them later when you want to put them in the garden.

3. Ice cube and cutlery tray organizers

Ice cube and cutery tray organizers

Okay, we know that they actually already make drawer inserts intended for organization, but we’ve tried store bought storage trays of all kinds and, as it turns out, our desk is actually just a little smaller than the average writing desk with a drawer. This means that the regular organizers we’ve come across won’t fit! Instead, we followed this suggestion from Amelie Barbeau and used small ice trays placed next to each other inside the little drawer, putting different earrings, rings, and bracelets in each little cubby to keep them organized.

4. Shower caddy for car fluids

Shower caddy for car fluids

Recently, we hit the breaks in our car a little harder than usual because a cat ran into the road and everything was find because we stopped in time for the cat to run away, but all the car fluids and supplies we had in the back of the car got shaken around by the force and flew all over the trunk, so we had to put them away before we could fill the trunk up with our groceries half an hour later. Since then, we’ve discovered this awesome, simple little life hack from DIY Craft Project. If we’d put our bottles of windshield fluid and so on in a shower caddy, the caddy might have slid a little when we hit the breaks hard, but the bottles would have stayed contained!