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These 15 DIY Gum Paste Flowers Will Jazz Up Any Cake

So maybe you already have the baking down and your fondant skills are killer. Oh, and you know how to ice a cake like Betty Crocker. If you have all of those skills under your belt, why not add a little more? These 15 DIY gum paste flowers will jazz up any cake and you can plump up that baker’s reportoire even more so by learning. Check them out below!

1. Roses

Diy gum pasta roses

The Spruce Eats will teach you how to create some gum paste roses. It’s a really easy tutorial and it’s a skill that you’ll want to keep in your list of foundational know-hows. Grab the instructions after the jump.

2. Mini Florals

How to make a gum paste flower 2

Cake Journal will walk you through how to make these mini floral pieces. Perfect for cupcakes and such, these will come in handy for a lot of different dessert designs. We love the pearl accent in the middle!

3. Gold Peony

Gold open peony diy

Hop on over to Stylish Cake Decor to learn how to make this stunning gold peony! It’s extra-large and will make the most gorgeous topping to any cake – from birthday to holiday treats. Grab the tutorial after the jump!

4. Small Daisy

Gum paste daisy diy 2

This little daisy is so realistic and beautiful! Jump on over to La Mucca Sbronza and learn how to whip one of these cuties up. The tutorial is in Spanish, so if you need English just turn on your translation feature.

5. Succulent

Diy gum pasta succulent

Wilton has a lot of great tutorials but we love this one in particular. Flowers are nice, but having a succulent gets your right on trend. And this one is so realistic!

6. Leaves

Diy gum paste leaves 2

Okay, so these aren’t actually flowers either but … everyone loves fall, right?! So, it’s only natural that you learn how to create some leaves as well. Check out the tutorial by visiting Savory Sweet Life.

7. Magnolia

Diy magnolia gum paste flower

Here’s another flower to try your hand on. Beautiful and elegant, magnolias are a beautiful way to top off a celebratory cake or even one for a wedding. Just visit Craftsy for the details.

8. Umbrella

Diy gum paste umbrella

April showers bring …. May flowers and what do you May flowers bring? It doesn’t matter because you’ll need those umbrella for the April showers, so we had to insert that here. How amazing would this be for a shower cake! Tutorial at The Iced Queen.

9. More Roses

Gum paste flowers

If you’re looking to grab some more information about creating gum paste roses, grab the 411 at Cake Central. You’ll want a nice array of different roses that you can make and utilize.

10. Cala Lily

Diy gum pasta cala lily 2

Make Fabulous Cakes will help you out in the cala lily department. If you want a more unique appeal, try your hand on this design. These aren’t as widely used in cake design so it’s a great wayt o branch out.

11. The Basics

Diy mini gum paste flowers

Hop on over to tikido and check out this basic gum paste tutorial. You’ll learn how to make some precious florals to design any of your desserts. These are especially great for cupcakes!

12. Daffodils

Diy gum paste daffodils

You can make daffodils too. In fact, they make a mold to help you get them just right. Check out the details over at Craftsy.

13. Mini Roses

Mini gum pasta roses

Cakes Decor will walk you through how to whip up some mini roses. Whether they’re for cakes or petite cupcakes – or even on macarons, these are so charming! Hop on over now and give the instructions a first look.

14. Cosmos Petals

Diy cosmo flower cutter

Creations by Edith offers up a cutter to help you make some of these pretty little flowers. We love the details on each of the petals and how versatile this design is.

15. Gerbera Daisy

Diy gerbera daisy

Here’s a sweet little tutorial that will teach you how to create gerbera daisies to cover your spring-inspired cake. We love them in colores but also a traditional yellow and white. Check out the know-how at Karen’s Sugar Flower Blog.

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