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DIY Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Paper towels. Most of us use them everyday, but wealso forget to consider the design of our paper towel holder. But why ignore the lookof something we use so often? Today I wanted to share an easy project that will add some style to your kitchen, using two of the trendiest materials of late – leather and wood.

Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

Materials To create a leather paper holder

Here’s what you’ll need for your chic leather and wood paper under cabinet paper towel holder:

  • A 13.5″ long dowel rod that is 1″ thick
  • 2 pieces of leather, 2″x8″
  • Bendable wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Command Strips that hold up to 12 lbs.

How to build an under cabinet paper towel holder:

Cutting a small holl on first piece of leather

Begin by cutting a small hole on one end of the first piece of leather. Make sure it is equidistant from the nearest three edges. Continue cutting it larger and larger until the dowel fits snugly through it.

Round the corners of the leather

Next, round off the two corners nearest the hole that you just created so that end forms a semi-circle.

Create the Metal spiral

Now you’ll begin to create the metal spiral that will keep the leather on the dowel. Use a pair of pliers to cut a 12″ long piece of wire. Use the pliers to begin bending the wire around the end of the dowel. Be careful not to dent the wire or the wood with the pliers. Use one hand to hold the bent end of the wire against the wood and use the other hand to wrap the wire around the dowel until you’ve used it all up. It will probably not be quite tight enough if you’ve used wire that has some give, so take it off and tighten it a bit. It should be able to slide onto the dowel without much of an effort (but you also don’t want it to slip off by itself).

Repeat this process for the other end of the dowel, creating another leather piece and wire spiral.

Place command strips with glue

Next, hold your paper towel holder up in its future home to make sure that the leather pieces are the correct length and that it doesn’t hang down too low. If so, cut the excess off of both pieces of leather. Place Command Strips along the top edges of the leather pieces. Adhere them to the underside of the cabinet where you’ll be hanging your paper towel holder according to the instructions on the package.

Leather paper holder unde cabinet

Cutting the leather after glue

And that’s it! Now you have a super stylish new leather paper towel holder that will make you smile every time you have to grab a towel.

Leather Paper Towel Holder

Modern leather paper holder

Don’t hesitate to customize it according to your kitchen decor… if you have dark wood, consider staining the dowel to match. And you could also use a lighter leather or try copper wire. No matter what you use, it’s sure to be an improvement over a plain old plastic one.

Happy crafting everyone!

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