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63 Gender Reveal Cakes To Surprise The Family and Yourself With!

Around the 20 week mark, you’ll be able to find out if the baby in your tummy is a feisty, sweet little boy or a charming, princess of a little girl.

Gender reveal cake

While the whole gender reveal party has become rather controversial in recent years, there are still plenty of folks who want to make their announcements with a bit of cake.

Cool Gender Reveal Cakes

Whether you want to surprise your family with a fun cake cutting or you want to take a bite and surprise yourself too, here are 50 gender reveal cakes that you can create right at home and make that magical moment happen.

1. Sweet On You

Pink or blue gender reveal cake diy

“Pink or Blue, We’re Sweet On You,” this cake is perfect for a gender reveal party with friends and family. Check out all the details at Craftsy.

2. Blue Velvet

Blue velvet cake recipe

If you know you’re having a little boy, you’ll want to check out this beautiful, rich blue velvet cake! The recipe can be found atAdd A Pinch.

3. M&M Filled

M&m surprise gender reveal cake

Betty Crockerfilled up a cake with confetti, or well, M&Ms. You can buy all blue or all pink to make this surprise extra special.

4. Baked Right In

Surpise inside gender reveal cake diy

Check out how I Am Baker baked the grand surprise right into every delicious slice. Whether boy or girl, you can surprise everyone with his or her scrumptious silhouette.

5. All Ombre

Diy ombre gender reveal cake

Here’s another recipe that doesn’t matter whether it’s blue or pink, ombre works no matter what! Style Me Pretty will take you through all the necessary steps.

6. Covered in Sprinkles

Sprinkle cake gender reveal diy

Ashley Brooke Designs when sprinkle crazy with her gender reveal design. The blue or pink surprise is inside but it’s the outside that has us all warm and fuzzy.

7. Question Mark

Diy gender reveal question mark cake

Over at Wilton, learn how to make this fun and festive cake! Top it off with a question mark and have everyone waiting with anticipation.

8. Hearts Inside

Gender reveal cupcakes with hearts diy

These little cupcakes have blue or pink hearts baked right inside your bite. Check it out at Dessert Now, Dinner Later!

9. Cake Pops

Diy gender reveal cake pops

Instead of cutting into the cake, put the surprise on a stick and pass it around to all of your guests! Learn how to make some gender reveal cake pops at Craftsy.

10. Dipped Oreos

Confetti gender reveal oreos diy

You could always dip your Oreos right into the surprise. Sprinkles for Breakfast give us all the details behind this easy bite.

11. Cookie Dough

Diy gender real biscuit cookies

Sweet Sugarbelle made gender reveal cookies that will certainly surprise you. You can’t even tell that there’s something hidden in these ones!

12. Hearted Bundt

Gender reveal bundt cake diy

Try a bundt cake for your gender reveal celebration. You can bake the surprise right inside the rings with this one too with a little help from Momdot.

13. Triple Chocolate

Diy triple chocolate gender reveal cake

Bake Love Give made a triple chocolate gender reveal cake that we’re drooling over. And we’re loving the giraffe detailing too.

14. Bumble “Bee”

Diy what will it be gender reveal cake

“What Will It Bee” makes for quite the adorable and charming gender reveal party theme, don’t you think? Top off your cake with the essential and bake your favorite! (via)

15. Pretty Piñata

Gender reveal pinata cake

Here’s another piñata cake concept that turned out oh so pretty! Check out the recipe and instructions over at Sweet & Savory.

16. Royal Crown

Diy royal crown gender reveal cupcakes

Showcase that surprise with some royal style. Bite into something a bit prince or princess-like with help from Tablespoon.

17. Classic Layers

Martha stewart

Martha Stewart teaches us how to make a classic layer cake that will do its job revealing the exciting surprise. Just visit and follow along with the details.

18. Pink Rainbow

Diy pink rainbow gender reveal

Call Me Cupcake made a pink rainbow cake that we’re swooning for. If you’re having a baby girl, this is definitely the recipe you’ll want to take a look at!

19. Traditional Vanilla

Diy vanilla cake gender reveal

If you want something that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds, here’s a classic vanilla cake recipe that will do the trick. Add your surprise and call it a day like ASweeter Thing.

