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50 Gorgeous Do-It-Yourself Cake Stands

Baking and decorating a cake from scratch is one thing, but what about after the icing has been spread and sprinkles dropped? You’ll need a place to show off your delicious masterpiece. From decorating to creating from the ground up, cake stands are a beautiful way to display what you’ve hand-crafted with love.

Here are our 50 gorgeous do-it-yourself favorites!

1.Rustic Wood Plaques

Rustic Wood Plaques

All you need are some wooden plaques from the craft store to create this beauty. We’re in love with the rustic charm but feminine appeal {found on Pretty Handy Girl}

2. Golden Glitter

Golden Glitter

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter? Covered, dipped and dressed from head-to-toe in golden sparkle, this cake stand is a hit for birthday parties or winter dinners. {found on Deliciously Darling Events}

3. Easy Ombre

Easy Ombre

Of course you can always have some fun with paint. Grab some shaded favorites and create your very own ombre piece. {found on My Paper Pinwheel}

4. Antique Plates & Glasses.

Antique Plates & Glasses

Upcycle your vintage pieces or grab some at a flea market, then pair them together to create a unique and quirky dessert stand for the home! {found on Camille Styles}

5. Versatile Glass.

Versatile Glass

A glass plate and any glass dish can become quite the versatile and seasonal addition. Decorate for any holiday or time of the year as you display your beautiful baked goods. {found on Eleven Cupcakes}

6. Colorful Dessert.

Colorful Dessert

Spray pant and garage sale finds can really come in handy when creating these colorful numbers. Just look at the youthful style and unique vibes! {found on Centsational Girl}

7. Plastic Pairs

Plastic Pairs

Those plastic dishes and cups you’ve had in the cabinets forever or ones that you can snag at the dollar store – they can easily become something much more versatile and fun! {found on No. 2 Pencil}

8. Clay Pot

Clay Pot

Inexpensive clay pots and pieces can come together to create something for the kitchen as well. With a little paint and the right kind of glue, you can conjure up something like this! {found on Hello My Sweet}

9. Sprinkles

Sprinkles Cake Stand

Possibly our favorite design and tutorial on the list, this sprinkles project is such a fun addition to your next big event! Personalize it with colors of your choices, but you better not forget the sprinkles! {found on 1 Fine Cookie}

10. Wood Scallops

Wood Scallops Cake stands

Can you believe these cake stands were made from all wood pieces you can find at the local craft store? Follow the tutorial to create one yourself and embellish them for a personalized twist if you feel up to it! {found on Bee in Our Bonnet}

11. Canister

Canister Cake Stand

Any type of old canister can be used and paired with a fun plate for this unique design. Just make sure to jazz up the canister a bit too. {found on Pretty Providence}

12. Gold Spray

Gold Spray cake Stand

Metallic spray paint may be one of the best inventions of all time for crafters, just look at what it can do! A wooden plaque and a candlestick can be used as the foundation. {found on Sweetly Chic Events & Designs}

13. Pom-Poms

Pom Poms Cake Stand

Whether you DIY your own classic, white cake stand or have one laying around the house, add a bit of youthful spunk with the addition of pastel pom-pons! {found on Factory Direct Crafts}

14. Glass Beads

Glass Beads Cake Stand

Here’s another way to style an older piece you’ve had for years. With a beautiful glass cake stand you can take it to an entirely new level with adding some sparkling, glass beads. {found on BHG}

15. Wild Cat

Wild Cat Cake Stadn

These cake stands are quite epic don’t you think? Perfect for themed parties or even a circus-themed baby shower, follow the tutorial to re-create your own! {found on A Beautiful Mess}

16. Concrete

DIY Concrete Cake Stand

One bag of concrete can have you feeling quite creative. And that’s what was used to make this funky, industrial piece. {found on Trend Hunter}

17. Pastel

Pastel Cake Stand

Pastel colors never looked at pretty as they do here on these adorable, simple cake stands. Wooden pieces and candleholders create the easy foundations for this one too. {found on Torie Jayne}

18. Miniature

Miniature Cake Stand

What if you just want to show off a gorgeously-styled cupcake or stack of delicious cookies? You’ll need to have a miniature stand to do the displaying! {found on Tammy Mitchell Designs}

19. Martini Glass

Martini Glass Cake Stand

Martini glasses used as the foundation to a cake stand provide a unique and ultra feminine appeal. We’re in love with this easy, breezy idea! {found on Katherine Schwarzenegger}

20. Simple White.

Simple White Cake Stand

If you’d rather create your own instead of buying one you see off the shelf, here’s a great DIY on how to accomplish the creation of a simple, white cake stand for every need. {found on The Pancake Princess}

21. Pink Tiered.

Pink Tiered Cake Stand

Can you believe this adorable pink piece was founded on a few plastic items from the dollar store? Well, you better believe it. It doesn’t get much simpler or inexpensive than this one! {found on Evite}

22. Wired.

Wired Cake Stand

If you’re really up for the challenge, take a dive into this tutorial. You’ll have a unique, hipster piece on your hands once you’re done with this wired design. {found on The Merrythought}

23. Yellow Pop.

Yello Pop Cake Stand

This scalloped cake stand was also created from wood. The catch is in the color. This bright yellow would be perfect for spring and summer events! {found on In This Wonderful Life}

