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30 Beautiful Geode Cakes And How to Make Your Own

Being the avid kitchen enthusiasts we are, it’s no surprise that we’ve learned how to bake all manner of things in order to satisfy our own sweet tooth. One of our favourite parts of baking often is keeping up with the coolest trends in the treat world and trying them at home. That’s how we found ourselves looking for tutorials and inspiration to try our hand at making beautiful geode cakes!

One of the best tutorials we’ve found so far was this one from Tasty. They teach you, step by step, how  to turn any cake flavour of your choice into a stunning piece of art inspired by precious stones. Check out their finished product! They made a stunning white cake with a dark to light teal ombre geode section cut into the side. The surprisingly realistic texture is created using delicious, colourful rock candy!

White and teal ombre geode cake

Once you’ve learned the basic techniques, you can create all different variations, colours, and kinds of geode cake! Just in case you’re as in love with this concept as we are, if not more, here are 30 other designs to get you feeling motivated and thinking creatively about what your own geode cake will look like.

1. White, purple, and gold geode cake

White, purple, and gold geode cake

Besides building a stunning white and deep purple geode in the side of their pristinely fondant covered layer cake, Intricate Icings Cake Design used edible gold foiling techniques to add an even more precious looking element to the edges.

2. Marbled gold and blue geode cake

Marbled gold and blue geode cake

Just in case you’re the kind of bright, eclectic person who thinks more is more and a geode section and gold foiling isn’t quite enough for you, here’s a tutorial from Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio that also shows you how to create a beautiful marbling effect across the surface of your cake!

3. Mini pink and purple geode cake

Mini pink and purple geode cake

Are you actually still kind of a beginner in the baking world but you’re intent on trying your hand at making a geode cake anyways? Take a look at how Tastemade made this smaller, single layered version that’s totally cute.