20. Easy Marble

Gender reveal cake marble recipe

Cook Craft Love makes an easy marble gender reveal cake that we’re absolutely swooning over. Take the hop over now and check out the recipe.

21. Oh Baby

Oh baby gender reveal cake

Check out this Oh Baby design from JoAnn. We love its simplicity and one-layer surprise inside.

22. Simple Cupcakes

Simple gender reveal cupcakes recipe

Here’s another simple gender reveal recipe and this time it’s in the form of cupcakes. The Baking Fairy has all the direction you need to make these cuties happen.

23. A Present

Diy gender reveal present cake

Two Chicks From the Sticks whipped up this gender reveal present cake! It’s literally a surprise!

24. Chocolate Dipped

Boy or girl gender reveal cupcakes

Chelsea’s Messy Apron made delicious, chocolate-dipped cupcakes that will tell the gender too! Check out all the fun and surprising details after the jump.

25. Cookie Pops

Gender reveal sugar cookies recipe 6

You can even make gender reveal cookie pops for everyone to indulge in! Tastes of Lizzy T will teach you.

26. Ombre Ruffle

Ombre ruffle gender reveal cake

Combine ombre colors and ruffle texture with this design from Making It With Danielle. You can do blue or pink here too!

27. Tiny Surprise

Sprinkle gender reveal cupcakes

With these tiny cupcakes – filled with blue or pink M&M’s – you’ll get a tiny surprise that packs quite the punch. Snag the recipe at Like Mother, Like Daughter.

28. Modern Looks

Modern gender reveal cake recipe

You can always go with a clean, modern design as well. Just make sure your surprise is inside because that’s what really matters here. (via)

29. Cake Balls

Diy gender reveal cake balls

Take it off the stick and leave it as a ball! Wine & Glue show us how to make our gender reveal a bite for everyone!

30. Pink Velvet

Pink velvet cake recipe

If you’re having a little girl, go with a straight up pink velvet cake. You can catch the recipe at I Am Baker.

31. Jolly Rancher

Jolly Rancher gender reveal cupcakes

You’ll need some Jolly Rancher chews to make this one happen. But thanks to Hershey’s Kitchen we’ve got another unique and delicious cupcake recipe up our sleeves.

32. Bright Pastels

Bright pastel gender reveal cake recip

This bright pastel gender reveal cake from Adventuress is just so darn pretty! Learn how to make the Swiss meringue after the jump.

33. Gluten Free

Gluten free gender reveal cake

If you need something gluten free, we’ve got you covered. You’ll just need to visit Delicious By Dre and learn how to whip this beauty up.

34. Vegan Carrot

Carrot cake gender reveal recipe

If you want a flavor that’s a bit unique for this type of celebration, visit Better Raw. You’ll learn how to make the reveal with carrots!

35. Another Vanilla

Gender reveal cake from baked perfection 2

And Baked Perfection has another classic vanilla cake to take a look at. This is a great recipe for a smaller celebration and something more at-home in nature.

36. Gooey Sprinkles

Gender reveal sprinkle cookies

These gooey sprinkles cookies from Goodie Godmother could be a fun addition to the party! Taste your chances after the jump!

37. Watercolor

Pink and blue buttercream rosette and watercolor cake video tutorial

Learn how to turn your buttercream into a magical watercolor style with help from Ashlee Marie. Follow the video and start practicing!

38. Smell the Roses

Gluten free rose cake with pistachio cream filling for marie antoinette boulderlocavore com 693pm

Check out this rose cake and gather even more unique ideas with its style and flavoring! It’s quite the bright surprise! (via)

39. Blueberries

Blue velvet blueberry cake recipe

Here’s another blue velvet cake to celebrate your little guy with. This time it includes some blueberries too! (via)

40. Champagne Pink

Champagne cake pink recipe

It is a celebration after all. Instead of toasting with a glass, just bite into this pink champagne cake from Liv for Cake as your official cheers.

41. Funfetti

Gluten free funfetti cake

A funfetti cake is always a great way to celebrate! Just switch out the icing depending your little one’s gender and snag the recipe at What the Fork.

42. Blue Ombre

Blue obre cake with blueberries

Check out this blue ombre cake – with blueberries – over at Miss Blueberry Muffin. It’s the perfect way to tell everyone of the little man in your tummy!

