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30 Festive DIY Holiday Party Favors

It’s officially holiday season and that means it’s time to start planning gifts, family outings, home decor and the parties! And what’s a great way to amp up the memories and “wow” factors at those dinners or Christmas-themed shindigs at your house? Add a favor to the mix and send it along with each and every one of your guests as leave. It’s a great way to say thanks for coming and personalize the party.

1. Pinecone Ornaments

Pine Cone Ornament DIY Favor

Send your guests off with some DIY-colored pinecone ornaments. HGTV gives us the scoop on how to get those ombre effects.

2. Custom Mixed Tea

DIY Custom Mixed Tea Holiday Favors

HGTV also had this super unique and personalized idea. Create some custom mixed tea for your guests to enjoy – and include some flavors of the season!

3. Hot Chocolate Ornament

DIY Hot Chocolate Ornament Favors

Pretty My Party had one of the most charming ideas of the pack that will be an absolute hit with every one of your family and friends. Create these single hot chocolate ornament packs – both usable and adorable!

4. Peppermint Chex Mix

Peppermint Chex Mix Party Favor DIY

You’ve got to check out this super yummy snack recipe from Maybe Matilda. It’s full of the season’s spirit and would be a perfect “thanks for coming” partying gift!

5. Sunglasses Box

DIY Sunglasses Favor Box

Hop on over to the Sunglass Warehouse and take a peek at this adorable idea. Although the sunglasses aren’t homemade (you can find some inexpensive ones at a Dollar store or party shop), the boxes are. Fixed with a “merry and bright” label and you’ve got a kitschy, festive favor!

6. Candy Ornaments

DIY Candy Ornaments

Here’s another charming ornament project that your guests are going to love. Studio DIY came up with this clever idea and we’re swooning over these candy cuties!

7. Mirrored Candy Bottles

Glass Bottle DIY Favors

Are these bottles not absolutely gorgeous? DIYed by Paper & Stitch, recreate these beauties (garnished with fresh eucalyptus) and fill them up with something as simple as chocolate candies for a quick thank you to your guests.

8. Reindeer Grub

Reindeer Grub DIY

This idea from Kix Cereal is perfect for everyone, including the kiddos! Make a quick snack mix, dubbed Reindeer Grub, for those to enjoy long after the party is over.

9. Mason Jar Cocktails

DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Favors

Something Turquoise gives us an idea that works for more than just the holidays. These easy mason jar cocktails are a great treat (and easy too) for your guests to enjoy later in the evening or the next weekend to come.

10. Stove Top Potpourri

Stovetop Potpourri DIY Favor

Over at Liz On Call you’ll find an incredibly easy and unique idea for your friends and family to enjoy and have fun trying out at home. Create a stove top potpourri kit that will have their homes smelling like the season!

11. Peppermint Scrub

Peppermint Scrub DIY Favor

For those ladies nights and all girl celebrations, check out iSave A to Z for this DIY. Your gal pals will love you for sending them off with this luxurious, holiday-scented scrub.

12. Mittens

Mittens DIY Favor

The MOMBOT may not have knitted these mittens or gloves from scratch but the idea is golden and so easy too! Grab some inexpensive pairs and then package them in a charming way!

13. Silver Bells

Silver Bell DIY Favor

Design Dazzle gives us a great idea from a classic, holiday film … The Polar Express. Send everyone off with silver bells to display at their home with a gorgeous, DIY tag to explain the fun.

14. Snowman Candy Pot

DIY Simple Snowman Candy Gift Pots! Perfect for a holiday party favor or secret santa gift! More details at livelaughrowe.com

Live Laugh Rowe made these charming snowman pots – filled with peppermints – and we immediately fell in love. It’s festive, it’s fun and most of all, it’s easy!

15. Caramel Apple in a Jar

Caramel Apple In A Jar DIY Favor

Caramel apple treats are one of the best parts of the fall and winter seasons. And this idea The Gunny Sack makes it easy to give the gift of these goodies to your best pals!

16. Quick Bread in a Bottle

Quick Bread Recipe In A Bottle DIY Favor

Sunset gives us a great way to present an edible favor. It’s not only delicious but it’ll be one that your guests can interact with after the party stops. Besides, the holidays are all about baking and gathering in the kitchen!

17. Glitter Wine Stoppers

DIY Glitter Winestoppers

Check back over at Something Turquoise to find out how to make these stunning glitter wine stoppers. We’re in love with these clever little ideas and they’re perfect for the festivities!

18. Hand Warmers

DIY Hand Warmers Favor

These little cuties from Rae Ann Kelly are sure to be used throughout the wintery months. And these little warmers will keep everyones’ hands warms throughout Christmas caroling and sporting events!

19. Granola-Filled Tin

DIY Granola Tin Favor

BHG has some great ideas for every facet of the season, especially in the DIY gift and favor department. Just look how unique and simple this granola-filled tin is!

20. Fabric Ornaments

DIY Fabric Ornaments

Sometimes the simplest and most charming of the bunch will give off the greatest thank you. These fabric ornaments from Place of My Taste are so easy to recreate and such an adorable bit of “Christmas” spirit.

21. Peppermint Bath Bombs

DIY Peppermint Bath Bombs

Personally, I’d love to receive one of these peppermint bath bombs from A Pumpkin and A Princess. They’re homemade and provide a bit of luxury to all those who receive them.

22. White Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

DIY White Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

Send your guests off with this tasty snack from NoBiggie. They’re easy then you’d think to make and scrumptious for everyone too.

23. Cake Mix

DIY Boxed Cake Favor

Buy a box of cake mix – making for an inexpensive idea – and then dress it up to make it feel a bit more like Christmas. It’s easy, it’s useful and still very thoughtful. Thanks BHG!

24. Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate Spoons DIY

Join Cherished Bliss in this super easy DIY that every party-goer is going to love to go home and try. Dip some spoon into some delicious chocolate, jazz them up with some sprinkles and then have your family and friends spruce up their next cup of coffee or hot chocolate!

25. Terrarium Kit

DIY Terrarium Favor

Wit & Whistle gave one of the more unique ideas of the bunch. Create small terrarium kits for your guests to dive into one they get home!

26. Rudolf Noses

DIy Reindeer Eos Christmas Favor

Grab some eos chapstick and create a Rudolf nose around it! These are perfect favors – that will actually be used. And you can follow the tutorial at The Crafting Chicks with ease.

27. Snowball Cookies

Snowball Cookies Favor

Here are some snowball cookies from Setting For Four that would be a great way to thank guests on their way out. Wrap them up in a festive way and enjoy!

28. Milk & Honey Soaps

DIY Milk & Honey Soap Favor

Happiness is Homemade makes some adorable milk & honey soaps (in about 10 minutes!) that work be great little parting gifts for guests that come and celebrate the holiday season with you. Especially for those wintery, dry hands!

29. Mint Sugar Scrub

DIY Mint Sugar Scrub Favor

Here’s another scrub that the ladies will love, you can make small amounts of and spruce up with the holiday spirits. Check out the details at Love Grows Wild.

30. Mason Jar Cookies

DIY Mason Jar Cookie Favors

Something Turquoise does it again with these adorable mason jar cookie favors. Each jar yields about 10 treats when baked, which is a perfect amount for a takeaway.

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