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15 Impressive Cake Designs That Look Like Wood

When it comes to cake decorating, there are countless impressive things you can do to give your homemade cakes awesome effects, even at a beginner level. We recently saw a wood effect cake on TV and we’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea ever since. That’s how we found ourselves looking at all kinds of suggestions and tutorials on how to make them ourselves!

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the idea of wood grain or tree cakes as we are, if not more, here are 15 of the best inspiration photos, decorating tutorials, and design ideas that we’ve come across so far.

1. Carved initials cake

Carved initials cake

Besides showing you how to get that amazing bark effect that really makes this cake look like actual tree stumps, The Sweet Life Bakes shows you how to make a carved initial effect that, thanks to a bit of edible hand painting, is incredibly realistic!

2. Birchwood wedding cake

Birchwood wedding cake

Do you love the carved initials idea but you’re just not sure you want to create that dark looking a cake for the next special occasion? Then maybe you’d prefer to try this lighter birchwood effect version outlined step by step on The Pastry Studio instead!

3. Mulled wine Stump de Noel cake

Mulled wine stump de noel cake

This particular cake is a bit simpler in its icing technique, as you’r working with buttercream frosting and not fondant and hand painting techniques, but the decor and the way it’s been embellished with edible toadstools and a sprinkling of icing sugar morning frost on top is nothing short of stunning. See how it’s made in more detail on Sprinkle Bakes.

4. Wood, flower, and burlap cake

Wood, flower, and burlap cake

This stunning tutorial from Gaynor Portsmouth shows you how to make a three tiered cake that has two different wood-like bark effects and a plain fondant covered topper just for visual balance! We love their presentation using faux flowers and a burlap bow.