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15 Fun Oven Mitt DIYs That You’ll Actually Want To Try

Grab that cookie pan out of the oven with style! Instead of investing in plain Jane potholders, go the extra mile and get creative! We’ve compiled a great list of 15 fun oven mitt DIYs that you’ll actually want to try. From pops of colors to pretty embellishments, there’s a design on the list for all kinds of styles. Let’s have a peek!

1. Clouded

Diy clouded oven mitts

Design Sponge brings us a padded, clouded design that’s hard not to fall in love with. The muted colors and easy style make it a trendy and useful addition to the kitchen. Take the leap and gather all the details behind these cuties now!

2. Simple

Simple oven mitt and hot pad diy

If you’re looking for something that’s just really simple, then hop on over to A Beautiful Mess. They’ll give you the scoop on creating easy potholders and mitts that function well in the kitchen. And you can mix and match your fabrics to your heart’s desire.

3. Heart

Diy heart oven mitt

Don’t you just love these heart oven mitts? They’re easy to use and fun to make. Just hop on over to Made by Me & Shared with You to learn how to whip up a few for yourself or your bestie.

4. Pipe-Trimmed

Pipe trimmed oven mitt

Juggling Act Momma trimmed their oven mitt with some charming yellow piping. You can get creative here with colors and pick out combinations that feel like you. Although, we’re definitely feeling this yellow and gray combination – it’s right on trend!

5. Double

Double oven mitt

Check out this innovative design at Crafty Gemini Creates. Instead of two potholders to pull out that pan, just whip out your double oven mitt. You can mix and match patterns, prints, and colors with this creation too!

6. Pineapple

Pineapple oven mitt diy

A Beautiful Mess made another unique oven mitt design and used pineapples as their inspiration. We’re loving this spring-inspired, fruity bit. Not only is it charming and stylish, but it’ll get the job done which is most important.

7. Pom Poms

Pom pom oven mitts

Just a simple pom pom embellishment can take your oven mitts from drab to fab. Check out all the fun inspiration over at A Kailo Chic Life. Go with a multi-colored scheme or add some that have been doused in sparkles!

8. Quick-Made

Diy quick made oven mitts

For a no fuss and no frill design, we’ve found the oven mitt tutorial perfect for you. Jet off over to Make it Handmade for everything you need to know concerning this quick-made piece. We love the terrycloth fabrics but love that spunky printed inside liner even more!

9. Denim

Diy denim oven mitt

You can even use some old denim to inspire your oven mitt creations. Just look at this cute and unique piece that could be jazzy up your apartment dwelling while still getting the job done. Check out all of the details over at All Free Sewing.

10. Watermelon

Diy watermelon oven mitts

PROPER went with a bit of fruity inspiration too. Turn your mitts into watermelons! A bit of paint can go a long way with this fun design.

11. Fried Egg

Diy fried egg oven mitts

Grab some felt over and get started on this funky fried egg design. This is such a fun DIY gift to give a bride-to-be, best friend, or even your sister! Get all of the details by visiting Club Crafted.

12. Knitted

Diy knitted potholder

We’re absolutely head-over-heels for this knitted masterpiece featured by Sweet & Knit. Not only will this be an extra comfy design but it’s a stylish one too. Have fun creating new color combinations and whipping these beauties up.

13. Toddler-Size

Diy toddler oven mitt

Peek-a-Boo Pages will teach us how to make a toddler size oven mitt. Create something for your little one to have fun with in her own play kitchen. She can be just like mom or dad in her very own set!

14. Cherry Pie

Diy cherry pie potholder

A Beautiful Mess has so many adorable designs up their sleeves. And this cherry pie creation is of no exception. Using felt and some stitching, you’ll be able to make this beauty too.

15. Cactus

Diy cactus oven mitts

And finally, we’re going to stop by A Beautiful Mess just one more time to check out this cactus oven mitt. Learn how to whip these up in your kitchen and turn around and bring them into the kitchen. Cactus everything is super trending right now so this one is more than relevant.