24. Cardboard

Cardboard Pink Cake Stand

For a more modern, but still very easy project, look no further. Created with a little cardboard, after this project you’ll have a super funky, eclectic cake stand on your hands. {found on A Beautiful Mess}

25. Red Wood

Red Wood Cake Stand

Red pops and so do these easy-to-replicate designs. They’re perfect for this winter affair and would be perfect for a retro-inspired kitchen. {found on Anders Ruff}

26. Marble Top

Marble Top Cake Stand

If you want a more traditional, yet sophisticated look, try working with a bit of marble. Personally, I’d love to be able to show off a cake stand that I DIYed myself, made with such classic ingredients. {found on The Den}

27. Striped B&W

Striped Plates Cake Stand

Black and white stripe with a hint of gold, this fashion-forward cake stand is easier to make than you may think at first glance! {found on Little Miss Momma}

28. The Dome

The Dome Cake Stand

Have you ever thought about jazzing up a dome or creating one from items you may already have? When you’re finished displaying your cake, you’ll need to cover it in a stylish new way! {found on Be What We Love}

29. From Ikea

Ikea Cake Stand

That rigid plate comes from ikea … and that’s where the magic begins. With a bit of paint, you’ll have this textural piece made in no time. {found on Flavours & Frosting}

30. Plates & Bowls

Plate and Bowl Cake Stand

Some classic plate and bowls can make up a more modern design. Then grab some sharpies to “bake” some designs right on. {found on The Creativity Exchange}

31. Sprinkle Hat

Sprinkle Hat Cake Stand

Are you not head-over-heels in love with this unique cake dome? Start out with a simple, glass piece and then paint it to perfection for a more fun and festive style. {found on The Kipi}

32. Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta Cake stand

This vibrant stand was made from terra cotta pots and pieces. With the right paint, you too can create a bold statement for your own baked goods. {found on A Beautiful Mess}

33. Chalkboard

Chalkboard Cake Stand

Have you ever thought about creating a chalkboard cake stand? Decorate as you’d like and have fun re-creating it at every event! {found on They Call Me Fearsy}

34. Added Ribbon

Added Ribbon Cake Stand

Here’s another way to create a new look for an older cake stand. Tie some ribbons around it for a festive, funny and ultra girlish appearance for your next party. {found on Chickabug}

35. Polka-Dotted

Polka-Dotted Cake Stand

Are you not in love with this gilded, polka-dot piece? And it’s so easy to do right at home, for even the novice crafter. {found on Paint the Gown Red}

36. Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup Cake Stand

With a coffee cup, saucer or plate, you too can have this quirky, unique piece for your kitchen. It’s got a cottage charm and a wonderfully vintage spirit. {found on A Beach Cottage}

37. Cake Pops

Cake Pops Stand

You can’t forget about cake pops when creating a cake stand. Just look how easy and adorable these charming cake pop stands are, made from wrapped boxes! {found on Nat Your Average Girl}

38. Retro Dot

Retro Dot Cake Stand

Scrapbook paper, styrofoam rings and a couple other easy ingredients were conjured up to create this fun, retro piece! We bet you may even have the centers hiding away in your cupboard. {found on Little Red Window}

39. Mirrors

Mirrors Cake

Some dollar store mirrors and candleholders can turn into a couture-inspired piece with just a little bit of the right kind of glue. Are you inspired yet? {found on Tikkido}

40. Plastic 14K

Plastic 14K Cake Stand

Plastic wine glasses and plastic chargers were used in the creation of this beauty. Who knew it could be do easy? {found on A Beautiful Mess}

41. Pearl Embellished

Pearl Embellished Cake Stand

Beautiful and delicate, have fun getting creative with design as you embellish a bought or DIYed cake stand. With this, all that was used were some pearls and ribbon accents. {found on Torie Jayne}

42. Repurposed

Repurposed Cake Stand

Again, older plastic plates and cups can create something magical. As can some vintage pieces with minor wear and tear. {found on Brit + Co}

43. Coffee Can

Coffee Can Cake Stand

An old coffee canister and transform into something modern and fashion-forward for the kitchen. Serve up your coffee cakes or brownie batch in style! {found on Mod Podge Rocks}

44. Classic

Classic cake stand

Here’s another gorgeous, classic example of how terra cotta pots can turn into something quite sweet for your sweet displaying. {found on Tara Dennis}

45. Shabby Chic

Shabby chic cake standPlates and vintage candleholders can truly come together to create magic. And they can morph into a plethora of themes, including shabby chic like you see here! {found on Bayside Bride}

46. Organic

Organic cake stand

Woodland-inspired and perfect for rustic or country weddings, these diy, nature-made cake stands are such a fun and unique way to craft and display. {found on TikkiDO}

47. Copper

Copper cake stand diy

The combination of copper and wood can make quite the unique and artistic piece, don’t you think? Just imagine if the wood was painting another metallic shade! {found on Pretty Handy Girl}

48. Natural Wood

Natural wood Cake Stand

Leave natural wood pieces as is for a softer finish. This too has an old-age spirit and classic vibe, don’t you think? {found on Design Sponge}

49. Teacup.

Teacup Cake Stand

Teacups and plates have such a great way of coming together and letting off cottage-charm and girlish qualities. We’re in love. {found on Torie Jayne}

50. Tart Plate

Tart Plate Cake Stand

An older tart plate and candleholder can create a funky, textural cake stand when put together with glue or temporary putty. {found on A Beautiful Mess}

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