43. Pink Almond

Pink almond cake

Here’s another pink cake that could be great for your baby girl’s big reveal. Betty Crocker teaches us how to turn this one out.

44. Fudge Cookies

Fudge cookie gender reveal recipe

Easybaked shows us how to bake our surprise right into some indulgent fudge cookies. Take a look at the recipe now!

45. Twinkle Twinkle

Diy gender reveal cake idea

Have a grander theme behind your gender reveal party and have that surround the cake too. Gather inspiration from this “Twinkle Twinkle” cake from I Wash, You Dry.

46. Black & White

Diy black and white gender reveal cake

If you’re already good with fondant, this inspiration from Cake Central may be right up your alley. Go with a modern look like this black and white beauty!

47. Cake Gems

Diy cake gems gender reveal diy

Serve up some cake gems with the gender hidden inside. The Cake Blog will teach you how to make them both yummy and pretty too!

48. With Scallops

Diy scalloped gender reveal cake

We love the design behind this scalloped gender reveal cake. Visit Gluten Free With LB for all the directions and ingredients.

49. Confetti Cookies

Gender reveal confetti cookies

Craftstorming whipped up some cookies and filled them up with a confetti mystery. Check out all the bake-worthy details after the jump.

50. Little Debbie

Gender reveal little debbie cupcakes

Oh Sweet Dayrecreated everyone’s favorite Little Debbie cupcakes and filled them with blue or pink cream. These are easier than you may think to make so grab the details now before your big reveal!

51. Present Gender Reveal Cake

Present cake

A new baby is the most precious gift of all. Pay tribute to the blessing of a new son or daughter with a present-inspiredgender reveal cake design.Parents.comhas the details.

52. Pink and Blue Ombre Pattern Cake

Ombre cake

An ombre pattern of pink and blue frosting is a subtle choice for your gender reveal cake. Photo courtesy ofRebecca Cakes & Bakes.

53. He or She? Cake

He or she

A simple chocolate cake decorated with sprinkles and a colorful inside layer is sure to be a hit at your baby shower. Photo viaJustine Johnson Photography.

54. Baby Bottom Cake

Baby butt gender reveal cake

Frosting roses and a fondant baby bottom make this cake an adorable addition to your gender reveal celebration. Photo viaHalf Baked.

55. Baseballs or Bows?

Baseballs or bows

Another example of a layered gender reveal cake, this design fromPeggy Does Cakehighlights baseballs and bows as the selected boy/girl theme.

56. Touchdowns or Tutus?

Touchdowns or tutus gender reveal cake

If you need a fairly large cake for your gender reveal party, try a layered cake with coordinating boy/girl themes. This touchdowns or tutus design is fromBut a Dream Cakes.

57. Question Mark Gender Reveal Cake

Question mark cake

Question mark candles and colorful frosting dots are a quick and easy way to prepare a gender reveal cake for your celebration. Image viaJat Your Service.

58. Rubber Ducky Gender Reveal Cake


Rubber ducky baby showers are a popular gender-neutral option. Make a gender reveal cake with the “Waddle it be?” saying on the outside. This beautiful dessert is from Rainy Cakes.

59. Dr. Seuss Inspired Gender Reveal Cake

Dr seuess cake 603x1024

This spectacular gender reveal cake is the perfect choice for the mom-to-be who grew up loving Dr. Seuss stories and can’t wait to start reading her favorite books to her new baby.A Sweet Passionhas the details.

60. Baby Shoe Gender Reveal Cake

Baby shoe gender reveal cake

Baby shoe decorations make for a sweet gender reveal cake design that works with a wide range of shower themes. Photo viaPinterest.

61. Owl Gender Reveal Cake

Owl gender reveal cake

Guess whoo? Pink or blue? Whimsical owls decorate cute gender reveal cake fromTrinity’s Desserts.

62. Gender Reveal Cake for Twins

Twin cake

Use two layers of cake that are tinted different colors to make a gender reveal cake for twins. Photo courtesy ofInstagram.

63. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Cake

Twinkle twinkle gender reveal cake

Craftsyhas a roundup of clever themed gender reveal cakes, including this design that’s perfect for a nursery rhyme themed baby shower.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you’re having, we hope that you’ll choose a really cool cake to celebrate the event. After all, there are a ton of cute ideas on this page. Let us know in the comments which one you picked.

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